Cherrywood news 4-27-2012

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It's no joke! Comedy night is coming

By John Everlove

Come and see professional comedian and magician Mark Alan on Saturday, May 18. Mark is well known on the comedy club circuit in Orlando and venues all around Florida. He amazes audiences with his smooth illusions and keeps everyone laughing the whole time he is performing. On May 18 you can see this outstanding talent free if you live in Cherrywood.
Tickets are available for two performances in the clubhouse on May 18. The first is at 6 p.m. and the second is at 8 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 for the 6 p.m. performance and at 7:45 for the 8 p.m. show. All you need to do is stop by the office and pick up your tickets from Geri and let her know which show you plan to attend.
Your ticket also automatically enters you in the raffle for a gift certificate to Outback Steak House. You must be present to win.
This event is sponsored by Cherrywood Property Management.

Vets plan for Memorial Day
The Cherrywood Veterans Club will meet on Thursday, May 3 at 2 p.m. All veterans; their families and anyone who wishes to volunteer are encouraged to attend. The final plans for Memorial Day will be put in place as the veterans plan to honor the memory of our fallen heroes. Liquid refreshments are provided on the patio following the meeting.
At noon on May 30, the traditional Memorial Day, the program will begin with the presentation of the colors by our own Cherrywood Color Guard. A short speech will follow from Major Morrey Dean, U.S. Army (Ret.) before the flag is raised to full staff.
Following the service, a good old fashioned Memorial Day picnic will begin. Tickets are only $7 and include hamburgers; hot dogs; potato salad and home made baked beans. Potluck desserts are encouraged. Of course lemonade and coffee will be available but if you have a different beverage in mind, feel free to bring that.
At 2 p.m. the drawing will be held for the Bahamas Cruise. There are still tickets available and will be right up until the time of the drawing. Not only do you not have to be present to win, you don’t even have to be a Cherrywood resident to enter the drawing. See Geri or any Veterans Club member to learn how to obtain tickets. Tickets are $10 each or three for $20 so be sure to enter.
All proceeds from the picnic and the drawing go toward the Veterans Club charities, so come on out and enjoy the friendship and fellowship of your friends and neighbors as we pay tribute to those who gave up all of their tomorrows so we might enjoy today.

Kentucky Derby Day
May 5 is the running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, but it will also be marked by a celebration here at Cherrywood in the Clubhouse. Doors will open at 5 p.m. that Saturday evening and the fun will begin.
Ladies, wear your best decorated hat for a chance to win a first, second or third place prize. Sip mint Juleps as you stroll around the Clubhouse and consider the odds on your favorite horse. Enjoy a free hot dog provided by Chris of Cherrywood Property Management and then, at 6:30, sit back and watch the most exciting race of the year on the big screen.
After the race, dance to the music of Rich Becotte and you can enjoy all of this for no charge. No tickets are needed, just show up with your fancy bonnet and enjoy an evening of fun and excitement. See you there.

Ladies Luncheon
Join the Ladies of Cherrywood for their final luncheon of the season at Logan’s Steak House. The ladies will gather at noon to say good bye to the “snow birds” and enjoy a delicious meal that no one has to cook. The ladies always have a good time at these functions and as this is the last one for the season, they will have to make plans for next years schedule. If you are a lady and you live in Cherrywood, call or see Geri to make your reservations for this fun group outing. Even if you’ve never been to one before, now would be a great time to get involved with these lovely ladies.

