cherrywood news 02-12-2016

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Sucessful craft show

By John Everlove

Cherrywood held one of its most sucessful Craft Shows ever on Saturday, Feb. 6. The clubhouse was filled with hundreds of eager shoppers and a capacity number of vendors. Artisans of every bent were on hand to sell everything from wind chimes to Afghans; jewelry and purses; ceramic goods to knitted clothing and many more items.

 Jennifer did a magnificent job of organizing and staging this event. She was aided by several volunteers who spent many hours setting up; serving food and baked goods. Every vendor donated one of their items for a raffle that benefited the Interfaith Food bank. Sarah Blair and Kathy Phillips sold hundreds of dollars’ worth of tickets that will help that worthy charity.

 Our Activities Committee volunteers served fresh sandwiches and drinks to the throngs of shoppers. Working in the kitchen were Sandee Spencer, Fran Hall, Donna and Mick James. These folks did a land office business offering a welcome and tasty lunch to all who attended.

 Adding a sweet touch to the whole program were our Bake Sale volunteers from the Ladies Luncheon group. Ann Bardack headed up the committee that included Diane Brian; Fran Meyer; Elizabeth Burbank; and Sandy Belinsky. The proceeds from the bake sale went to charity as well.

 We thank all of you who came out in spite of the chilly and rainy weather to make this Craft Show such an overwhelming success. We also thank our volunteers for their service and commitment to our Cherrywood community.

Super Bowl

 More than 80 residents filled the clubhouse to watch Super Bowl 50 on the big screen. The game was exciting and filled with missteps resulting in a 24 to 10 victory for the Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers.

 Hot dogs; Chili dogs; meatballs and nachos were passed out by the volunteer kitchen staff and soft drinks were dispensed. Many people brought their own beverages and snacks to augment the menu provided and everyone had a great time. The Social Committee headed by Jay O’Hern put on this event with the support of Cherrywood Property Management.

 In addition to Jay, Fred O’Hern; Mick and Donna James; Peggy Konar; Rich Becotte; Trude Smith; Holly and Dave Bragdon; Jane Kaufman; Walt McLaughlin; Rich Hurley and Marty Duesel were all team members making sure everyone got great food and excellent service.

 Cherrywood Property Management provided 5 door prizes for those who attended. The winners were, Richard Petroski; Jerry Moscariello; Tom Komarowski; Trude Smith and Frank Pytlak. In addition, a 50 50 drawing was held and the winners of that were Yvette Milewski; Dick Chapman and Quirino Guglielmi. (I hope I got all those names spelled right; this is a reporter’s nightmare).

 Our thanks also goes out to Jennifer; Greg, Jim and Will of Cherrywood Property Management for their support and assistance in putting this program together. Also, we sincerely appreciate the team effort of our Social Committee personnel. Thanks to all of their hard work, it truly was a Super, Super Bowl. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos on their win.

Veterans Club Makes Donations

 Your Cherrywood Veterans Club gave generously at their meeting on Feb. 4. Each year the club chooses various charities and then makes a significant contribution to each. This year members decided that the following veterans causes would be beneficiaries of their gifts; Fischer House in Gainesville; Veterans Helping Veterans of Marion County; Special Ops Warrior Foundation and the Tampa branch of the USO.

 Fischer House provides free accommodations to families who are visiting their loved ones in the Veterans Hospital in Gainesville. The presence of family and friends helps our wounded troops find solace and healing as they recover from their wounds.

 Veterans Helping Veterans is the organization that is being established in Marion County to provide a wide array of assistance to our vets. This includes helping them receive benefits; transportation and even making their homes more suitable to their needs.

 The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides funds to give college scholarships to the children of Special Operations personnel killed in action. This financial aid insures that whatever the family of a fallen warrior has to deal with; a college education will not be an issue.

 Lastly, the USO of Tampa will receive a gift to assist their work in providing comfort; communication and care for our military personnel. For over 75 years the USO has been working with and supporting our forces and it is still a vital link to giving a touch of home and help to our heroes.

