Cherrywood news 09-24-2014

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Food drive scheduled to benefit Ritz House

By John Everlove

Your Cherrywood Veterans Club is planning a food drive to benefit the Ritz House. Around the Holidays many resources are available to the veterans who are transitioning from homelessness to main stream society, but at this time they are in need of our support.

Residents are asked to place food donations in plastic bags by their mail boxes on Oct. 22 between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon. Volunteers from the Veterans Club will come around and collect these gifts and transport them to the men and women at Ritz House.

We are hoping to get the support of the entire community just as we have had in the past. Canned goods; non-perishable food items; cleaning supplies; paper towels; toilet paper; soap and personal hygiene items are all needed.

You may also take your donations to the clubhouse on the morning of Oct. 22 where our volunteers will be gathering. Thank you for your help in this project.


Informal Dance a Hit

On Friday, Sept.19, our resident DJ Rich Becotte brought his vast array of CDs; his electronic expertise and his smile to play for the residents who were looking for an old fashioned dance.

More than 30 people showed up for this totally informal; no frills evening. Everyone brought their own snacks and beverages; no tickets were required and no contests were held. The evening was just a time to share dancing to all kinds of music and friendly conversation. Waltzes; Polka’s; Line Dances; and every other request that the guests had were played by Rich.

Not much advertising other than word of mouth preceded this event and it also rained but in spite of that; there were enough people out there having a fabulous time on the dance floor and casually chatting with one another to make it a big success. We will probably be repeating this kind of evening of entertainment and dance on a monthly basis. There is a bulletin board in the office so be sure to start checking it regularly to find out about this all the other wonderful activities we have here at Cherrywood.



In spite of a small turnout, the competition was fierce as the top two teams at Trivia battled it out. Only two points separated the winners from second place when all was said and done.

New to Trivia night was the Gatley family; Ora, Elaine and Marty. They were joined by Trude Smith and the four of them put in a sterling performance. Donna James came up with her usual mind boggling posers that were punctuated with laughter. When ever Donna is the quizmaster we all learn a lot as she shares a wealth of information when she gives us the answers.

A moment of silence was observed for Gene Wachsmuth. Last month he was on the winning team at Trivia and on this day; we attended his memorial service. Gene was an avid Trivia Player who shared the table with Jay O’Hern; Victor O’Green and yours truly. He will be missed.

Next month Trivia will be held on Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. The questions will be on the subjects of famous quotes; States; music; 100 year anniversary of WW I; and oh yes, Erotica. It will be my privilege to be your host for that interesting evening of Trivia and I’m hoping we have a big turn out.

All proceeds from Trivia go to the Patriot Dog Project. We have donated more than $400 to date for that worthy cause. We thank our players and Donna James for an evening of fun; knowledge and entertainment. If you would like to be a quizmaster and help with Trivia; contact Jay or Fred.

Just a note in the interest of honesty; because of Gene’s memorial service and several of our players being out of town; there were only two teams competing on this night. That notwithstanding, the rivalry was intense; in a jovial and joyful sort of way. We look forward to our usual good crowds next month.


Community Yard Sale

On Oct. 4 everyone in Marion County is welcome to come and take part in our Semi-Annual Cherrywood Community Yard Sale. This is a great opportunity to pick up a wide assortment of items at great prices and to view our wonderful neighborhood.

Beginning at 8 a.m. and continuing until 1 p.m. you can cruise our streets and stop by the homes that are displaying their used or almost used items for sale. Save on lawn equipment; knick knacks; tools; aids for handicapped persons; clothing; and many other things that will save you time and money.

Everyone is welcome and you won’t be disappointed in the goods and treasures you will find. You’ll get a smile; some good conversation and the opportunity to make some really cool purchases when you visit our yard sale.


Knitting and Crochet Club supports women and children

Once again the generous ladies who make up our Crochet and Knitting Club have been asked to use their talents to make Christmas a bit brighter for women and children in need. As always, all of the gals who belong to this club have agreed to be there for those who are facing difficult times in their lives.

In last week’s Citizen an article was published expressing the need for materials for this project. Edna Fazio wrote the article very eloquently but also; very modestly. I have seen the work these ladies do and it is magnificent. Hundreds of hours are spent as they lovingly hand craft stuffed animals; baby sweaters; hats; scarves; baby blankets and the like which they then give to women and children in abuse or homeless shelters.

There is going to be a raffle at our Craft Show to help with the purchase of materials like yarn; stuffing; materials and the like for these wonderful ladies. I hope you will buy tickets at the show and before the show from any of the members of this group. You can even go to the office and buy tickets.