CERT For Certain
Our Citizen Emergency Response Team is gearing up for the storm season and you should be a part of it. Due to the unusually warm winter, the waters around Florida are warmer this year. We all know that tropical storms gain energy from warm water so this might well be a very active storm season.
Preparedness is important to surviving and enduring disasters and CERT can be a vital part of your preparations. You should contact the CERT team if you have special needs such as breathing machines; limited mobility; medications that must be refrigerated or any other situation that would make it difficult for you should power go out or phone service be interrupted or any number of other things that would go wrong in a storm,
The CERT team has forms for you to fill out in advance of any natural disaster of problem that might arise. The information is confidential and never shared with anyone and is only used in case of emergency. Pick up a form from Geri and fill it out then return it to the office to be on the list of those who need assistance.
At the Veterans Club Memorial Day Services and Picnic the CERT team will have a table set up to provide you with important information on how to prevent property damage and physical harm to you and your family in the event of an emergency. You can also sign up for training from the Sheriff’s Department to learn first aid; Communications Damage Assessment and CPR. Becoming a part of CERT will give you the opportunities to not only serve your own self interest but to provide help and aid to your neighbors and friends as well.
If you would like more information on emergency planning or joining the CERT Team, contact Dewella Markland at 352-873-0294. Better yet, on May 16 at 8:30 in the morning be at the CERT meeting in the Clubhouse. Don’t be caught unprepared this storm season; your life might depend on your knowledge.

Pool: A ball at Cherrywood
Ocala Palms Pool Team came to Cherrywood for a league game against our men on Tuesday the 17th. The competition was fierce in a good natured way with plenty of jokes, kibitzing and compliments.
Your humble correspondent was invited to cover the games and for just plain good fun and relaxation, there are few things that can rival these outings. There is a mutual respect among the players that goes beyond just good sportsmanship. Everyone mixes fantastic shots with an occasional “mulligan.” Compliments abound for the “good shot” and laughter and banter accompany a miscue or missed easy shot.
Because everyone is playing for fun and a challenge, there’s no hesitancy in giving or getting good advice on how to line up a shot or leave your opponent at a disadvantage. This shared knowledge between players allows the men to not only have fun with their own team but develop camaraderie with the visiting team.
Friendships are made and respect shared when the Men’s Pool League plays. If you have any interest in the game of Nine Ball or Eight Ball, try coming to the pool room at the clubhouse almost any morning at 9 and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did. (By the way, Cherrywood won on this day, but there are a lot of games yet to be played and a lot of fun yet to be had.)

Trivia Game

Wednesday evening at 7 Rich Hurley fired up the big screen with questions from the 50s and 60s along with Sports. As always, there were several teams anxious to compete for the prize money, well maybe not for the money. Teams compete mainly for bragging rights and to test their knowledge in the good natured atmosphere of friends and neighbors.
Rich out did him self with questions that only the writers of Sports Illustrated would know or History Professors from Harvard might have a clue about. Seriously, everyone guessed their way through and had a blast doing it. Some of the “off the wall” answers were funnier than the real ones and there was a lot of laughter through out the contest.
All the money that’s taken in, and that’s a whole dollar per player, goes to the Wounded Warrior Fund so not only is everyone having a good time, but they are helping a good cause. For a good time, come on out for Trivia night next month and test your skills with the rest of us. Feel free to bring snacks and beverages of your choice as well.

Bocce Ball has new time
Our Bocce Ball players will be meeting at 8 p.m. at the court behind the Clubhouse every Saturday. This new time reflects the daylight saving time. Everyone has a chance to play and enjoy, or for those who would rather just watch, you can do that too. In the event of inclement weather, everyone gathers in the Clubhouse by the fireplace to share laughter and drinks. For a great night of friendly competition and fellowship, join our Bocce Ball group on Saturday night.

Movie Night at Cherrywood
Tuesday, May 1, is Movie Night at Cherrywood. Come get your free pop corn and lemonade or bring you own treats and drinks and watch “War Horse.” This action drama is a first run hit that’s been a big draw at the box office. It is filled with contrasting scenes of the violence of war mixed with a tenderness that appeals to both men and women. (Ladies may want to bring a hankie.) An excellent story line combines with superb acting to make this movie a ‘must see’. Show time is 7 p.m. to watch this great film on the big screen at the Clubhouse.

