Chatting with God

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

An update from the outdoor cathedral.

God and I have been chatting again, and this is the questioned posed this time. What is religion?

God thought a moment, and then said: Religion is empathy and contrition, but never submission. Submission or punitive actions, akin to barbarism, are not in God’s vocabulary.

God truly wants all humans to just: “Get along.” As God intended in the first place: Remember the Garden of Eden before the apple incident?

Getting along means: all good humans tolerating each other, foibles and all, and being on the vanguard against evil. How to deal with evil must be consciously studied. Evil is the bane of mankind. Could evil be lurking in the brain or DNA? Can it be studied, and eliminated?

Is this the task mankind needs to accomplish to redeem himself for the apple incident? God made man good. Man made evil. Man needs to fix it.

These are the thoughts that germinated, and gelled during the last chat with God. Do they seem logical to you? Should we get busy with the study of evil, and find a cure? Is this a solvable problem?

Stop accepting evil as a part of life. It did not exist before the apple thing. Why can’t it be that way again? Mankind caused it, mankind needs to cure it.

Let’s get busy!

D.I.      Larson