Cherrywood news 6-22-2012

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Vet appreciation dinner dance is July 7

By John Everlove

All members of the Cherrywood Veterans Club are invited to attend the Veterans Club Appreciation Dinner and Dance on July 7. This is a free event for members and their significant others but you must have tickets. Guests are $7 each and must either be a resident of Cherrywood or an overnight guest of a member. Both member and guest tickets are available from Geri in the office.
Dinner will be served at 5 p.m. with Kenny Jackson and his entertainment to follow at 6 p.m. The menu includes Lee’s Chicken w/biscuit; mashed potato’s and gravy; green beans and iced tea and Lemonade. Of course you can always bring your own beverages if you prefer.
For everyone’s dancing and listening pleasure, Kenny Jackson will be playing all of our favorite songs while bringing his own unique style of entertainment until 9 p.m.
This promises to be a great night of fun as we take time to thank those who have served and who are serving our country; our community and our veterans. Don’t miss it.

Shutterbugs change meeting date
In the summer months, many of our members head back north to spend time with family and friends. Because of this, the Shutter Bugs camera club will be meeting only once a month instead of twice. The next meeting will be in the library of the clubhouse on July 6, the first Friday of the month.
The members would like to thank Dan and Joan Welch for their hospitality at our last meeting. They hosted our club for a photo shoot at their home this past week. Their property is adjacent to the pastures where horses and goats graze and we were able to get some very interesting and beautiful photos thanks to them.
In addition, we would like to thank Geri for taking the time to show us how to transfer our photos onto the computer and send them to various people.
Friday the 15th was a good day for the club and we’re looking forward to even better things in the future. Grab your camera and join us on July 6 at 10 a.m. in the clubhouse for our next field trip or technical instruction. Until fall, we will be meeting on the first Friday of the month.

Accordion Club
From 5:30 until 9 p.m. on June 27, the music will be echoing through out the clubhouse as our Cherrywood Accordion Club musicians again bring their talent and wide variety of musical instruments to the stage. Everyone has a great time listening and playing; singing along; and dancing to the wide variety of songs, beats and styles. Come early to get a good seat and bring your friends and neighbors to hear some top quality professional and amateur musicians do their thing. If you’ve never been to an Accordion Club session, you are invited to come on out and see for yourself how much fun it is. Put on your dancing shoes; grab some snacks, beverages and your friends; and then plan for an evening of pure enjoyment.

Bingo Record Set
Bingo night at Cherrywood is full of fast paced excitement and friendly fellowship. Last Thursday night, during one of the special games, there were seven winners; the most that have ever won a single game. When they all yelled “Bingo!” at the same time, there was a mixture of laughter and surprise. There were so many that all of the individual winners had to stand up to be recognized while their cards were verified.
As always it was a fun time for the 70 or more people that showed up. The crowd is a little smaller during the summer months when our snow birds are gone but ‘Bingo’ still rates high on the entertainment meter for all the participants.
Thanks to our volunteers for all their hard work and for making Thursday night Bingo at Cherrywood the best place to have fun; excitement and friendship.

Crochet & Knitting Club
Members continue to work on various projects to be distributed to charities. We don’t take a summer break, so donations are always appreciated. If you have yarn, polyester stuffing for toys, books, or other supplies that you no longer need, please consider donating them for our projects. These items can be dropped off any time at the clubhouse in Geri’s office, or we’d love to meet and thank you, so come to our regular meeting time on Friday between 1 and 3 p.m.
At present our project is creating a Granny Square afghan to be raffled off at the craft show in Cherrywood to be held in October. Several members are participating by making various colorful squares which will be assembled and completed by member Stevie Pickrell. Proceeds will go to a local children’s charity, as yet to be determined.
If you’d like to learn to crochet or knit, we have ladies who are very willing to teach. It is a rewarding hobby and keeps your mind and hands busy. You are invited to come out and observe our group any Friday. There’s always a pot of coffee and yummy goodies to share.
Article provided by Edna Fazio

Newcomers to Cherrywood
Are you new to Cherrywood? You aren’t alone. We average between two to five new families every month moving into our community and we want to welcome you. We have a new committee that would like to personally invite you to attend the activities; to give you information about some of the many services here in Marion County and to let you know that you are a welcome addition to Cherrywood.
Suzi Everlove, Genevieve Downs and Rich Becotte are on our welcoming committee and they would love to pay you a visit. Just contact Geri at the office with your name and phone number so they can call you to set up an appointment.
If you would like to be on the committee or if you know of anyone new to our community, please contact your humble reporter at urperssec@yahoo.com. Remember, strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet.

Movie Night at Cherrywood
Tuesday night, July 3, the Social Committee again lights up the big screen in the clubhouse for Movie Night at Cherrywood. This month’s feature is Marvel Comics hero Captain America. Action and romance are an integral part of this feature staring Samuel L. Jackson; Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving. Free popcorn and lemonade are provided but if you have a preferred beverage and/or snack, bring it along.
7 p.m. is show time and it’s free so come a little early to insure you get a great seat. What could be better than a night of class entertainment surrounded by friends and family members? See you at Movie Night.

Blood Drive Coming
On July 12 from 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m., the bloodmobile will be parked outside the clubhouse to take your donations of life giving blood. It’s quick and easy to give blood in a sterile atmosphere surrounded by professionals who can walk you through the process step by step. First time donors are especially welcome and our repeat givers are greatly appreciated.
On a personal note, don’t let me lose my bet. We desperately need someone to volunteer to handle the blood donation program here at Cherrywood. This requires only a few hours of your time every couple of months to keep our blood donations flowing smoothly. I made a bet with Geri that one or two of our residents would step up and take over this worthwhile project before July 12. I’m counting on the good hearted people who make up Cherrywood to jump in take charge. Call Geri today and volunteer.

