Cherrywood news 8-16-2013

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Crochet and Knitting Club works well in the community

By John Everlove

Our Crochet and Knitting Club is using its talents to do wondrous work in the community. Scott Hackmyer is the coordinator for the club making sure that the beautiful items they make get distributed to many worthy charities.
Just a few of the organizations that receive the artistic works of the club are Lily’s Closet; Hands of Mercy Everywhere; The Women’s Pregnancy Center; Devereux Kids; Shepherd’s Lighthouse and Alpha Center for Women. Lap blankets and Afghans are also donated for those going through chemo therapy at Munroe Regional and baby items for their maternity department.
You too can be a part of this great work even if you don’t crochet or knit. Donate yarn; needles; material; or similar items to the club and these ladies will turn them into all kinds of useful and beautiful works.
If you do have a talent for crocheting or knitting, you can become a part of this club that meets on Fridays at 1 p.m. in the library of the clubhouse. Join in their work or make things for yourself while enjoying the social atmosphere.
We congratulate all of the ladies for their talented works and generous hearts.

Art Class
Our own Theresa Torrusio (T.T.) booked Debbie Blackburn’s entire oil painting class this past Thursday for her and her grand children. Victoria, Danielle, Sophia, Julia, Jack and Audrey all joined grandma in learning how to create beautiful oil paintings.
Debbie is an excellent teacher who shares her talent and knowledge in a fun; patient; and easy to learn style. Each student created a portrait of a lion’s face with detail and colors that jumped right out at the observer.
On Nov. 20, Debbie will return to help students paint an 8 x 10 canvas on a subject that deals with Christmas. The proceeds of this class will be donated to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots project. You can sign up for this limited seating class by contacting Geri at 352-237-1675.
Even if you don’t think you have any artistic abilities what so ever, you will be surprised at how you can create your own works of art with Debbie’s instructions. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.

In the heat of the night
Heat of the Night is the theme for our third in the 100 Days of Summer series we do every summer at Cherrywood. These dinner/dances are free to all of our residents but tickets are required so be sure to see Geri soon.
Monday, Aug. 19 is the date for this terrific party that will feature delicious food; excellent entertainment and fun for all. The dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. and will be followed immediately by the dance music of Richard Becotte.
Our menu for that evening includes an open faced turkey sandwich; with all the fixings and dessert. Don’t ask me how they get the turkey to open its face before they put it on a sandwich; it must be quite a trick. Beverages of iced tea and lemonade are provided but guests are invited to bring their own libations if they wish.
Rich Becotte will again fill the hall with his excellent array of music to enhance your listening or dancing enjoyment. Everyone always enjoys Rich as he plays a variety of selections designed to put a romantic touch in the evening.
These fun times are sponsored by Chris and Mario Zacco for the pleasure of our community. We are deeply grateful to them for putting on these special events.
Geri has your tickets that will also make you eligible for the door prize to be awarded that night. We aren’t quite sure what the door prize is going to be, but we are sure it won’t be a door. Come out and join your friends and neighbors for a free evening of great food and great music.

Aquacize on Mondays
Every Monday until further notice Barbara Day will be instructing the Aquacize class in our magnificent swimming pool. Classes begin at 11:30 and end at 12:30 so take advantage of this chance to do low impact exercises under the tutelage of a top notch professional instructor.
Classes are free and open to all of our residents. It’s a great way to get in shape.

Newcomers to Cherrywood

If you are a new resident in our community, you are cordially invited to attend the Welcoming Committee’s coffee hour. Saturday, Aug. 24 at 10 a.m. Please come to the clubhouse and enjoy free coffee and pastries while you meet some cool people and gain a lot of information about your new neighborhood.
These coffees are very informal happenings and are designed to introduce some of the various committee chair people; club leaders and event planners to our new comers. In addition, each new person will receive a special packet filled with maps and information about not only Cherrywood, but also Marion County and Ocala in general.
Come as you are and learn about such organizations as the Activities Committees; Social Committee; Veterans Club; CERT; men’s and ladies pool; exercise opportunities and much more.
Please contact Geri to let her know you’ll be joining us for this relaxed social event and don’t worry; you won’t be pressured to volunteer for anything.

Attention bowlers
At 1 p.m. on Aug. 26 all of our bowlers are urged; begged; pleaded with; to attend the league organizational meeting. That’s a Monday and everyone will meet in the clubhouse to discuss team formations; elect new officers and make plans for the coming season. We can not stress enough how important this meeting is.
If you have any interest in bowling at all this year either as a regular or a substitute, you should plan to attend this meeting. Bowling has always been one of the most successful programs here at Cherrywood with large participation by our residents thanks to SanDee Spencer and Fran Hall. Help us keep this fantastic program alive by being at the meeting.

