Cherrywood news 8-2-2013

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Accordion Club hosts German American guests

By John Everlove

On Wednesday, 24 members of the Marion County German American club visited our clubhouse to share an evening of great entertainment hosted by Dick Richards; Bob Mace and the musicians of our Accordion Club.
Everyone had a wonderful time listening to the many accordion players as they played solos; duets and more. The musicians range from beginners to professionally accomplished players and each brings an enthusiasm and joy to their instruments that transcend their musical talents. They are a joy to watch.
Many of the students who take part in the club have just recently begun their lessons. The saying about old dogs and tricks certainly doesn’t apply to these seniors who have taken up a new instrument bringing to it not only their talent and perseverance but a gusto that is truly refreshing.
GA Club member Mel Rustom is one such beginner. He played several duet numbers with Dick Richards and captivated the audience. Another student, Krist Hausken played some solo numbers that were equally well received by everyone.
Throughout the evening, the band comes to the front stage and jams bringing top quality music that delights the audience. On this particular night the band played a wide variety of songs ranging in styles from Mack the Knife to a sing along of When the Saints Go Marching In.
Band members included drummer Dennis Forgila; Joe Tarra on the Sax; Mike Amrossio on the bass guitar; Ricky Sturtevant on trumpet with Dick Richards and Bob Mace providing the accordion accompaniment. It might be noted that both Mike Ambrossio; Dennis Forgila along with Bob and Dick are also vocalists
Of course there are people dancing throughout the performances including semi-pro ball room dancers Barbara and Doug Mire. Their smooth and graceful movements across the floor seem to compliment the music while perfectly blending in with it. This gives the audience not only a listening but also a visual focus that enhances the whole atmosphere.
Bob Mace with his professional style and wit closes out the last half hour or so of the night by sharing his comedy along with his accordion and vocal excellence. The crowd loves Bob and vice versa.
The last event of this gala concert is the drawing for the door prize. The lucky winner was none other than Wanda Huff – need I say, yet again. It seems lucky Wanda wins where ever she goes and we congratulate her on her good luck.
If you haven’t been to the accordion club before or haven’t been for a few months, you are missing a really enjoyable evening of free entertainment. Make it a point to visit next month on Aug. 28 from 5:30 until 9 when the Accordion Club will again fill the clubhouse with musical excellence.

Cherrywood Tennis
Do you play tennis? Would you like to learn? If you answered yes to either of those questions we have a great opportunity for you. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m., our tennis players face off at the courts beside the clubhouse. It’s friendly competition at a self paced speed. Beginners are welcome and patiently shown how the game is played; how to keep score and how to laugh at mistakes. You can either show up at the courts on the days specified or call Inge and Rudy Heilman at 352-873-8220 for more details.
Tennis is a great sport for keeping in shape and for developing hand; foot and eye coordination. There are many ‘net’ benefits to the game so come on down and have fun.

Only 1 week left

There is only one week left to donate items for the Marion Oaks Back to School Bash. A box is located in our clubhouse to accept donations of loose leaf paper; notebooks; back packs; colored pencils; crayons; scissors; paste and pencils for the needy kids of our community.
Most of these items can be purchase at the local Dollar Stores for just a dollar or two and we would really like to fill up the box to be taken over by Mary Johnson for this special event.
School is the place where most of us learned our knowledge of not only the world around us, but also social skills; self esteem and respect for others. For many of us who had the necessities and tools, school was difficult enough. The children we will be helping by our donations must already deal with many disadvantages. If we can make the road to learning a little easier for them; shouldn’t we?
We can fill that donation box and let everyone in our community know that Cherrywood cares. Your help is greatly appreciated.

‘In the Heat of the Night’ theme
In the Heat of the Night is the theme for the third in our 110 Days of Summer series here at Cherrywood. These events are always well received and a great time for all who attend the free dinner dance.
This events menu includes an open face turkey sandwich with all the fixings and if past experience is any indication, you know it will be delicious. Following the meal, Richard Becotte will crank up the tunes on his stereo system for the listening and dancing pleasure of all.
Jay O’Hern and the Social Committee will be serving the food and dispensing the drinks. There’s no doubt that they will be trying to set a new record for speed and efficiency in service trying to top last months event.
Naturally there will be door prizes and 50/50 drawings adding to the excitement and fun. Bring you own drinks or enjoy the lemonade and iced tea provided.
This event, as all the 100 Days of Summer programs, is sponsored by Chris and Mario Zacco of Cherrywood Property Management so it’s free to our residents. All you have to do is get your tickets from Geri in the office and then plan to share an evening of fun with your friends and neighbors.
Good food; good music; good times and all for free. See you at Summer Fest, August 19 at 5 p.m.

