Cherrywood news 2-3-2012

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Accordions and more at the clubhouse

When first I went to the Cherrywood Clubhouse to cover the Accordion Club, I expected a few people to be gathered playing their accordions and not much more. How wrong was I? Very!
Going in, I noticed that there were two men playing the accordions and accompanied by a string bass player, two were singing the old standard, Bill Bailey. A lot of people sat around the tables eating munchies, drinking their favorite beverages and singing along. They continued with more tunes and after each, the crowd applauded their approval.
Soon the band was joined by a drummer and a trumpet player. Believe me when I say they sounded like a full orchestra. The music ranged from Blue Moon to My Wild Irish Rose and everything in between. Couples took to the dance floor or sang along with the musicians as they belted out the songs.
Individual soloists took over and played with various levels of accomplishment.
Everyone from students to more advanced musicians played a wide range of music.
To the delight of everyone, a guest soloist all the way from Orlando took part. Donald Schwartzburg is with the Central Florida Accordion Club and his guest appearance was a highlight of the evening.
Club President Dick Richards organizes and runs the Accordion Club. Every third Wednesday at 5:30 his musicians and those who love to listen and dance gather at the Cherrywood Clubhouse to spend an evening of great entertainment.
Dick of course is the band leader. The Wednesday I was there, he was joined by Gene Bradley on bass: Richard Sturtevant on trumpet; Bill Cahill on drums; and Bob Mace, also on accordion. Where else can you get such class entertainment for nothing? No where!
Accordion music and more, that’s what the Accordion Club brings to Cherrywood. For an inexpensive evening of fun and entertainment, you would have to go a long way to top the musicians that come out for the Accordion Club.
The Cherrywood Accordion Club meets on the last Wednesday of the month. Next meetings, recitals, entertainment and fun are scheduled for Feb. 22, March 28 and April 25. Give yourself a treat and stop by.

Cherrywood rides high
On Jan. 25, a group from Cherrywood went horseback riding at Cactus Jack’s Trail Rides. This was the idea of Judy Durst who approached the Social Committee with the idea. With their support she organized the outing and over a dozen residents joined her for the adventure.
Winding through Florida’s Greenbelt, the trails were shaded by trees and lush foliage that filled the senses with our state’s natural beauty and a calm peaceful vista. Along the way the riders encountered an endangered species; a gopher turtle. Apparently this individual tortoise did not feel endangered as he’s made his home along the trail and never even moved when the horses walked by.
Cactus Jack’s guides, Cathy and Nicole, gave a running account about the Greenbelt, the foliage and even the ‘Prickly Pear’ that Gopher Turtles thrives on. Wild hogs and deer are not present along the trail which didn’t seem to bother the riders.
The docile mounts are an assortment of thoroughbreds, retired polo ponies and draft horses. All are very docile and well trained, making their way along the riding path in single file order. Then there was “Dollar,” Fran Hall’s horse. Dollar walks to the beat of a different drummer it seems. Occasionally, the group would have to wait a minute or two for Dollar to decide to get moving again. There’s always one in every crowd they say.
Most of the riders had Australian stock saddles which differ from the American Saddle in that they don’t have a “horn” on the front. Which begs the question, how do you honk at the other horses? Instead Australian saddles have two “Mickey Mouse” ears in front to help people stay in their seats. It’s an added safety feature for those who might not be accustomed to equestrian activities.
A special “Thank You” to Gen Downs for supplying the information and photos that made this article possible. On behalf of the riders, special appreciation is expressed to Judy for her idea and Cactus Jack’s for their consideration.
If you have an idea for a special outing or event, contact the Social Committee for their approval and help make Cherrywood an even more special place, just like Judy did.

You did it!
Thanks to the residents of Cherrywood, the Veterans Club had its most successful food drive ever. Nearly five pickup trucks full of groceries were delivered to Ritz House for Veterans in crises.
Special thanks to Big Sun Realty and to Mr. James Nelson of Oak Run. Mr. Nelson donated a truck load of groceries in memory of Paul Fehr, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army. Big Sun Realty donated eight cases of canned goods. When asked, a spokesman for Big Sun stated that most of the employees of the firm are veterans and wanted to take part.
To Bill Mahar and the Veterans Club of Cherrywood, a heartfelt “Well done!” for all your work, time and effort. Our volunteers were, Skip Smith, Rick Hurley, Bill Brotherhood, Bill Mahar, Ida Mahar, Phil Tatro, Marty Duesel, Peggy Konar, and Trude Smith.
All of you, the residents; the veterans; the good Samaritans; and those with a generous soul, made a difference. You’ve changed lives for the better. Thank you.

Ladies luncheon
Cherrywood is having a Valentine’s Day Party, “Flowers, Food and Fun.” Please join us on Feb. 8 at noon in the clubhouse. Our speaker will be Jennifer from “A Flower Hayven” flower shop and she will share floral arranging tips with us. Please bring a favorite dish to share, a place setting and a beverage; we will supply hot coffee. Looking forward to meeting new neighbors!

Sandra Fialkovic celebration of life
For those of you who knew and will miss Sandra there will be a memorial service for her on Saturday, Feb. 11 at 11 a.m. at the Crossroads Community Church, 8070 S.W. 60th Ave., Ocala. A reception to celebrate her life will be held following the service at the Cherrywood Clubhouse. Coffee and cake will be provided from noon until 2 p.m.

Travel Club updates
March 9 — Who Dun It Murder Mystery at the Palace Grand
March 12 to 15 — Biloxi
March 23 — Let’s Hang On at the Palace grand – A Tribute to Frankie Valli
April 5 — Las Vegas Jackpot at the Show Palace
May 10 — Baby - Winter Park Playhouse
May 17 — Separate Beds at the Early Bird Dinner Theatre
May 21 to 25 — Myrtle Beach 4 nights 5 days
May 31 — Swing at the Show Palace
June 2 — The Buddy Holly Story at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre
June 23 — New York Nights at the Show Palace
Nov 11 to18 — Allure of the Seas – Marion County Hospice Fundraiser Cruise in Memory of Frank Archer.