Trivia Night
If you want to have a truly enlightening evening of fun entertainment, come join us for Trivia night on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. Those of you who have come out for the challenge and sport of testing your brain know what a good time it is. For those of you who have not yet tried your knowledge and luck; this would be a great time to start.
Our quiz master this month is Donna James who brings a style and mirth with her questions and sense of humor that is unmatched. Not only will you have a good time trying to answer her questions, you will learn a lot too. Donna is a former instructor and she will share insights into the various subjects as she gives out the answers.
It only costs $1 per person to play and you can come with a team of three or four or by yourself and be put with a team. The lucky winners get a small cash prize and bragging rights for the whole month.
All proceeds for the evening go to the Wounded Warrior Fund and we’ve already given in excess of $350 to that worthy cause. Let’s make this the biggest turn out yet and fill the clubhouse.

Tennis, anyone?
If you are a tennis player or if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the game or even more challenging, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to keep score; here is a golden opportunity for you. The Cherrywood Tennis Club is looking for new members.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 9 a.m. players gather at the courts next to the clubhouse to square off for the games. New players are coached and encouraged by the senior members. More accomplished players can improve their skills by playing the more advanced members of the club.
Tennis is an excellent sport for honing coordination skills; stamina and camaraderie. Take advantage of this chance to improve your game; your health and build friendships. The only thing you may not find on the court is romance; because on the tennis court; “love” means nothing.

Veterans Club returns
On Thursday, Sept. 5 at 2 p.m. in the clubhouse, the Cherrywood Veterans Club returns from its summer hiatus. Club meetings are open to all the residents of Cherrywood as your Veterans Club presents guest speakers and information on projects that affect our community as well as the County and City of Ocala.
This month’s guest speaker is from the Ocala Police Department. Barbara Thomas will be speaking about crimes against senior citizens and what we can do to prevent becoming victims. This is a very informative and vital class for our residents so please come out and join us.
We will be opening our ticket sales for the annual fund raising raffle at this meeting. You could win a Caribbean Cruise for two and an extra hundred dollars in spending money. Tickets are only $10 each or three for $20 and because of the limited number of tickets sold, you have a better chance of winning than hitting the lottery.
Plans for upcoming events including Veterans Day and the Widows Luncheon will also be discussed plus anything else that members would like to bring up. As always, immediately following the meeting, free liquid refreshments are served on the patio.
Plan to attend and welcome back your Veterans Club with your enthusiastic support.

Attention all AARP members
All local residents, not just Cherrywood, are now invited to attend the AARP sponsored Senior Safe Driving classes being held on Sept. 9 and 12 here at Cherrywood.
These classes are held from 9 a.m. until noon on both days and expert instructors provided students with potentially life saving information. Techniques and tips for driving on our busy streets are among the things students will learn as they enhance their skills.
Classes only cost $12 for AARP members and $l4 for non-members. Upon completion of the two sessions students receive a certificate that can be given to their individual insurance agents. Many companies give a discounted premium for drivers who complete this class.
Here’s a chance to learn how to be a safer and more effective driver and at the same time lower your insurance rates. Contact Geri at 352-237-1675 to reserve your place in this worthwhile class.

Pizza Party
Our last pizza party was so successful, we’re doing it again. On Sunday, Sept. 8 from 4 to 7 p.m. in the clubhouse, enjoy an exciting array of tasty pizzas; salad and a dessert. Lemonade and iced tea will be available but if you have a different beverage you prefer, bring that along.
There will be special entertainment to be announced in later editions of this column but you can bet it will be excellent. Tickets are only $5 for this party so contact Geri and purchase your tickets early because you know the rules. You must have a ticket to eat.
The last pizza party was great fun and this promises to be every bit as good if not better so come join us.