CERT Training
There is still time to sign up for the Community Emergency Response Team training provided by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Classes begin on Sept. 5 at 692 N.W. 30th Ave. in Ocala.
Classes consist of 8 sessions; one per week for eight weeks. Afternoon classes run from 1 until 3:30 and evening classes from 6:30 until 9. Classes run concurrently and can be mixed to suit the individual volunteer’s schedule. Caution, only one class can be missed entirely and some classes are mandatory.
These classes are free but students must be registered in order to participate. In addition, only 20 seats are available for each class so signing up quickly would be a good idea.
The deadline for registration is Aug. 17 so contact our own Dave Siegel at 352-390-3325 or Bob Conn at 352-812-0853. We have several Cherrywood residents already signed up to take part so you will know someone in the class and will be able to share the experience with friends.
Classes include communication; first aid; CPR; damage assessment and triage. Many other areas of study are included and so this training will not only help you and your family but will allow you to be a part of a life saving team.
Should natural disasters strike we will need all the help we can get. CERT provides this vital emergency service in the event of a tornado; hurricane; fire or other catastrophic event.

Bridge Club
Do you play Bridge? Join others who share the same interest by joining our newly formed Bridge Club. You can contact Ozzie at 352-390-3115 to sign up. After enough players are signed up, the date and time of playing will be set for the convenience of most of the members.
Bridge is an exciting card game that has been played for centuries and challenges the player’s strategy and skills. Of course as in all card games, what is dealt has a great deal to do with the individual’s success also.
Beginners will find this game interesting and fun to learn. There will be many patient and helpful individuals to teach and help players improve their game. If this group as half as much fun as the Cribbage Club, it will be a joy to all its members.

Attention Vendors
On Oct. 12, the Cherrywood Craft Show is coming to our clubhouse. This event is open to the entire Marion County community and is always a great success. If you are a vendor you will want to contact Geri in the office to reserve your space on the floor of this spectacular event.
Our Quilting Club is making a special donation this year along with their display of the artistic and beautifully intricate work that they do. Other items include but aren’t limited to custom made stationary; wind chimes; floral arrangements; jewelry; painted eggs; and numerous other hand crafted items.
Refreshments will be served by our Activities Committee headed by Eve Houghtaling so you know this is going to be a fun happening.
If you would like to have a display at this well trafficked show, call Geri at 352-237-1675 today. If you are not a vendor and just want a unique shopping experience, mark your calendar for Oct. 12 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. You’ll be happy you did.

If you are new to the Cherrywood community you will not want to miss the coffee hour sponsored by the Cherrywood Welcoming Committee on Aug. 24 at 9 a.m.
Many of the leaders of our community and representatives of various clubs and organizations come out to personally welcome our new residents and introduce themselves. Don’t worry; this is not a high pressure situation where you will be asked to do anything.
Contrary to that atmosphere, this low keyed informal gathering merely lets the new residents get to know some of the people; learn about the activities and receive helpful information about Cherrywood; Ocala and Marion County.
In addition to free coffee and pastries, the new comers are given maps; helpful tips; places to see and services that are available. You’ll learn about the location of hospitals; libraries; community services; utilities and the like.
If you are new to Cherrywood, please contact Geri and let her know that you will be attending this friendly meet and greet session. You can reach Geri at 352-237-1675 during business hours. You won’t want to miss out on this informative and fun experience.

AARP driving classes
On Sept. 9 and 12, the AARP will sponsor a Safe Driving for Seniors class here at Cherrywood. Professional instructors will provide tips and ideas; methods and practices that will enhance the driving skills of seniors as they face the challenges of aging.
This worthwhile class will run from 9 until noon each of the two days. Upon completion the student will receive a certificate that might very result in a reduction of car insurance rates. Contact your insurance agent to see just how much you might save by taking this class.
Even if you don’t get a great rate break from your insurance, you will fell more confident and more ready for the challenges of driving in Ocala; or any place else for that matter. You may learn something that will save your life or the life of someone else.
Rates for the class are just $12 for AARP members and $14 for non-members. Seating is limited so be sure to reserve your place right away. Call Geri at 352-237-1675 today to make sure you have a place in this excellent class.

