Business Park road opens in Ocala

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

At last, one of those new roads that keep popping up all over Marion County opened up Tuesday morning as a road to somewhere … and an important one it is.
The city of Ocala held a ceremony to unveil the sign to its new Ocala Business Park at Ocala International Airport, and with it opened Southwest 67th Avenue Road.
The road now goes from State Road 40 south to Southwest 38th Street. The southern portion of the road has been in existence for some time; it is used as the entrance to the Ocala Regional Sportsplex.
But now reachable are a myriad of industrial sites along this road, which already has utilities available. It is a major effort to attract good, solid businesses to Ocala and Marion County, and with that, some decent jobs to help control the unemployment rate in this area.
The area needs locations such as this if it is going to attract the right type of economic development. And with location, location, location being the most important thing for a lot of people, putting it within sight of the Ocala International Airport, and within a few miles of Interstate 75 with good four-lane access on State Road 40 makes the site ideal for growth in the financial area.
Ocala City Council President Suzy Heinbockel put it perfectly when she said, “We’re paying attention; we’re taking advice; we’re trying to do the right thing.”
In this case, the city is doing the right thing. All of us, even those who do not live within the city limits, should hope that the project bears fruit. We all stand to benefit from more business, and more jobs, in the area.

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