Craft Show
If arts and crafts are your passion, you are invited to the Cherrywood Craft Show coming Oct. 12 in our clubhouse. This fantastic show begins at 9 in the morning. A light breakfast will be available to both vendors and guests at a very moderate cost.
After having a bite to eat, browse the many vendors’ tables and see items that range from handmade baskets to wind chimes to unique cards and stationary and everything in between.
This show is open to the public and so there is never any shortage of shoppers to take advantage of the excellent prices and artistic items for sale. If you are a vendor, you should call Geri at 352-237-1675 as quickly as possible to reserve your tables. These craft shows are always well received and well attended.
Because the show is in October, it is an ideal place to get those special gifts for the holidays. You’ll find something for everyone on your shopping list and when they get something uniquely personal they will be surprised and grateful.
Luncheon will be available also for a small financial consideration. You can spend an hour or spend the day enjoying arts and crafts of every description. Plan to come out and again, if you are a vendor; sign up soon before all the spaces are taken.

Flu shots
For your convenience and good health, come to the clubhouse on Sept. 6 for your flu shot. VAxCare will be on site from 1 until 3 p.m. to administer the injections to our residents and any others who might live nearby.
As everyone knows the flu can be not only a miserable affliction that puts a person down for several days but it can be fatal. For the vast majority of people, flu shots are recommended and this is especially true for older folks.
There is a nominal fee for these shots but if it keeps you healthy, it is well worth the money and for convenience, what could be better than the clubhouse? Call Geri at 352-237-1675 to get your name on the list.
As you can tell from this column, there are too many fun things going on at Cherrywood for you to miss by being sick. Check with your health care professional and if they say you should get a shot, this is the place to be on Sept. 6.

Cherrywood Songbirds
Our Songbirds singers are back after a few months absence. We have a new director who has some great ideas for songs and venues where our singers will brighten the lives of people from shopping malls to assisted living facilities.
If you have an interest in music, this is the group for you to join. Not only will you have fun; you’ll learn many things you didn’t know; you’ll share beautiful music with other talented individuals and you’ll get to do some local traveling.
Beginning on Sept. 4 from 2 until 3:30 p.m. the Songbirds will gather at our clubhouse to practice and hone their skills. Everyone is welcome to come out for this great group and men are especially encouraged to attend. I know from our Karaoke parties that there are some great singers out there so come join in.
For further information, contact Aprile at 352-237-0924 and become a part of our Songbirds.

Arthur’s Day is coming
What is Arthur’s Day? It is the celebration of the birth of Arthur Guinness, founder of Guinness brewery in Ireland and its quickly becoming an international holiday. On Sept. 27 from 5:30 until 9 the Social Committee is sponsoring the first Arthur Day celebration at Cherrywood.
At 5:59 p.m. the evening celebration begins with a special toast. Then, the Spirit of Ocala Irish Step Dancers will entertain. This amazing dance troupe has entertained and delighted audiences in many venues. We are fortunate to have them booked for this special gathering.
Richard O’Becotte will supply the music for the party after the dancers have completed their show so there will be no lack of entertainment. To add a little more humor and mirth to the party; there will be a costume judging to award prizes to those who come clad in traditional attire.
The cost for all this fun and gayety is just $2 per person and a pot luck snack. Get your ticket and plan on bringing a little something to pass around. While you’re bringing something to nibble on, don’t for get your beverage. Preferably a Guinness but anything you’d like is fine.
This is going to be a limited seating event so get your tickets as soon as your can from Geri in the office. Irish or not, this is going to be a great time.

From your reporter
Summer months are supposed to be less hectic and a time of relaxation for most folks but as you can see from all that is going on in Cherrywood; that is hardly the case for our residents.
As Labor Day quickly approaches, I have to clean up some loose ends for my readers who have asked questions and made comments over the past couple of months. I never ignore anyone who sends me an email and with the busy time of year beginning, its better I catch up now.
In response to my comments about the new subdivision being proposed; one reader asked for the name of the county commissioner who voted against the new development that will abut Cherrywood. That commissioner was Mr. Moore; all the rest voted in favor. This reader indicated that next election day this would be worthwhile information to have.
Mary Johnson expressed her deep appreciation for Cherrywood’s participation in the Back to School Bash held at Marion Oaks. I would thank Mary for her hard work for this worthwhile cause.
In answer to a request from a reader regarding supplying a speaker from the Ritz House for Veterans; I was able to put both the reader and the proper people together and from my reports, it was a very successful program.
Again this summer, my readers have not let me down. Whether it was a request for food for the Ritz House or school supplies for needy children; special visits to suffering residents or volunteering for our many various projects; you have always come through with flying colors.
To all of you who have contacted me; I thank you. Many have sent kind words of encouragement and support; a few have been neither of those things but even the so called “hate mail” has been civil and constructive. Thank you all for taking the time and thought to contact me.
Please feel free to email me at urperssec@yahoo.com.