 Due to the weather and nominations of officers, there was a sparse turnout for this meeting. Next month there will be nominations again but the Veterans Club wants you to know that the draft is no longer in effect; we have done away with forced labor; court martials are no longer convened and the firing squad has been disbanded. Hence, if you do not desire to run for an office, you will not be forced to do so. We do appreciate your attendance however so please come out on March 3 at 2 p.m. in the clubhouse.

 As always, refreshments are served immediately following the meeting on the patio. Our meetings are open to all Cherrywood residents so come see what your active Veterans Club is doing.

Shooting Range

 Sign up for our annual trip to the gun range in Hernando County. We will car pool to the range on March 29 in the morning. Immediately following the range, we gather for lunch at a local restaurant and share fellowship with our friends and neighbors.

 First time shooters are encouraged to attend. There are range safety officers on site so this is an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill or hone your marksmanship. Only 25 shooting points are available so call Fred O’Hern at 237-6391 to make your reservation. If you do not have a gun, ask Fred about getting one for that day.

 The cost for the range is just $14 per person. Ammunition is extra of course and weapons are limited to pistol caliber. No high powered rifles are allowed on the range. Enjoy a fun sport; a delicious meal and some good times with your friends. Sign up today.


 Don’t miss out on Trivia Night at Cherrywood. On Wednesday evening at 7, we will gather in the clubhouse to hear questions from Donna James and pit our knowledge against that of our peers. Donna is one of our premiere emcees who always does a great job. This week here questions will be on the subject of Groundhog Day and general knowledge. While I have never been a general, I’m going to try my best to know what they do.

 Everyone has a good time and the winners get a small cash prize plus the all-important bragging rights for an entire month. It only costs a buck to play so come out for an inexpensive and exciting night. Teams are formed up of three and four people so if you don’t have an expertise in one area, someone playing on the same team will be able to help you out. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, Feb. 17 and don’t miss out.

Thermo Cool

 Thermo Cool is sponsoring a lunch and seminar on Wednesday, Feb. 24. The times are from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and all Cherrywood residents are invited. Your Thermo Cool hosts will be grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers with a side of beans prior to the seminar. The topics will include basic a/c and heating maintenance tricks; small service repairs that can save you unnecessary trip charges and air filtration methods and energy saving tips. There will be a questions and answer session also.

 This will be an excellent opportunity to get your heating and cooling questions answered and enjoy a delicious lunch as well. This is a “no sell” seminar so don’t be expecting any high pressure or low pressure pitches for you to purchase something.

Blood Mobile

 Cherrywood is being called upon to save lives. On Wednesday, Feb. 17 from 9 until 11:30 a.m., the bloodmobile will be in front of our clubhouse to accept your donation of a pint of life giving blood. This is a convenient and easy way to be a hero for somebody you will probably never know. Stores of blood are low and the traffic around Marion County is filled with snowbirds; so the need is increased.

 The professional staff will take your blood with a minimum of discomfort; in fact by the time you say, “Minimum discomfort” you’ll be almost finished with the process. In addition, you’ll get free orange juice and maybe even a cookie if you are very good. How can you beat a treat like that?

From the reporter

 As some of you may have noticed there is an election coming up this year. There are two reasons I am bringing this up in this issue. The first reason is that the closing date to register to vote or to change your party affiliation is Feb. 16. That’s coming up quickly and I’m sure that you will want to be able to vote in this year’s Presidential Primary.

 The second and equally important reason I am bringing this subject up to you my readers, is to alert those who, like me, are registered as “Independent.” While we cannot vote for a presidential primary candidate from any party; there are other important issues on the ballot that require us to take part. One such issue is the proposed increase in the sales tax. There are others but this one, like many others, will reflect directly in our wallets.

 Most importantly, it is the right; no, the obligation, of every conscientious citizen to take part in the election and decision making process. To do less is to insult the memory of our fallen heroes and minimize those who have served; defended and sacrificed for this right.

 I encourage all of my readers, especially those who are Independent to register and to learn the issues. Once this has been accomplished, take part in the election. Learn about early voting; absentee voting or any other issue you might have by contacting the Marion County Election office at www.votemarion.com. You’ll be proud you did.

If you have comments; suggestions or ideas for this column please contact me at ssg6jae@gmail.com.