Can you write positive letters?

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A south marion citizen editorial

In the old days of television, there was the “Perry Como Show,” which featured a segment where the introduction went like this:
“Letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters. Dear Perry, would you be so kind, to fill a request and sing a song we like best?”
We may have to adopt that as our theme song. We get lots of letters, many of which are nasty containing personal insults, etc. of politicians.
First, can we agree on one thing? Many of the letter writers really don’t know the ins and outs of the various politicians, especially on the national level, where, if we’re lucky, we get one visit per campaign. They are giving their own opinions, usually based on things they’ve seen on their favorite biased news channel or read on the Internet.
Liberals swear by CNN and MSNBC. Conservatives swear by Fox. It stands to reason that someone must be wrong … which one, is the writer’s opinion.
It is our feeling that when a letter starts with “I know for a fact,” well, the writer usually doesn’t.
So let’s try this. How about everyone who wants to write a letter about the election writes how good their candidate is, but never mentions their opponent? Think you can do that?
We asked that of someone some years ago, and after a couple of days he wrote back and said he wouldn’t be sending in any more letters because it was easier to write about the faults of one candidate than the virtues of the other. That’s exactly our point.
We’ve said this before and we’d like to raise the issue again. Every candidate should trademark his name and photo. Then other candidates could not use either without his permission.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “here’s what I can do” campaign instead of a “here’s what my opponent can’t do” election.
We like to think so.