Check the map and be prepared

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

By The Staff

As we write this, there is a major hurricane churning toward the east coast of the United States, another smaller storm behind it and a third forming in the Atlantic.

It’s time to take the hurricane season seriously.

People in this area tend to get a little bit complacent because we are a slight distance inland. That’s false security.

Those who were here in 1994 remember the series of storms that damaged our area with high winds and torrential rain. There were power failures and the loss of other services for days during that time.

While panic is certainly not in order, it is that time of year when we should be prepared with a few basic necessities, such as batteries, water, non-perishable foods, etc. These won’t go to waste if nothing happens, but if we do get struck, it’s better to have these items at your disposal rather than have to fight the crowds at the stores when a storm is imminent.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the storms and what’s happening in the Atlantic and occasionally in the Gulf. We need to be ready just in case.