Cherrywood news 04-20-2018

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Yard sale is Saturday

By John Everlove


Attention Citizens of Marion County and beyond, come to Cherrywood Estates on Saturday for our semi-annual yard sale. Cruise our beautiful streets of well-kept homes and shop for your necessities or for bargains of every kind.
 There will be numerous houses with displays of yard equi p.m.ent; jewelry; household items; handicap accessories; sporting goods; clothing, trinkets, nick knacks and more.
 The sale begins at 8 a.m. and continues until 1 p.m. so you’ll have lots of time to visit all the homes that will be taking part. Cherrywood is located between 103 street and 95 street off of both sides of 62 Avenue. We ‘re big, we’re friendly and we’re anxious to see you. Come have some fun, save some money and get some great sale items at Cherrywood.

No frills Dance
 No frills but lots of fun. Our annual ‘No Frills’ dance was a huge success with lots of music thanks to Bill LaVertue, Dusty Roe and assistance from Rich Becotte. Thanks to everyone else, there were lots of eats too, and they were delicious.
 There was no shortage of songs for our line dancers or for those who just wanted to do the regular dance steps with their sweeties. More than fifty people showed up on a beautiful evening to enjoy the music, food and socializing.
 Thanks to all who attended and a Special Thank You to our volunteers: Marty Duesel, coordinator; Chris and Sandra Weiss and of course Holly Bragdon took photos. Bill Spangenberg donated a wood carving that was won by new residents Karen and Brian Gilchrist.
Victory Cruise
 This is your last call to join our residents for a half day on the gambling cruise ship Victory. This is a great excursion filled with fun, excitement and good times.
 A nice relaxing bus ride to and from the port; and a great day on the water with entertainment, a delicious buffet, two free drinks, $20 in qualified slot play, plus free cocktails while you’re gaming. All this for just $45 per person.
 You’ll leave the Clubhouse at 7:30 sharp on April 24 so call Holly and make your reservation today. Holly can be reached at 873-8223. Bon Voyage and good luck.

Movie Night
 Tuesday, May 1 is Movie Night here at Cherrywood. This month’s feature is The Greatest Showman, a fun musical drama about the life and times of P.T. Barnum.
 Enjoy this film in our climate-controlled Clubhouse while sitting on the deck chairs and drinking a cup of lemonade or iced tea. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments as well.
 Movie nights are free to all Cherrywood residents and starts promptly at 7 p.m.. Come see a first-rate movie and spend an entertaining evening with friends and fellow residents.

Aquacize Classes return
 Stacy will begin the Aquacize classes again this season on Tuesday and Thursdays at 9 am. The schedule begins on Thursday, May 3. Immediately following her Aquacize classes, she resumes her normal schedule with exercise classes at 10:15 on Tuesday and Thursdays.
 Working out in the pool is a great way to get limber, feel good, increase your agility and enjoy low impact exercise, so don’t miss out.

Kentucky Derby
 One of Cherrywood’s most fun filled events of the year is fast approaching; i.e. our celebration of the Kentucky Derby. That’s right, for pure good times, it is hard to beat our Kentucky Derby celebration. This year it’s on May 5 at 5 p.m. and it costs $2 per person to gain admittance.
 Now just so you don’t think you’re getting ripped off for $2 whole dollars, you will receive a pari-mutuel raffle ticket. There will also be mint julips to sample and of course, the highlight of the race, our Kentucky Derby Hat contest.
 Use your creative skills, your imagination and your artistic talents and put together a beautiful hat to observe this special day in horse racing history. Not only is this a huge tradition at Churchill Downs, it’s a major tradition here at Cherrywood too. Our ladies are talented and competitive when it comes to their designs.
 Everyone is expected to bring their own refreshments and libations but there are no limits on either. Bring your goodies, bring your neighbors and bring you sense of humor. You’ll have a great time and get to watch a sporting classic on the big screen TV in our Clubhouse. See you there.

Veterans Club Meeting
 Don’t miss our next Veterans Club meeting on May 3 at 2 p.m.. This is the meeting where we put together our Memorial Day observance and close out our business for the summer months.
 We are going to need some help this year with planning, cooking, Color Guard and other duties. Our Officers, while dedicated and hardworking, cannot do everything themselves. We need the help of people like you who can give a few hours a month or on the day of the event to help us honor the Memory of our Fallen Hero’s.
 Come to the meeting and see what you can do to make our super Veterans Club even better. Oh, and don’t forget the free liquid refreshments on the patio following the meeting.

Breakfast club
 Well this past week I again ventured into the realm of dining with friends. There were four of us at the Oasis this time for the breakfast club and we had good food and great conversation. It was a good time.
 Laura, our server was glad to see us and remembered my ill-fated foray into the restaurant just a week before. She was kind and did not make reference to my social error. All the men from Cherrywood are welcome to join us Thursday mornings at 8:30.

From the reporter
 Let me begin with an apology, I’m a guy. I think (or not), act and even look like a guy I begin like this, so you’ll understand my limitations. So, Suzi tells me the other day, “we’re almost out of coffee.” Now my brain translates this simple statement into, “Go get coffee now stupid or you’ll be drinking hot water!”
 Off I go to a very popular coffee shop on Highway 200. I rush into the store, grab a bag of coffee and pay for it. Then, I rush home with my prize ready to impress my bride with my abilities to anticipate and speed at following her implied instructions.
 The next morning, sitting over my cup of hot water Suzi explains to me the difference between ground coffee and whole coffee beans. Yes, in my haste, I grabbed the wrong bag of coffee. “No problem,” says I, “I’ll be back in a minute.”
 Off to the popular coffee shop I go, bag in hand. I walk in with a big smile on my face ready to explain my mistake when I am told in no uncertain terms that this leading distributor of coffee in all shapes and forms does not have a coffee grinder. In disbelief I listen as the young lady behind the counter says again, “No coffee grinder!”
 I left the store and went across the lot to a very famous grocery chain store. Now the lady behind that counter said they didn’t have a coffee machine either but even though I didn’t buy the coffee there she would exchange it. How nice.
 I arrived home, gave my wife the coffee and sat down to wait for my morning Java. She smiled that pitiful little grin that says, “you are so stupid”; and I smiled back with a look that says,” I know”. I still can’t believe that shop didn’t have a coffee grinder.

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