Cherrywood news 04-21-2017

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Good shooting!

By John Everlove

Our Cherrywood range day was a complete success. Sixteen shooters came out to improve their marksmanship and weapon familiarity including first time shooter Joan Siegel. From all reports, she did excellent and enjoyed herself.

Following their time on the range, the group went to the Monkey Bar restaurant for a delicious lunch and to share some social time. Everyone had a good time and my personal thank you goes to Fred O’Hern for not only putting on this event but for providing the information for this report.

Movie Night

Don’t miss Movie Night on May 2 at 7 pm in the clubhouse. Our feature is the widely acclaimed true story, Hacksaw Ridge. The relatively unknown cast puts in a terrific performance of the story of PFC Doss who won the Congressional Medal of Honor during World War II in spite of being a conscientious objector.

Plenty of action and some high drama in this recently released film so come sit in the comfort of the climate controlled clubhouse and relax on the pool chairs as you sit back to watch this thrilling film

Admission is free for Cherrywood residents and you are welcome to bring your own refreshments. See you at the movies.

Bowling Season ends

Our Cherrywood bowling league closed out their season with a banquet at Chefs of Napoli restaurant. Trophies and awards were given to many of the bowlers including first place team Time to Spare made up of Dave and Holly Bragdon, and Michele and Lee Riley.

Harry Lehst took the trophy for the men’s high game of 256. Cathy Underhill bowled a 237 game to clinch her first-place win for women’s high game. Women’s high average went to Holly Bragdon with an excellent 158 and Harry Lehst won the men’s high average with an unbelievable 189 average.

The bowling league is on the premier activities here at Cherrywood and we appreciate not only everyone who takes part, but we offer our special gratitude to Richard Hurley who heads the league and provided the stats for this report.

Kentucky Derby

The time has come to prepare for the classic equestrian event of the year, the Kentucky Derby. For us here at Cherrywood, that means a major entertainment event. Ladies, get your imaginations and creative skills in gear for the beautiful, unusual, wild hat contest. Every year the competition seems to get more intense as our gals come up with new, improved ideas all the time. Of course, there are prizes for the best hat and I’m told, bragging rights for a whole year.

Tickets are only $2 per person to get entry into this event. You’ll be able to watch the pre-race build up; the real race and even the post-race reports on our big screen TV. You won’t miss one minute of the action. Included in your ticket will be a chance at winning a free pari-mutuel ticket and other door prizes as well.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own beverages and a snack to pass around. If history is any indication, there will be plenty of good eats. Rumor has it that there will be a mint julip tasting center, so you will have no problem getting into the ‘spirit’ of the day.

This is a fun social event that brings our community together for some light-hearted competition and a chance to raise a few bucks for charity. This year’s profits will support equine rescue here in Marion County. Doors open at 5 pm and the party lasts until 8.


On Wednesday May 17 at 7 pm our Trivia buffs will be gathered in the clubhouse to test their skills and knowledge against other players and our Quiz Master.

The cost is just $1 to play this fun game so come out a little before 7 pm to get registered and assigned a team. If you already have a team or would like to bring a couple of people with you to form your own team, you can do that too. If you come by yourself, you’ll get a chance to meet new people maybe and play with a group.

Winners will receive a small cash prize but more importantly, the winning team gets bragging rights for an entire month. Think of how impressed your friends and neighbors will be when you tell them you’re a winner. Proceeds go to charity, so come play Trivia and also support a great cause.

Aquacize Classes

Starting May 4 Cherrywood will begin sponsoring an Aquacize Class. Our knowledgeable and amiable Stretch Class instructor Stacy will be teaching this low impact exercise class in our swimming pool. Classes will be at 9 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer. With Stacy as your instructor, you’ll have a great time staying in shape and you’ll be able to cool off in our sparkling clean pool. This class is open to all Cherrywood residents.

Bike Run

Keep the date of August 19th open for a special event put on by our Veterans Club. Rich Petrowski is organizing a ‘bike run’ to Cedar Key in the morning followed by a community wide bar b que at the clubhouse in the afternoon and early evening. There’s going to be entertainment, excellent food, adventure, dancing and generally speaking, a super time. Details are being put together as we speak so don’t make any plans for August 19 because you won’t want to miss this event.

Veterans Club Meeting

Our Veterans Club will be holding its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, May 4 in the clubhouse. All Cherrywood residents are invited to attend the meetings and see what great work our Vets are doing.


Summer is almost upon us and if you think it’s hot in Florida, you ought to try a trip to Afghanistan or maybe the deserts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The reason I bring this up is because our Support our Soldiers project is in dire need of the following items. Foot and body powder; powdered fruit drink mixes; hard candies; deodorants; non-perishable goodies of any type that will make our troops more comfortable and know that they are not forgotten.

There is a basket in the clubhouse where you can deposit your donations. If you would like to donate money, Trude and Peggy will go shopping with your donation, wait, let me rephrase that; they will shop for the troops with your donations and make sure that our heroes are taken care of. Thanks for your help on this year around project.

From the Reporter

It isn’t often I tell my readers where to go but this week is kind of an exception. On Saturday, tomorrow the 22, our neighbors in Dunnellon are having their Boom Town celebration. This is a not to miss annual event that brings together everything from bands to vendors selling foods, merchandise and lots of free stuff. All in a street fair family friendly atmosphere.

Dunnellon was the center of the phosphate mining operations at the end of and the beginning of the last century. Phosphate was crucial to providing excellent fertilizer to the hard-pressed European agriculture industry as they struggled to fee their large populations on a limited amount of land.

Railroads, barges and wagon trails made transporting the vital ore from the mines an industry all of its own. These conveyances would bring the phosphate to the waiting ships that took it across the Atlantic. Unfortunately, phosphate is also a needed property for the making of gunpowder. Because of this, when World War I broke out, America being a neutral country could not ship tis item to those involved in the fighting. In short, the ‘Boom’ was taken out of Boom Town because ... well, you get the irony of this story.

This cool event starts at 10 in the morning and runs until 9 at night. If you have any interest in history see Sam Scott at the Historical Society booth and tell him I sent you. If, on the other hand, history doesn’t interest you but you just want to go and have a good time, you can’t beat Dunnellon Boom Town Day.

If you have suggestions or ideas for this column, please contact me at ssg6jae@gmail.com I always enjoy hearing from you.