Cherrywood news 1-13-2012

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By John Everlove

We still have some openings for the Saturday AARP Drive Safety classes on Feb. 4 and Feb. 11 from 9 a.m. to noon. The cost is $12 for AARP members and $14 for non-members. You do not need to be a Cherrywood resident to attend and take advantage of the car insurance discount that you get by taking this class. Call Geri at 237-1675 to reserve your space, class size is limited to 20.

Pearl Harbor: This is no drill
On that sleepy Sunday morning 70 years ago, everything seemed calm and peaceful as the sun shown in the bright blue skies of Hawaii. Suddenly, like swarms of angry hornets, Japanese planes began attacking the ships and air strips based at Pearl Harbor. Within moments, bombs began falling on battleship row; dry docks; air fields; barracks and every other target of military value.
Klaxons, sirens, whistles and bugles all sounded, echoing across the harbor calling the men to their battle stations. An urgent notice flashed from fleet Headquarters to all ships and stations, “Air Raid; Pearl Harbor; this is no drill!” In that instant, America became involved in the Second World War.
Seventy years later, eight veterans of that conflict were honored by the Cherrywood Veterans Club. Bill Mahar presented each of them with a flag and flower, thanking them for their sacrifice and service. Fred O’Hern gave an excellent recounting of the events that took place on that Sunday morning so many years ago and what that day meant to the United States.
The Cherrywood Songbirds provided the musical backdrop for an appreciative crowd who gathered to honor the memory of Dec. 7 and to thank the veterans in attendance who became reluctant heroes in that conflict.
The WW II veterans honored at this year’s celebration were; John Carroll, US Navy; Robert Cunningham US Army; Bernard Masciandaro, US Army; Paul Millett, US Army; Grant Smith, US Army; Gary Tuckey US Army; Walter Wise, US Navy; Ken Buck, US Army.
Along with the veterans, Cherrywood said “Thank you” to the wives of these men. Kathy Carroll, Bea Cunningham, Avis Millett, Ginger Smith, Virginia Tuckey, Marian Wise, Margaret Buck and Bernard Masciandaro’s daughter, Fran Hall.
May we never forget the lessons; the sacrifices; the bravery and the courage that December 7th thrust upon our nation.

Bravo Bocce Ball
As early as 5000 B.C., the Egyptians played a game similar to Bocce Ball. In Italy, it was once banned by the Catholic Church. In England it became the game of Nobles and peasants alike. The game was praised for having significant health benefits and condemned for interfering with military training.
At the turn of the 20th century, Italian immigrants spread the game around the United States. Even though George Washington had a court built at Mount Vernon, it wasn’t until this mass immigration that the game took on popularity in the United States.
Keeping with that tradition, Cherrywood has an avid group of Bocce players who vary in skill levels and in motivation. While competition is still evident, the majority of the players go on Saturday evenings to the Bocce courts near the Clubhouse to enjoy the company of friends and neighbors.
Laughter and playful kidding fill the court side where players and spectators tease their opponents and where even novice players can feel welcome. Fred O’Hern keeps a tally of players and scores, directing the teams that are selected randomly from the crowd.
If you haven’t tried Bocce, check your Chirp for the scheduled dates. It’s an easy game to learn and a challenge to master, as you sharpen your hand eye coordination. All residents of Cherrywood are encouraged to come out and enjoy the fun.

New Year’s at Cherrywood
On New Year’s Eve, Cherrywood residents entered the elegantly decorated Clubhouse to see tables adorned with party hats, balloons, noise makers and large bottles of champagne. The atmosphere told them that they were in for a gala event.
On stage, the “Rainbow Connection” played songs ranging from the Big Band era to contemporary and popular tunes. Their music was upbeat and lively which soon had people clapping, and smoothly gliding across the dance floor with an energy that would put younger generations to shame. Throughout the evening, compliments could be heard from many guests on the quality of the music.
During the course of the evenings’ entertainment, the fifty-fifty drawing and door prizes were held. Following that, the band led everyone in a competition sing of “Amen.” This pitted the ladies against the gentlemen in the crowd and while I admit to a certain gender bias, I’m pretty sure the men won (or maybe not).
During the few breaks the band took, Richard cranked up his sound system and led the guests in line dancing, country and western tunes and more. There was no break in entertainment thanks to his commitment and audio equipment.
As the hour of midnight approached, the familiar “pop” of champagne corks could be heard throughout the hall. Each one drew a round of applause from their respective tables. Soon, the glasses were filled, and the countdown to New Year’s began.
As the strains of Auld Lang Syne filled the room, friends and neighbors kissed, shook hands, and embraced as wishes for a Happy New Year went out. 2012 was officially welcomed in as every New Year should be; with hopes and dreams for a bright future for everyone.
Rainbow Connection then played “God Bless America”. In strong voice, everyone sang the words in unison with a sense of hope and trust that He would indeed, bless this great country.
Our volunteers: Eve, Holly, Ruth, Monica and Richard, and SanDee should be immensely proud of their accomplishments. They did a magnificent job. If 2012 ends up being just half as good as the New Years Eve party was, it’s going to be a terrific year.

