Cherrywood news 12-25-2015

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New year starts with movies

By John Everlove

On Tuesday night, Jan. 5, join us in the clubhouse for the movie; Mr. Holmes. This feature stars Ian McKellen and is the story of Sherlock Holmes as he tries to solve the mystery that led to his retirement. This is a whodunit with a twist.
The film starts promptly at 7 p.m. and is free to all Cherrywood residents. In addition, popcorn and drinks of lemonade and iced tea are available; also for free. Find your comfortable seat on the pool chairs that are brought in for this special occasion; bring your own treats if you wish and then sit back and enjoy the movie with friends and neighbors. Where else can you get a great nights entertainment for free?

Veterans Club
On Jan. 7 at 2 p.m., our Veterans Club will hold its monthly meeting in the clubhouse. A guest speaker from Veterans Helping Veterans will be on hand to explain the workings of that organization and to answer questions.
The business meeting will follow during which time various charities will be selected to receive our financial support. Also, there will be an explanation of the upcoming election of officers. If you have any interest in serving on the Board, please let President Bill Mahar know.
Immediately following the meeting, there is an informal social hour held on the patio featuring free drinks and friendly conversation. These meeting are open to all Cherrywood residents who are encouraged to attend. Find out what this active group of Vets are doing in your community.

Veteran Appreciation Dinner
On Saturday, Jan. 16, the Veterans Club will be hosting the Veterans Appreciation Dinner. This meal is free to anyone who purchased a ticket to the Veterans Day meal last Nov. 11. If you bought a ticket at that time, go to the clubhouse and get a free ticket from Jennifer.
For those who didn’t have a ticket to Veterans Day; you can purchase a ticket for this event from Jennifer. The cost is $5 for vets and their spouses; $7 for guests. Just see what you get for that low price. Pulled pork with sides of mac and cheese and barbeque beans; a roll and of course dessert. This delicious meal will be catered by the Southern Pig and Cattle Company restaurant.
Need more to convince you to turn out for this fun time? Entertainment will be by Kenny Jackson who is one of Cherrywood’s favorite DJ’s. His great sense of humor coupled with an almost endless repertoire of tunes makes him one of the premiere DJ’s in our area. See Jennifer soon for your tickets and don’t miss this terrific event.

Trivia Night
On Wednesday, Jan. 20, join your friends and neighbors for another thrilling night of Trivia. Our quiz master this month is Fred O’Hern. Fred is one of the originators of this fun time and he can come up with some really interesting questions. You will learn a lot, believe me.
We start at 7 p.m. but get there a few minutes early to be assigned to a team or to play on a team of your friends. Usually 3 or 4 people team up to try and answer the questions that are put on the big screen. At the end of the game, answer sheets are exchanged and graded. The winners get a small cash prize and of course the all-important bragging rights for a month.
It only costs a buck to play so bring your friends and come on out for an inexpensive way to learn some trivia and keep your mind sharp. By the way, in addition to the above benefits; we also laugh a whole lot. See you at Trivia.

Cribbage tournament
On Monday, Jan. 25, the Cribbage Club will hold its first James Beckman Memorial cribbage tournament. This will be an annual event with prizes and a trophy in honor of the late Jim Beckman. You can sign up with Sarah Blair or Jennifer in the office.
The games will begin at 12:30 p.m. in the card room of the clubhouse. Everyone is invited to bring refreshments of their choice as we gather to enjoy friendly competition and some laughs. This promises to be challenging games and a lot of fun to boot.

Super Bowl
Surround yourself with friends and fellow fans on Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. as we gather in the clubhouse to watch the mother of all football games; the Super Bowl. Tickets are only $2 from Jennifer in the office; no tickets will be sold at the door.
In addition to the game, there will be hot dogs; chili dogs; nachos; 50/50 drawings; raffles; quizzes; and other fun things. Bring your own drinks or enjoy those provided at the clubhouse including iced tea and lemonade.
This is a great time filled with excitement as we watch every play on the big screen. Kickoff is at 6:30 pm and we’ll go until the final whistle. Join the fun.

Valentine’s Day dance
Romance will be in the air on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 7 until 10 p.m. as Dusty Roe brings his music and talent to our clubhouse. Dusty is a terrific DJ who has been with us before; taking requests and playing a wide variety of tunes to both dance and listen to.
Free lemonade and iced tea will be provided and everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass. You know you’re in for some good eating with the wonderful cooks we have here in Cherrywood. Couple that with the entertainment of Dusty Roe and you have all the fixings for a fantastic Valentine’s Day party.
See Jennifer in the clubhouse for tickets; they’re just $2 each. This is a popular event in our calendar year so sign up early; you won’t want to miss out   

From the reporter
As the New Year approaches, we all wish each other a Happy New Year. We face the fresh start we are given with optimism and the hope that this year will bring us prosperity; health and peace. What a wonderful feeling it is to embark on this coming year.
In our younger years we tend to make resolutions that will improve our health; our wealth or our life in some way. Attempting to make these changes is a good and indeed, noble enterprise but for too many; keeping these resolutions is an impossible task.
On the flip side of that coin are we who live in a senior community. We tend to look back with sadness and longing as we remember those who left us this past year and many of us look toward the coming year not with hope and enthusiasm but with some fear and apprehension. Few, if any of us, know just how many New Year’s celebrations we will enjoy in the future and we sometimes wonder, will this be my last?
With these two factors in mind, let me suggest that our New Year’s resolution be to so live our lives while we are here; our family and friends know a loving; giving and caring person who laughs and makes them laugh. Let our interests transcend our own problems so that we work to help others deal with their hardships.
In short, let our lives be of such meaning to others that when we are gone; we are remembered fondly with a smile; not a tear. A legacy of humor isn’t a bad thing to leave behind. This is the time to decide how we will live 2016. If we greet each new day of the New Year with gratitude and a grin; 2016 might just be the best year of our whole lives. Happy New Year.
If you have comments or suggestions for this column please contact me at ssg6jae@gmail.com.