Cherrywood 09-01-2017

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Cherrywood tournament feat: a five-time winner

By John Everlove

On Tuesday, Aug. 22 Cherrywood held its annual Norm Pellerin Memorial Nine Ball Tournament. For a record fifth time, Larry Murray immerged as the winner. For the second time in history, he has won back to back; winning two years in a row.

The competition was rugged this year with 17 entrants including our players from the Ladies Traveling Team. Holly Bragdon was the first lady to make it to the finals finishing in second place. Mick James finished third.

Each player has to win two of three games in order to advance. Larry went all the way through the tournament without a loss. Another first in the history of the Pellerin Tournament.

Larry dedicated this year’s win to his longtime friend and companion, the late Nan Brown. When they first met, it was Nan who encouraged Larry to get involved in the pool program here at Cherrywood. They shared a devoted and loving relationship for 11 years until her passing last year. Larry says, “She made my life.”

With an unprecedented five wins including two time back to back wins, Larry has set a high standard for those who follow. He adds that, “Thanks to some new faces in the community, Cherrywood is going to have a strong traveling team this year.” Let the other communities take note that Cherrywood is ready to play some pool.

Cherrywood is proud of all its pool players but especially proud of Larry, Holly and Mick.


Wasn’t that a party!

Cherrywood’s favorite DJ, Kenny Jackson, came out on Aug. 19 to entertain the residents in its first annual Veterans Club Bike Run. It was an evening of awesome good times for the over 100 people who attended and enjoyed the food, the games, the music, the contests and the camaraderie.

Motorcycle attire was prominent and a ‘do rag’ contest was held. That was won by the ever-popular Theresa Torrusio aka “TT”. Her butterfly adorned headgear was complimented by the jacket she wore bearing the emblems of all the hospice bike rides she has participated in.

Joe Gignac brought his exceptional golf skills and won the putting contest. Skip Keller showed his expertise by winning the horseshoe contest. I trust the horse wasn’t still wearing the shoes. All of our winners received a $25 gift card except Joanie Siegel. Joanie decided to win big and took the Bingo cover all for a total prize of $200.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and chips were served with all the fixings. There were 2 tables filled with desserts so no one went hungry. This was the first but we are quite confident not the last event of this type for Cherrywood.

Labor Day festivities

Friday, Sept. 1 come to the pool and enjoy our annual Labor Day Pool & Pizza Party. Sponsored by Chris and Mario Zacco, this event is free to all residents of Cherrywood.

See Jennifer for tickets and let her know what kind of pizza you want. At 6:15 the serving line will open up and you can begin your meal of pizza and dessert. The usual drinks of iced tea, lemonade and water will be on hand but feel free to bring your own libations if you wish.

In addition to the tasty food and fun company, you’ll be entertained by the ever popular Sugarbear Band. Dance, listen, enjoy as they play popular tunes and take your requests.

This is a fun time for the whole community so come out and be part of it. Dress casual, party hardy and enjoy the start of the Labor Day celebration.

Movie night at Cherrywood

Come out on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. and enjoy the first-rate movie, “La Land” starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The movie is shown in our climate controlled Clubhouse, while viewers enjoy free lemonade and the comfort of our pool chairs to recline in. All this is free, just show up and enjoy.

Vets Club meeting

Our active Veterans Club returns on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 2 p.m. Along with the normal business, guest speaker Jennifer Woods from MRMC will give a presentation about home health care. This should be very informative and the Vets always have a good time when they meet.

Veterans Club meetings are open to all Cherrywood residents and immediately following the meeting, liquid refreshments are available on the patio. Come join us.

Trivia Night

On Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. our Trivia players will gather in the Clubhouse for friendly competition and to win a small cash prize. It only costs a dollar per person to play on a team of 3 or 4 people. Each team is given an answer sheet and the host gives out the questions on all things Trivial but very interesting, humorous and enlightening.

There may be a surprise guest host for this month’s Trivia so you won’t want to miss it. In addition to the cash prize, the winners also get the all-important bragging rights for an entire month. Don’t be late, come learn and laugh with us.

Community Games

Cherrywood will hold its annual Community Games event on Saturday, Oct. 7. This contest pits four-person teams against one another in bitter, fierce, titanic competition…well maybe they just play against each other and try to win a little bit.

The cost is $10 per team or $2.50 per player. The games will be Bocce Ball, Bean Bag toss, Donut Hole toss, and Wellie Wanging. Don’t know what Wellie Wanging is? Well you’ll have to come sign up to find out.

Every year we have great fun. The teams will begin at 10 am and continue until 2 pm with ample breaks in between. There are always a large number of residents who show up to root for their favorite team and enjoy the free hot dogs and drinks. Our winning teams receive cash prizes and medals while drawings and watching the competition keeps our spectators happy. Laughter, coaching, and friends enjoying a good time, that’s what the games are all about.

See Jennifer in the office to sign up on a team. Oh, did I mention that the Donut Hole Toss is throwing a toilet seat as far as you can? You can get these and more details from Jennifer so see her soon.

Bocce Ball

Saturday evenings come join the friendly folk who gather at the Bocce court behind the Clubhouse for social time and some relaxing games of Bocce Ball. You don’t have to play to be a part of this group, just bring your smile, a bottle of wine if you like and come sit or play. The weather is perfect and the company is fun so don’t be shy, join everyone on Saturday night.


Come out and win at Bingo on Thursday evenings; or at least try to win. Our game masters, Rich and Dolly Juber guarantee good times, excellent Bingo and a warm atmosphere awaiting any and all who enjoy the excitement of Bingo. We start at 7 but get there a bit early so you can take advantage of all the extras that come with this great game. On September 7th we will be celebrating 20 years of Bingo at Cherrywood.

From the reporter

Everyone’s heard of the bad penny that keeps showing up; well, I guess that would be me. My treatments are completed and in about six weeks, we’ll know if they have been successful or not. Until that time, and hopefully beyond, I’m back at my computer reporting on the greatest community ever, Cherrywood.

I’ve received nearly 200 cards, emails, prayer cards, notes and letters. The support of this community has been overwhelming. Words cannot express how grateful I am to each of you who took the time to wish me well or even more important, took the time to pray for me.

Your outpouring of love and concern humbles me. Please continue to keep me in your prayers until we get the results but for now, it’s onward and upward as we share this thriving, active community that continues to grow and get better every day.

If you have comments or suggestions for this column please contact me at ssg6jae@yahoo.com