Charlie Crist, a known quantity

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Letter to the editor by Bill Ford

By Bill Ford

Well, we’ve seen and heard from the candidates for governor and senator. At least we’ve seen and heard who can bash each other the most. But, where is the substance? Nowhere! Let me say right here, that I’m not part of any political party or movement, I’m just a concerned citizen.

Out of this group who would be senator is a man we all know, as a champion for the people, Charlie Crist. You’ve heard the old saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush.” Well, that’s what we have in Charlie Crist. We know him. He’s been our governor now for four years and we know what he stands for.

Many of you didn’t live here during the tenure of Gov. Lawton Chiles, a governor’s governor. I walked with Lawton, worked with him to get my associations legislation through the Legislature and knew him personally and a finer man you won’t find anywhere. Everything he did was for the people of Florida. Charlie Crist is that type of man.

Again, we know Charlie Crist and what he stands for. He couldn’t continue on the path of the Republican Party, so he declared to be an Independent, and that’s what he’s been as governor, an Independent. Jeff Greene and Marco Rubio are opportunists and Kendrick Meeks has had a taste of the Congress and wants to go to the big boys’ side, the Senate. In all, and I mean all of these three men’s advertisements, they do nothing but bash each other. No substance as to who they are or what they will do for Florida.

We know what Charlie Crist will do for Florida because he’s shown these last four years that he represents Florida and Florida’s interests. His service to Florida is an open book. He’s had to fight the Legislature where his former party does nothing but play politics and we should clean house with whole lot of them. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Cliff Stearns who is completely out of touch with his constituents. He’s another party man who votes the party not the people, but enjoys the perks of a senator.

Not being a politician but a concerned Florida resident, we must support and vote for Charlie Crist, if we want someone who listens to the people and votes for the people. This election is critical for all Americans but Floridians in particular. Charlie Crist would vote to support the Space Coast and discontinue drilling for oil in the gulf, just to mention a couple issues.

Bill Ford