Flu shots
On Friday, Sept. 6, be at the clubhouse to get your flu shots. VaxCare will be on site from 1 until 3 p.m. to administer the shots that are highly recommend for most seniors.
You don’t want to miss out on any of the fun activities here at Cherrywood by being down with the flu so think about making an appointment or just stopping in and take advantage of this service.
In most cases, your doctor will recommend that you get a flu shot but it is always best to check with your physician before doing anything of this nature. If you are on certain meds or getting treatments for some other condition, the flu shot may not be for you so check it out.
For most of us however Flu shots are the most effective way to stop this serious and sometimes fatal disease from hitting us. Don’t forget to call Geri to get your name on the list.

On Thursday morning, July 25, Laura Kane led a large group from Cherrywood on a fun Mystery Trip.
The bus pulled up and more than 30 people boarded the coach with no idea where they were going. Only Laura held the secret and she was not telling. Once the bus arrived in Orlando, the guests knew they were going to be given a special treat at the Sleuth mystery theater.
Luncheon and the show followed and then it was back to Cherrywood on the comfortable climate controlled professionally driven coach. Everyone reportedly had a good time and enjoyed the excursion.
Nancy Archer and Laura do several trips each month ranging from cruises to coach tours. You can check out the schedules and costs on the bulleting board at the clubhouse office. Don’t miss out on these marvelous fun trips.

Veterans Club
On Thursday, Sept. 5 at 2 p.m., your Veterans Club will again be starting its monthly meetings. The entire community is invited to attend these meetings and learn what your Veterans Club is doing for our residents; our city and our county.
September’s guest speaker will be from the office of Seniors vs Crime. This organization is sponsored by the Florida Attorney General and provides a program to help citizens who have been cheated out of money.
Learn what this organization can do for you or how you can become a Senior Sleuth and help your fellow citizens.
Because of the long summer lay off between meetings, many things will be discussed including the Veterans Day observance; our new raffle and other points of interest. As always free refreshments will be furnished on the patio immediately following the meeting.
Come and be a part of the Cherrywood Veterans community.

Biloxi Trip
Contact Natalie at 352-854-4561 to take advantage of a four day three night trip to the beautiful Imperial Palace in Biloxi. The IP resort and spa features top notch amenities and well as first class gaming. Enjoy the shops, restaurants, exciting slot machines and challenging card games.
In addition to the Deluxe motor coach transportation to and from the IP, and your hotel accommodations; you will receive $24 in food credits; $25 in rewards play; and $15 in slot play. As an added bonus, you will receive $15 in slot play when you visit the Hard Rock casino.
This trip departs on Sept. 15 and returns on the 18th. All of this is yours for just $159 per person so it’s a great deal with some great perks to go along with it. Book your reservation soon before it’s sold out.

From your reporter
On July 27, only a very few people remembered that 60 years ago to the day, the Korean War ended with the signing of an Armistice. This was not surprising because even as it raged on the Korean War received little press coverage in the United States. Indeed it would become known as the “Forgotten War.”
While many people would forget, those who served and fought in that brutal conflict would not. More than 40,000 U.S. service personnel lost their lives and over 100,000 were wounded from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953.
This bloody war was fought in the worst of conditions, in one of the worst places on earth. Deemed a “Police Action” by politicians, to those who served and fought, it was a war. Every terrible, horrifying event that takes place in combat, took place during those three terrible years.
As we observed the 60 years that have passed since that conflict ended, I feel honored to thank our veterans who served. They contained communism during their generation and heroically defended freedom when it was threatened. Each should be proud of their service and sacrifice.
I would note one other thing at this time. Korea may have been the forgotten war; but it was not forgotten by everyone. It was not forgotten by families who lost loved ones; it was not forgotten by those who served in other wars at other times; and most of all, it was not forgotten by the communists.
For the past 60 years, the North Korean’s have stayed on their side of the 38 parallel and not ventured to try and force their system on the free peoples of South Korea. Those who served should be very proud of that fact.
If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for the Cherrywood section of your Citizen Newspaper, please feel free to contact me at urperssec@yahoo.com. I always enjoy hearing for you.