Men’s social pool and team
Most mornings between 9 and 11 a.m., you will find a cadre of pool players gathered at the Clubhouse. Their skill levels are varied but they share a common love for the game and enjoy the camaraderie that goes with friendly competition.
No matter if you’re a novice or play like Paul Newman, you’ll find a warm welcome among the guys who enjoy sharing their knowledge of the game and a little friendly kibitzing.
Three newly felted tables are available so if you don’t feel like waiting, there are always options and a game to be had. If you’ve never been to one of these sessions, you are encouraged to stop in, say “Hello” and join in the fun.
The Travel Team goes to various other communities on Tuesday’s or entertains the visiting team at our Clubhouse. Come out and play or cheer on our guys.

Crochet Club changes name
Cherrywood Crochet Club has changed its name to the Cherrywood Crochet and Knitting Club. The name change reflects better on what these talented and artistic ladies and gentlemen do on Friday afternoons from 1 to 3 p.m.
Gathered in the reading room of the Clubhouse, everyone is working on a project of their choice and sharing the friendly atmosphere. Some are working on projects that are complex and unique, while others are students just learning the ropes, or should we say “Yarns?”
The Crochet and Knitting Club is legend for its work with various charities including Devereaux Kids; Hospice; Veterans; Kimberly’s Cottage, and shawls and toys for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.
The members are warm and willing to share their time, knowledge and skills. If you would like to learn to knit or crochet, or enjoy being with a group of people who love the craft, make it a point to attend.
You can also help this worthwhile group by donating any materials you think they might be able to use. Yarn, needles, material of all types and colors; anything at all would be greatly appreciated. If you have a connection with a Thrift Store or Fabric Outlet that would be willing to donate, please contact Geri at the Clubhouse; 352-237-1675.

In pursuit of trivia
For a wild and fun evening, Trivia Night at Cherrywood is the place to be. At 6:30 on the third Wednesday of the month, players come to the Clubhouse to test their knowledge and luck.
Divided into teams of three or four, each group receives an answer sheet. While Fred O’Hern puts up questions on the big screen, everyone tries to answer the interesting, humorous, and trick questions he displays.
Every night is a different topic. Horses, Dogs, and the Statue of Liberty were the subjects for the last event. Unlike most trivia games where a wealth of useless information is all that is needed to succeed, the questions at Cherrywood Trivia Night are enlightening and interesting. You will leave knowing more than when you arrived and have a great time playing.
When you walk in, each player pays $1. The winning team collects $10 while the rest of the money goes to the Cherrywood Veterans Club to be donated to a worthwhile charity. The current charity that the Vets are supporting is the Wounded Warrior Fund.
Where can you go to have an interesting evening, gain some knowledge, laugh and joke with friends and neighbors and come away feeling good? Trivia Night at Cherrywood, that’s where. Give it a try and see if you don’t have a good time.

Super Bowl – super time
Sunday is America’s unofficial holiday called “Super Bowl” and Cherrywood has plans for the best tailgate party and best game coverage.
Starting at 4:30, a Chili Cook Off contest begins. Bring your favorite chili or soup and for a $5 fee, enter the contest. In a winner takes all challenge, test your culinary skills against the discerning taste of our judges.
Play bingo, (five games), take part in the quizzes, get into the raffles, and enjoy the fellowship of your friends and neighbors. Bring your favorite beverage and for a small donation, enjoy hot dogs, bratwurst and hamburgers cooked on the grill outside. Lemonade, tea, coffee, popcorn and snacks are provided!
Game time will be indoors on the big screen TV where you can enjoy every play and instant replay as the Patriots battle the Giants for the coveted Super Bowl ring and the title of World Champions!
The entertainment and big game is brought to you by your Social Committee; raffle prizes donated by Cherrywood Property Management; but the excitement and cheers, that’s brought by you.
Remember, Sunday, Feb. 5 at 4:30 p.m., Clubhouse, Super Bowl, Super – Party. At only $2, tickets are going fast, so be sure to stop by the Clubhouse and see Geri to pick yours up. There’s no better way to enjoy the Super Bowl and no better place to watch it from than the Cherrywood Clubhouse.

Valentine’s Dance
Friends and lovers are in for a special evening on Saturday, Feb. 11. Cherrywood will hold its annual Valentine’s Day Dance to celebrate love, with a romantic evening of dancing and fun.
Our own resident DJ, Richard Becotte will supply the tunes that we all know and love while the Activities Committee supplies snacks, lemonade and iced tea. You can of course, bring your own beverages of choice.
All this for just $3 per ticket and that includes eligibility for the door price. The ever present 50/50 drawing will be held also, so you’ve got several chances to win.
Spend the evening with the love of your life and your friends; dance and socialize; laugh and enjoy all that life offers the residents of Cherrywood. See Geri for your tickets and we’ll see you at the dance.

Caribbean raffle trip
The Cherrywood Veterans Club is raffling off a three-day Caribbean Cruise for two to the Bahamas on the famous Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Included in the trip, are all port fees; taxes; gratuities and $100 in spending money. Tickets are just $10 for one or three tickets for $20. Get in on this great opportunity for an unforgettable trip and help the Veterans Club charities as well. Tickets are available from any Veterans Club member or from Geri at the office.

May I express my sincere “Thank You” to all of you for your kind words of support and encouragement. Please note a change in my email address: urperssec@yahoo.com . I look forward to hearing from you with your story ideas for our great Cherrywood Community.