Cherrywood news 12-01-2017

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Craft Show was a success

By John Everlove


Our Semi-Annual Craft Show held on November 18 was a huge success by all reports. Near record crowds jammed the Clubhouse early and stayed late to check out 20 vendors merchandise. Wood carvings, jewelry, handmade aprons, afghans and many other fine crafted items were all on display.
Under the supervision of Sandee Spencer, our kitchen did a stellar job of feeding the guests and patrons who came out to enjoy the show. Sandee was tireless, making her world-famous macaroni salad. With assistance from Fran Hall, she also made and put together the egg salad, chicken salad and tuna salad sandwiches.
Together with the rest of her crew of Mick and Donna James and Michele Riley these five individuals were able to raise $180 for the Activities Committee. We congratulate Sandee and her volunteers on a job well done.
Each vendor donated a gift for the craft raffle that was run by Sarah Blair and Ellie Simmons. At the end of the day, these two ladies had raised $253 from ticket sales, all of which was donated to Interfaith Emergency Services. We thank our vendors and volunteers Sarah and Ellie for their hard work in making this raffle such a success.
Lastly, the Crochet Club held a raffle of a beautiful handmade afghan and held a bake sale to raise money for their club’s charitable work. They were able to raise $156 and the winner of the afghan was Bill Spangenberg. You can help these wonderful ladies out by donating wool, yarn, needles anything that can be used for crocheting or knitting. You can also donate money for materials by contacting either Edna Fazio or Jennifer in the office. These ladies do a tremendous amount of charity work and are very worthy of our help.
Congrats to everyone who took part in this Fall’s Craft Show for making it such a huge success.

Christmas Open House
 This is a party where we open our Clubhouse and our hearts to welcome in the Christmas season with fun, games, good eats, and great friends. On December 8 at 6:30 the Clubhouse doors will open, and the merriment will begin.
First up is the ugly sweater contest. If you have an ugly sweater, put it on and come enter the contest. Don’t have an ugly sweater? Use your imagination and creativity to make an ugly sweater. My evil twin sister Joanie threatened to put her sweater and other clothes on backwards. She won’t be much to look at, but she’ll be fun to dance with.
Next will be the always hilarious Chinese Auction. To enter, you’ll have to register with Jennifer in the office. Once you’ve done that, buy a new gift valued at a minimum of $10 and wrap it real nice. That’s all there is to it and you’ll be entered in an activity that usually brings the house down. Ask anyone who’s been to the Christmas party before and they’ll give you the details on how this event unfolds.
     Of course, there will be refreshments as well. Everyone is asked to bring a snack or dessert to pass and if history is any gauge of this party, no one will go hungry. There is always a wide array of Christmas treats and sweets, appetizers and desserts and everything in between.
There will be eggnog and punch and you are welcome to bring your own libations to brighten the warm glow of the party. The 50/50 drawings will round out the evenings games, but the friendships and cheer will last through out the season and hopefully into the year to come.
Don’t miss this highlight party of the Christmas season when our Cherrywood family gathers and greets each other with open hearts and big smiles.

New Year 2018
 Each year, appropriately on the 31st of December, the entire world celebrates New Year’s. Well you could travel the world over and not find a better place to ring in the New Year than right here in Cherrywood.
Tickets are just $6 per person so you can’t beat the price. The entertainment is top drawer, with The Jerico Band. You’ll dance the night away, celebrate and enjoy listening to the sights and sounds of Jerico.
Free punch and light snacks will be on hand but you are welcome to bring an adult beverage to toast in the New Year or to put a little punch in your punch. Everyone enjoys a good party and Cherrywood’s New Year’s Eve party is among the best. Get your tickets soon from Jennifer because they go quickly, and you wouldn’t want to miss this great night of festivities.

Movie Night
There will be no Movie Night in December or January. Look for the upcoming feature’s in your Citizen Newspaper beginning in January.

Victory Casino Cruise
     Remember how much fun you had on the last Victory Cruise, well here’s a chance to do it again. Maybe you missed the last excursion, well you don’t have to miss this one. On Tuesday, January 23 Holly Bragdon has put together another trip for your fun and relaxation.
     Just $45 gets you transportation to and from Port Canaveral; boarding fees, a delicious buffet, $20 in qualified slot play and live entertainment. How can you beat a deal like this? Plus, there’s Bingo, along with a wide assortment of other games and free drinks while you’re playing.
Contact Holly at 873-8223 to get signed up and learn all the details. This is a fun time you won’t want to miss.

From the Reporter
     This week we’re taking our hats off to all the wonderful residents who use their creative talents and take the time to decorate the outside of their homes. Nothing brightens the season more than a home covered with colorful lights and cheerful displays of the Christmas season on the lawns.
     If memory serves me correctly, several years ago, one of our clubs used to pass out awards to the various homeowners who’s displays were deemed to be of special note. Wouldn’t it be nice if we again had a committee that could give maybe a gift certificate to the top three homes in Cherrywood that had exceptional displays? Just a thought.
    While we don’t have awards, we have our voices to say, “Thank you” to those homeowners who take the time, energy and finances to make our holidays more fun and more beautiful.
     As is our tradition, Suzi and I will be driving around on Christmas Eve to look at all the Christmas displays in the neighborhood. We do this every year because our Shi Tzu’s love the lights and beg us to take them. Now if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d love to sell you.
     Seriously, Suzi and I do go looking at the lights on Christmas Eve so if you would like us too, we could award ‘Bragging Rights’ to the three top displays we see. Let me know if you’d approve of that and again, thanks to all who put up lights.

If you have a comment or suggestions for this column, please contact me at ssg6jae@agmail.com I always enjoy hearing from my readers.