Blood drive leader needed
We are in need of someone willing to help set up the blood drives for Cherrywood. Please contact Geri at 352-237-1675 if you are interested.

Cherrywood Garden Club
If you’ve been living here several years and have not been to Bob Wines Nursery during the month of January, “You haven’t seen Bob Wines Nursery!” Located just off Southeast 38th Street, it is more than 50 years old, on five acres, with 800 varieties of plants featuring mainly camellias. You’ll see Camellia bushes taller than your head and in every color you can imagine. Most of the grounds can be navigated with walker or scooter. The Cherrywood Garden Club and anyone who would like to attend will meet at the Clubhouse parking lot at 11 a.m., on Wednesday, Jan. 18 and car pool. Mark your calendar and please let Judy 352-873-7849 or Carolyn 352-873-4339 know by noon Monday, Jan. 16 that you are coming and bring your camera!

Crochet and Knitting Club
Members enjoyed a visit from Scott Hackmyer, Community Facilitator for Devereux Kids, who informed us of the many grateful recipients of our hand crafted donations. Some of the people are homeless; some are living in poverty and have no warm items for their babies and children. All are in need. Many sweaters, afghans, baby items, and hats were given to Scott to distribute to those who go to his office for help. Crocheted and knitted toys were also donated so that some children could have something for Christmas who otherwise would have nothing. We filled up the whole cargo area in the back of his car.
In appreciation, Scott presented us with two gift cards for Joanne’s Craft Store to help alleviate some of the cost of components such as yarn and stuffing for toy items.
Please think of those in need, and if you have a surplus of any items that we could use to make afghans, sweaters, hats, etc. consider donating them to our cause. All donations will be crafted into something for charity. Just drop them off at the clubhouse to Geri or in the card room on Fridays between 1 and 3 p.m.
Feel free to join us on Friday afternoons in the card room at the Clubhouse.
Scott will gratefully accept used clothing, shoes, blankets, or household goods also. His work number is 352-732-3300, Ocala Family Resource Center.

Cherrywood ‘Decks the hall’
Christmas Trees, lights, holly and mistletoe transformed the Cherrywood Clubhouse into a beautiful reminder of this special season of giving. Decorations of all types brighten the hall’s common areas reminding all who venture in of the significance of this holiday. All were put in place in time for our Annual Trim a Tree festivities.
There was a Christmas tree containing the names of children who Cherrywood residents helped to make the season bright located by the front entrance. Near the back of the hall, the miniature train set brought back the nostalgia of Christmas past while wreaths sparkled in the lights over the fireplace.
With so much emphasis on “shopping,” spending and planning for holidays we seldom take the time to just enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Take a ride around the community and see the lights and decorations put out for the delight of all by your neighbors. When you are finished, come into the clubhouse and take a seat on one of the comfortable sofas or chairs; take a deep breath, look around at the reminders of what this season is all about and relax.
The Activities Team and volunteer helpers were the ones that gave us this very elegant gift. They were, Eve and Jim Houghtaling Fran Hall, SanDee and Chick Spencer, Holly and Dave Bragdon, Herb Neubaur, Monica and Richard Becotte, Ruth Hurley, Pauline Pellerin, and Terry Torrusio. When you see these people out and about, don’t forget to say “Thank you”.

Health and fitness
From Debra Rivera, Cherrywood Exercise Instructor
Acupressure is the use of applying pressure via fingertips to various parts of the body in order to stimulate energy points or meridians. Although traditional Western medicine should be your first line of defense for any medical condition, the Chinese practice of acupressure dates back 3000 years and is a legitimate alternative that most people can do on their own. For instance, tension headaches are usually the result of constricted blood vessels and can be relieved by massaging the temples with the index and middle fingers. Stress can also be relieved by pressing between the eyebrows (called the “Yingtang point”) and targets sinus tension. Likewise, using the index fingers to press behind each nostril will help to break up congestion, open the sinuses, and reduce swelling/inflammation. By pressing along the bridge of the nose (the “Jingming” point or where the nose and eyes intersect), this targets the ophthalmic nerve and is believed to relieve eyestrain and tiredness. Acupressure can even help you from sabotaging your diet! In order to stop cravings, take your forefinger and thumb and press and pinch the little indentation (the “Renzhong point”) above your upper lip and directly below your nose. This action sends a message to the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that is connected to hunger) and tells it to “turn off” food cravings.
Scientific data supports the use of acupressure as a means to increase blood circulation and rid the body of toxins. This in turn helps to promote faster healing from injuries and increases energy flow. However, even if you do not buy into this concept, if nothing else the practice of applying pressure to specific parts of the body can ease muscular tension and therefore produces a more relaxed body and state of mind. Indulge and energize!