Yard Sale Success
Saturday’s Cherrywood yard sale was one of the best. There was an abundance of households that took part and a wide variety of items for sale. On behalf of the residents I would like to thank all those visitors who came from all over Marion County to shop and be part of this semi-annual event. I would also like to thank Jim Clark of the Citizen for allowing us to publicize the yard sale.
There were many bargains and items on sale and one of the best deals of day was found by Genevieve Downs. She found the Queen Ann dining room table; six chairs and matching hutch for a third of the price it would have cost her at any store.
After making the purchase, she casually mentioned how it might be a little difficult to get it home right away. As luck would have it, another resident of Cherrywood was standing next to her and volunteered to transport it right then and there in his truck. This is yet another example of neighbor helping neighbor.
Gen, who donates platelets at the blood bank, found out that the owner of the truck is on dialysis and is a recipient of platelets as part of the treatment. It’s a small world and our giving and sharing touches many people we don’t even know.
Congratulations to Gen on her find and to all who got bargains at the yard sale.

Spotlight on Excellence
Each week we seek out exceptional individuals who help make Cherrywood an excellent community in which to live and play. This week the spotlight shines on Mel Miller; not only an artist, but one of the few sculptors in the Ocala area.
Mel moved to Cherrywood from Mississippi 12 years ago with his wife Margie. They have been married for 41 years and have a daughter, Amanda, who lives in Columbus, Maryland. Amanda is a chemist and Margie does editorial work for a popular Florida author. Mel considers “…my wonderful wife and beautiful daughter…” among the greatest accomplishments of his life. His Sister, Priscilla still lives in Mississippi, as does his Mom, Martha.
After serving at the Pentagon in U.S. Army Intelligence, Mel was hired by the Department of Defense where he worked for 30 years. He has a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Mississippi and a Masters Degree from Western Maryland College. His skill and education with languages made him a natural for work with D.O.D. but because of his security classification we must let it go at that.
Mel first became interested in art while working in wood shop back in his Junior High School days. He would carve animals, wooden chains, and other pieces from the scraps of wood he found. After he retired, he said to him self, “If you’re ever going to become good at this type of thing, you better get started,” and get started he did.
Mostly self taught, Mel studied under Dale Enochs in the Montoya Famous Sculpture Series in West Palm Beach. While he works in both wood and stone, he prefers working with stone. He has never gotten into painting as an art form because he confesses, “I like the three dimensional medium of stone and wood.”
His latest piece, entitled ‘La Venus Americane’ (pictured with Mel) is a beautiful carving made from a piece of Live Oak. Oddly enough, when he received the piece of wood, a gift from a co-worker, it had a peculiar natural bend in it that reminded Mel of the Venus De Milo statue. This inspired his work.
Over 150 hours of labor transformed the tree limb into a beautiful sculpture. While the attention to detail is excellent, the expression on the face of the art work is the most captivating aspect of this piece. The expression of “love” on her face in all its aspects, from peace and serenity to sadness and melancholy is captivating. Putting emotion into a work of art is one of the hallmarks of a good artist and Mel has accomplished this with “La Venus Americane.”
Aside from working in his garage shop, Mel works several part time jobs. Four days a week he is in a shop called Artful Gifts. The store is a satellite for Marion Cultural Alliance with its headquarters in Brick City Center for the Arts in downtown Ocala. He also serves as vice president of the Ocala Art Group and Gallery East organizations. Oddly enough, Mel also is employed by Joseph A. Banks clothiers at Heathbrook two days a week.
To keep in shape, Mel runs a couple of Marathon races each year and runs daily throughout Cherrywood Estates. He has been running for 20 years and maintains a rigorous training regime.
Another one of Mel’s works is on display in the Atrium of the New Judicial Center in downtown Ocala. Titled “The American Girls,” this interesting work is two women, side by side with one eye of each covered by their hair. The first girl’s eye is open, signifying the vigilance of the justice system and the other girl’s eye is closed, representing the “blindness” of justice. There are more subtleties to the statue but you’ll have to check it out for yourself.
More shows are available for you to enjoy Mel’s artwork and he would be glad to furnish you with the dates and times. Email Mel at www.galleryeast.org or call him at 352-245-2781.
Mel loves the Cherrywood community and Ocala. He enjoys the warm weather; the slow pace; the age group of people around him and, he said “…it’s like taking a step back in time.” We are proud to have one of only two or three sculpture artists in the Ocala area living here. Mel and his wife Margie are truly assets to our community.

From Your Reporter
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