British answer 04-08-2011

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Letter to the editor by Al Shumard

In a recent edition, an ultra-liberal responded to my criticism of the British National Health Service (NHS).  She didn't contest the three victims I'd cited. Instead, she theorized that someone scoured the entire British Isles to find three aberrations in a near-utopian system.

Between 1975-79, my parents, the war-hero couple the NHS killed by rationing, and the gall-bladder-diseased young mother the NHS almost killed, lived on the same block. The couple lived two doors from one side from my parents; the young mother, four doors from the other side.

Your author confirms Pat Buchanan's statement about the far left: Socialism is a religion to them, and no matter what facts are brought against it, they still cling to it.

Al Shumard

Pine Run