Ladies billiards: Come try it
We are seeking new Cherrywood residents as players. Come one, come all! We have four times for learning and practicing pool (8-ball and 9-ball): Sunday 2 p.m.; Tuesday 6:30 p.m.; Thursday noon; and Friday 6:30 p.m.
Our team will be happy to teach you. Come and play or just watch. If you have questions, call Ruth Hurley, team captain, at 873-7208. We look forward to seeing you there.

Trackside at Cherrywood
Six horses with skillfully crafted ‘Colors’ and six ‘Jockeys’ confidently took their positions in the starting gate. Each one was sure they had the ‘fastest’ horse or in this case at least, the best luck at the roll of the dice.
Fans crowded around the marked out track and Rich Hurley gave out the odds on each horse. Laughter and friendly banter filled the hall as Jim Houghtaling flipped the first die and the race was on.
It was in this atmosphere that Cherrywood held its annual Horse Race to raise funds to keep our kitchen in supplies. Raffles and prizes were a part of the evening’s festivities which culminated with a dance to the music of Richard Becotte.
At the end of the races, three teams split the prizes for best decorated horses. Competition was so keen and the horses decorated so artfully that the 3 and 4 horse tied for first place. Horse number 2 shared the pot as a close second place.
Congratulations to our winning teams, Horse #3: Ruth Hurley, Eve Houghtaling and Norma Alexander: Horse #4, Quirino and Aprile Guglielmi and ‘T.T. Torrusio. The number 2 horse that also finished in the money is owned by Dave and Holly Bragdon, and Christl and Jerry Giovanniello. Connie Neubaur and Marty Dean both won drawings to round out the evenings prizes.
A good time was had by everyone who came out to enjoy the friendship and fellowship of their fellow Cherrywood residents. For those who have not had a fun night out lately, our hard working Activities Team made up of Eve Houghtaling, San Dee Spencer, Ruth Hurley, Rich and Monica Becotte invite you to join in the fun.
A Calendar of Events is available to all residents of Cherrywood. Find an activity that interests you and come on out. You’ll be surprised at how much your community is doing for you.

Christmas tree; Christmas Treat!
On Dec. 4, the residents of Cherrywood gathered at the Clubhouse to decorate the community Christmas tree. Brightly decorated ornaments were spread on the table, most made or purchased by the residents themselves. Within a half hour, the tree was beautifully adorned and the party began.
Cherrywood’s Songbirds gathered at the front of the hall and gave a stellar performance of traditional and seasonal songs. One of the highlights of the performance was Christmas Grace; a combination of Amazing Grace and Away in a Manger. Well-deserved applause echoed through the room when the last note of this inspirational tune died away.
A long table of assorted pastries, cookies, cakes and candies provided an inviting taste treat of the Holiday. The evening concluded with a sing along of the Twelve Days of Christmas and of other favorite Christmas melodies.
Surrounded by the decorations in the clubhouse, the warm welcoming fellowship of all who attended, one can joyously conclude that the Christmas Spirit is indeed alive and well in Cherrywood.

Democratic Club
The Cherrywood Democratic Club will meet Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. in the Clubhouse card room. Refreshments will be served. The discussion will be “An Empire in Decline.” When we look around we see so many similarities to empires that have been and are now no more. We must ask ourselves if this is now happening to the U.S.

Super Bowl party
Get your tickets for the Super Bowl Party on Feb. 5. Time: 4:30 p.m. Kickoff at 6:30 p.m. We will have raffles, bingo, quizzes and 50/50 drawing during the pre game show. Cost is $2 per person, see Geri for tickets. No tickets will be sold at the door. Bring your own beverages, we will provide lemonade, coffee, tea, popcorn and snacks.
Singles dinners
All Cherrywood singles are invited. We meet in the Clubhouse parking lot at 4 p.m. and carpool from there. The following is the schedule for the rest of January.
Sunday, Jan. 15 — Sonny’s
Monday, Jan. 23 — Logan’s
Monday, Jan. 30 — Cracker Barrel

Thanks from Nancy Archer
I would like to thank everyone who came to visit me and sent get well cards while I was in the hospital and rehab center over the holidays, 23 days was a very long time to be away from home. I am still not back to my normal self and was told it will be several months. I have a nurse coming to the house twice a week and the therapist once a week. I’d like to send out a very special thank you to my neighbor Helene Boehler who has been my lifeline throughout this entire procedure. My daughter and family have to travel three hours from Sarasota to come see me. Helene has been here every day to help me with anything that needs to be done. Thanks to all my Cherrywood friends, my neighbors the Henns, Charlie and Marie, and all my friends with the Care Givers Group.        
Thank you, Nancy
John Everlove is the new correspondent for Cherrywood. Please submit articles to him at ssg6jae@gmail.com.