Cherrywood news 03-07-2014

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Accordion Club band is well known

By Ardie Heape

We here at Cherrywood have long known about the terrific concerts that are put on monthly by our Accordion Club but few of us knew that the band accompanying our ‘Squeezers’ is also well renown.
On the third Sunday of each month you will find our musicians playing at VFW Post 4781. From 2 in the afternoon until 5:30 these talented musicians entertain and delight the audiences with their extensive repertoire and technical expertise.
You can catch both our accordion players and the band here at Cherrywood on the last Wednesday of each month from 5:30 until 9. This month they will be playing on March 26. We strongly urge you to come out and enjoy the wonderful music that is produced at these concerts.
For further details or to book our jazz band for your community or private party, contact Dick Richards; bandsman extraordinaire. His number is 352-854-6236 and he will be happy to advise you about lessons, gigs and concert schedules.

Veterans Golf Outing
On June 7, the Cherrywood Veterans Club will be hosting a gala golf outing at the beautiful Ocala Palms Country Club. This major fund raiser for the club will allow our continued support for such charities as Patriot Dogs that supply service animals to wounded veterans; Ritz House for homeless veterans; Fisher House for the families of Veterans recovering from wounds at our Veterans Hospital in Gainesville and many more.
All golfers will receive a free pancake breakfast beginning at 7 a.m. 18 holes of golf with courtesy cart, at the manicured links of Ocala Palms, a catered luncheon, a gift bag, silent auction, prizes for closest to the hole, prizes for each of three flights and more.
The cost is just $50 per person for a wonderful day of fun and friendly competition. Everyone in Marion County is welcome to sign up but we encourage you to act fast because there are just 80 openings for players and we expect them to go quickly.
Sponsors are also welcome for as little as $100 per hole. Get exposure for your business or organization and at the same time help your veterans. Swinson Chiropractic of Ocala, and Sammy’s Italian Restaurant, are proud sponsors already. Sign up and join them in support of the Cherrywood Veterans Club. Contact Bill Mahar at 352-873-1341 or Richard Hurley at 352-873-7208 for details on both the golf open and sponsorships.

Ladies Luncheon
Due to a conflict with the Veterans Club Widow’s Lunch, there was only a handful of ladies in attendance for the February Luncheon. The small attendance didn’t change the fun, conversation and good food that the ladies always seem to provide. Let’s make up on Wednesday, March 12 for the smaller crowd of February. Grab a friend or a new neighbor lady by the hand and come to the clubhouse at noon for a delicious meal and some fun conversation. Just be sure to also bring a dish to share and a place setting. I find it is such fun to make enough food to share and maybe show off a favorite dish or two. Even if it is purchased at the grocery store. Every dish is appreciated and enjoyed and so is the company of our friends and neighbors.

Thermo-Cool Seminar
On March 19 at 11 a.m., there will be a great opportunity for folks to learn how to maintain their A/C system and keep it in great condition for the summer months coming fast. We can do so much ourselves to keep our system in tip top condition. This seminar is well worth the time to prevent the high cost of replacing our systems sooner than necessary. Sashay into the clubhouse and sign up with Geri as she needs a head count. There will also be food involved from Thermo-Cool. How cool is that?

Sock Hop
Saturday, March 22, 7 to 10 p.m., come dance at the clubhouse just for the fun of it. The dance is free to our Cherrywood residents and their guests. No cost to attend, no 50/50 raffle. Bring your drinks, snacks and list of your favorite music to sing along or dance to for our delightful DJ Rich Becotte. Another terrific opportunity to show your new neighbor or guest, what a really great place Cherrywood is, to live.

Wednesday, March 19, 7 p.m., you can’t imagine the fun until you try it. Easy Peasy to play. How often do we say to another, “what is the name of that movie star I liked so much”? Hours later you might get the answer. Well, with Trivia you have team partners who can guess the multiple choice answers right along with you. Somebody is bound to get it right. This month the questions will be presented by our real writer, John Everlove. The subjects are, St. Patrick’s Day, general knowledge, geography, entertainment and sports. Amazing how each subject can produce a laugh and a smile and even a correct answer. Where else can you have so much fun for only $1?
Our Trivia players have donated more than $400 to the Wounded Warrior Project in 2013. For 2014, we are supporting Patriot Dogs Charity. Such worthy causes benefit from such a good time. Climb out of your recliner or lawn chair and come join us in our Cherrywood activities. There truly is “something” for everyone.

Yard sales
Our Cherrywood Yard Sales this year will be on the first Saturdays in April and October. Our next one will be our spring yard sale on April 5 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Don’t forget and please “do not” put your items out the night before, as that can cause problems. Put them out first thing Saturday morning and we hope it will be a wonderful, sunny, productive day. I’m sure we have all found that moment when the piece of furniture or knick knack we couldn’t live without, has lost its luster and needs to be loved by someone else.

Cherrywood Chirp    
Our Chirp magazine is placed in our buddy box on the 1st of every month. To all of our new neighbors, and some not so new, you will find all the information you need about the happenings in our wonderful community of Cherrywood. Activities, entertainment, thank you notes, letters from our military. Birthdays, anniversaries, travel opportunities. If you don’t find a Chirp rolled up in your buddy box under your mailbox, please get one from Geri in the clubhouse office and tell her to notify the delivery person to leave one in your box. These little magazines are invaluable information to keep track of all the great happenings in our mini spot on the planet. We surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet and get to know our neighbors. That’s why we live in a community instead of alone in the middle of 20 acres.
Please check the last page in this month’s Chirp. There is a “Disaster Preparedness Survey” that is an important part of life in a community. Fill it out folks, it could save your life. All it takes is a really windy day and a tree on top of a house, to change your life forever.

After attending a private party in our beautiful Cherrywood Clubhouse recently, I am wondering if most of our residents are aware that it is a great place to entertain and is available to us all for a refundable charge or no charge. What is required is to notify Geri for a reservation and to clean up all that is used, afterward. How nice is that? What a great way to hold a birthday party or anniversary with all your friends and not have to figure out how your own house will hold all the precious people you would like to invite.

Just a Note
Just so you readers know, I haven’t been writing all of this by myself. John has done the writing for the Veterans Club activities and today for the Accordion Club. Geri gives me good outlines of items that need covered. This writing gig has been a team effort. It’s been a while since I have really been obligated to do something. I find it pushes me a bit and I like it. I love the idea of periodically filling in for John to give him a break (we love you John) and this requires that I become more aware and active in my own neighborhood. Jim (my own “dearly beloved”) and I have always deeply appreciated what we have here in Cherrywood. Never before could we sit outside in a screened patio in March and hear neighbors singing and playing guitar. Such a joyful sound. Chatting over the fence with people walking or bicycling past and sometimes never knowing their names but always knowing their smiles or waves. Our “home before” was always filled with love and surrounded by wonderful neighbors, but we all worked and were raising families and were on the road more than at home. It was quite a different life than the one we are living now. The slower pace doesn’t seem very slow but standing back and really looking, shows that now we have the time to take care of each other. Even if we don’t know each other, we take care. We are also ever so grateful for this Florida weather.
No place, no community, no person, can ever be “perfect”. There is always a wart to be found just down the street or on your left foot. So much easier to be happy with warmer temperatures (unless you are a snowboarder) and warm hearted people. We have also found the Ocala young people to be almost always, courteous and quick to smile. What a pleasure those smiles are. Must be the weather.
Ardie Heape