A special handmade baby blanket and stuffed monkey as well as other items have been donated for the raffle. You can help out abused women and homeless children with a purchase of these tickets. You can also help our Crochet and Knitting Club by donating any materials that you think they would be able to use such as wool; yarn; needles; material; or similar products.

For many years the gifted and dedicated members of this organization have given so much of their time and talents to charities. The very least we can do is support them in their efforts and thank them for their love of others.


Craft Show

On Oct 11 our clubhouse doors will open at 9 a.m. to all of Marion County for our Semi-annual Craft Show. This is a marvelous opportunity for you to find goodies and treasures; personalized and unique gifts; wonderful household items and art work that will enhance your home.

Dozens of tables will be displaying the work of talented and gifted artisans showing handcrafted quilts and afghans; wind chimes and wood crafts; purses and tote bags; jewelry and personalized greeting cards; designer canes and walking sticks; micro wave bowls and much more.

In the early hours of the show our Activities Committee will be vending coffee and donuts for a nominal fee so you can have a light breakfast before you begin your shopping spree. Later, hot dogs and sandwiches with drinks will be available also for a very affordable price.

You can find wonderful personal gifts for loved ones that live out of state and still have time to mail them in time for the holidays; or you can find treasures for your own home.

Bring your friends and family with you and browse the many tables; chat with the vendors; place special orders or get help selecting that item that makes your day. Our Craft show is not like shopping at the mall; the vendors take special interest in each of their customers providing excellent service and quality goods.


Cribbage Club

In spite of two of our stalwart members being absent, the Cribbage Club managed to get together and have a fun time on Monday. Avis scored another 24 hand on her way to victory over Jim and Geri while Suzanne and Eulie managed to split 6 games with Victor and myself.

Carl and Sarah were not in attendance but we still managed to share a fun time and create some mayhem. Geri is one of our snowbirds who came down to get ready to return for the winter season. It was good to see her again and enjoy her sense of humor.

Join our crazy and some what wacky group on Mondays at 12:30. We will be happy to teach you the game if you don’t know how to play. If you do know how to play; bring your knowledge and sense of humor and come enjoy yourself.


Fun in the Sun Games

It is time to gather your team for our annual Fun in the Sun Games. Saturday, Oct 18 the athletes and their athletic supporters will gather at 10 a.m. behind the clubhouse for this fun competition. Teams are composed of four persons each. Any combination of men and women are welcome to sign up and register their team for just $10. That works out to $2.50 per player. Once the teams are formed Holly and Janice will begin the games.

Our events this year will be Shuffleboard; Bocce Ball; Wellie Wanging and the Bean Bag toss. Each player must compete in two of the four events so divide up the duties amongst your best contestants.

There will be prizes; medals and money for the top three winning teams. First place wins $40 and bragging rights for the entire year. $30 and $20 are the prizes for second and third place respectively.

In addition to the games there will be hot dogs and soft drinks and other refreshments served for all who attend at a very nominal fee. This event is as much fun for the spectators as it is for those who are participating.

We need some volunteers to act as referees and umpires for these games so if you’d like to help out and you aren’t taking part in a sport let Holly Bragdon or Janice McLeod know that you’re available.

Plan to make this outing with your family and friends. You’ll witness some super competition and you’ll have a great time too.


Halloween Dance

Mark your calendars for Oct. 25 when our local goblins will be out in force for the Halloween Dance. This annual party here at our clubhouse always draws a great crowd for the costume contest. We have some pretty imaginative and artistic folks in this community who go all out.

Light snacks will be available along with lemonade and iced tea but you can always bring your own libations to enjoy at the party. We will have music and dancing to round out this evening of fun.

Don’t miss one of the highlights of our fall social season.


Sold out

Our 20-year anniversary party is totally sold out. If you have tickets and you are not going to be able to attend, you are urged to turn your tickets into the office. We have a waiting list of persons who would love to attend but who were late getting their tickets. This is going to be an exciting evening and we would hate to see any empty seats.

Irish Hooley cancelled

The Spirit of Ocala Irish Step Dancers cancelled their performance set for Oct. 3; our Irish Hooley dance. That is unfortunate because it was a sell out crowd but they will be scheduled at a later date and time. Keep your eyes on the bulletin board for more details about this group and when they will return to our clubhouse.


Jazz and Food 4 Kids

On Sunday, Oct. 26, Our Savior Lutheran Church of Marion Oaks is sponsoring a Jazz Concert at 4 in the afternoon. This special event is a Food Raiser for Interfaith Emergency Services Food 4 Kids. For six years Our Savior has held this highly entertaining and successful program.