Flu Shots
Flu Shots will be available in the clubhouse in September and October this year. The details and dates are being worked out so keep an eye on this column and your Chirp Newsletter. We want to make it convenient and easy to be healthy so you can enjoy all of the activities we have to offer.

Spotlight on Excellence
Each week we spotlight a resident of Cherrywood who has an interesting past; a promising future or who has made a significant contribution to our community. This weeks spotlight shines on Harriet Scarpino, President of the Democratic Club of Cherrywood.
Harriet has lived in Cherrywood for 16 years and was one of the first residents in our community. She is a native of Long Island and Massapequa, New York. She has a sister Doris who currently lives in South Orange, New Jersey. Another sister, Sylvia, is deceased.
During the Second World War, as a young woman, she worked for the Silver Vogue Corp. Originally the company made upholstery but during the war, it was contracted to make Signal Flags for the US Navy. She worked her way up to being a supervisor in that capacity and that is where she met her first husband, Sid Resnick.
Sid was a naval officer during the war. Following the war the couple married and Harriet had two sons. They moved to Washington D.C. where Sid’s naval career had taken him and then moved back to Levittown N.Y. to settle down.
Allan Resnick, Harriet’s oldest son, attended NYU and enrolled in the ROTC program. He worked his way up to the rank of colonel when he retired. He currently works advising the government on logistics and planning.
Harriet’s second son, Lloyd, attended Dowling University and became a successful Social Studies teacher. Unfortunately, Lloyd passed away in 2010.
During the Korean War, Harriet and Sid got a divorce. Moving back to Massapequa, she met her next door neighbor, Carl Scarpino. Carl and Harriet were soon married and Carl became like a father to the two boys. He always had time to nurture and love them, making sure they had their bar mitzvah’s, graduations and other milestones of life celebrated in style.
While Carl worked at Republic Aviation, Harriet opened her own gift and novelty store. She had majored in art at the University of Syracuse, so the shop was just an extension of her talents. She specialized in wholesale – retail and party plans. When her business was struck by fire, she decided it was time to retire.
Harriet had always been active in politics. She was first inspired by Harry Truman and worked on his campaign. She liked the man’s straight forward style and honesty. It was a style she adopted as her own and has developed and maintained through out her life.
Since that time, she has worked locally and nationally on every campaign for the Democratic Party. She takes pride in the fact that she was able to change the political affiliation of her home town, Massapequa. When first she moved back there, the Democrats were 20 percent of the voters while the Republicans were 80 percent. Because of her activism, by the time she left, it was exactly the opposite.
Most admired in Harriet’s eyes as presidents were John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. She states that history will prove Jimmy Carter was one of our greatest presidents. When asked what she admired both about the two men she answered, “Their youth; their love of people and feeling for the people. They cared about the man on the street.”
Early on in her retirement, when Cherrywood was in its infancy, Harriet worked with the On Top of the World Democratic Club. This was due to her husband Carl’s encouragement. Before long, as more and more people moved into our community, Harriet was urged by the Party to start a Democratic Club here in Cherrywood.
Eagerly Harriet accepted the challenge and began by serving refreshments at the meetings. She compared it to entertaining in her own home. “If you came to my house, I would serve you food so I did the same at our meetings.”
The hallmarks of her meetings were that there would be no smears allowed and all meetings would be open. She believes that people must have open minds and listen to all sides of an argument to be well informed. Harriet had to fight some in the Democratic Organization on these points but her indomitable spirit won out. She credits the growth of the party to these policies.
Since its inception, Harriet has been the enthusiastic and energetic president of the Democratic Club. Undaunted by the passing of her husband nearly 12 years ago, she has continued on for these many years.
In October of last year, Harriet began experiencing health problems of her own. Currently she is recovering at TimberRidge. Her good friend Ken Beech has been assisting her by providing support and encouragement. Ken is the vice president of the club, and maintains Harriet’s high standard of communication and leadership in her absence.
In spite of her hardships and illness, Harriet is still a feisty, humorous, and lovely woman with an unbeatable spirit. She loves life and people; easily cultivating friends of all political bents and views. She still laughs easily and often.
When asked what she considered the most important thing in life was she replied emphatically, “Voting!” Harriet continued by stating, “Voting is a priceless right no matter whether you’re Democrat, Republican or Independent! It is a privilege.”
In addition to her work with the Democratic Club and Democrat Party, Harriet served for 11 years on the 200 Coalition. When she was active there used to be more than 100 members but participation has dwindled since that time. This is a disappointment to Harriet.
On a personal note, your correspondent interviewed Harriet at TimberRidge. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all of her friends and neighbors for their support; phone calls; visits and prayers. “Please thank all the wonderful people who have called and sent cards,” she told me. She has on her bed a stuffed elephant, given to her by some of her Republican friends of which she has many.
With her unique personality; unflinching determination and fantastic sense of humor, Harriet is indeed an asset to Cherrywood. We wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

From Your Reporter
I would like to take a moment to send out a special thank you to two individuals who contributed to this week’s column.
Ken Beech accompanied me to TimberRidge for the interview with Harriet Scarpino (See Spotlight) and was a great help.
Next a special Thanks to Bobbie Letendre for suggesting a ‘Welcoming Committee’ for Cherrywood. (See article ‘Newcomers to Cherrywood above). Good ideas are always welcome and I appreciate your thoughtful input.
Your opinions and suggestions are important so feel free to contact me at urperssec@yahoo.com