Charlie Remillard is joined by friends and fellow jazz enthusiasts as they perform all forms of jazz works appealing to every taste. These highly accomplished musicians and vocalists put a smile on everyone’s face and even some students join in to share their accomplishments.

The Church is located at 260 Marion Oaks Lane so it’s easy to find. If you would like more information please contact the Church at 347-0567. No tickets are required; they just take up a love offering to benefit the Food for Kids.

This is a very enjoyable way to spend a beautiful afternoon and help a very worthy cause.


Halloween at Sheriff’s Office

Our local Sheriff’s department holds a Halloween Party for neighborhood kids each year. This event keeps the kids safe and off the streets while giving them all of the fun of Halloween.

There will be clowns and face painting; goodie bags filled with candy; a demonstration by the k-9 unit and mounted division; plus music and games. In short, all the things that would give a youngster a great experience.

In order to conduct this yearly event the Sheriff’s Office needs donations. Unopened bags of candy; financial donations and volunteers are all necessary. If you would like to make a contribution to this worthy cause; contact Dave Siegel who heads up our CERT team at 390-3325. He will give you all the details and instructions on how to make a difference in a child’s life.


Cherrywood Travel

Would you like to escape the Christmas rush? Well, get away to Biloxi with a four-day, three-night adventure on Dec. 23. You’ll ride on a deluxe motor coach right from our clubhouse to your destination at the Imperial Palace Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Check into your comfortable and clean room to freshen up and then let the fun begin. Enjoy the many shops and boutiques; dine at the various restaurants and bistros; get a relaxing massage or facial at one of the classic beauty spas; or jump into the casino to try your luck at the gaming tables and slot machines.

You will receive bonus perks of $24 in food credits; $25 rewards play; and $15 slot play at the IP. Check out the Hard Rock and receive an additional $15 in slot play.

This exciting and affordable excursion can be yours by calling Natalie at 854-4561. Don’t delay; call today.


From your reporter

In today’s world, most Americans trust neither their politicians nor the mainstream media. Dishonesty and lies from those seeking office is expected while cover ups and misinformation from the press are accepted as normal.

While it may be a surprising and unpopular point of view, I say that this is good news. In a democracy, people should not trust those who make the rules or those who benefit from them. Dissent and differences of opinion are vital to a free society and the press has the obligation of reporting facts free from a political agenda.

Unfortunately when the press gains from keeping silent; prospers from bending the truth or seeks to put forth a point of view rather than informing the public; they can do a great disservice to society.

In the mainstream press for example; football odds are often given. You can pick a team and learn the point spread right from the sports section of most newspapers. Likewise, in that same section you will find the results of various horse races from tracks across the country.

Isn’t gambling illegal? What benefit is there to knowing the point spread of a game unless you’re placing a bet? Second; offtrack betting is illegal unless you are at a site that is televising the race. If you witness the race; you already know the results so what’s the point.

Are the papers aiding and abetting in a criminal activity or just printing what is newsworthy? What would happen to their circulation numbers if these statistics and results were not printed? Who is the beneficiary of this information?

Serious local issues arise such as the property developments in Marion County but few news stations or other outlets cover them. Proposals and candidates for local elections are rarely covered in depth. Crime reports are stifled and when they are not; often they are misrepresent the true facts of a case.

This is understandable because crime reports lower property values; make local law enforcement look ineffective; and make the citizens feel less secure. News outlets would not want that because it would have an impact on their advertising revenues.

Failure to report such things however; lulls the public into a false sense of security. It prevents the average citizen from knowing the dangers and hazards of their own neighborhood.

Fortunately for us; we have a newspaper that reports the facts; informs us of local issues of importance; keeps us up to date on County and City Council activities and then presents us with a healthy dose of good news about our community.

I’m speaking of course of the Citizen Newspaper. As its editor Jim Clark pointed out a few weeks ago; the local issues have much more of an impact on our immediate lives than the National or International news. That is why local newspapers such as the Citizen play such a vital role in our well being.

For the past two and half years, it has been my honor to work for the Citizen newspaper and Mr. Clark. In that paper you will find honest information about events that are coming up; events that have taken place; news on current issues facing our community and straightforward editorial comments.

Some people say that the newspaper is a thing of the past. Everyone will get their news from a computer or hand held device in the future according to the experts. I for one will rue that day. I like the feel of the paper in my hands; I like getting news that I can use from people I can trust.

Mr. Clark has kept free of the problems that affect other newspapers. He brings his knowledge; expertise; integrity and fairness into his work; and for that he is an admired and respected member of this community. Men and women with the ethics of Jim Clark are the reason the free press is vital to our freedom.

If you have comments or suggestions for the Cherrywood section of the Citizen please contact me at ssg6jae@gmail.com.