Bring in the New Year at the Oasis

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By Fiona Blair

Hello Readers: My goodness, another Christmas has come and gone. It is with hope that our readers had a wonderful time with family and friends. So many people reduced the way they celebrated due to the economy, but still had joy in their hearts to share.

Celebrating the Christmas season in weather reading 70s and 80s is amazing. Isn’t it fun, though, when speaking to friends and family “up North” as they shiver in single digit temps, and we casually mention that our temps are in the 80s ... poor souls? Nonetheless, we surely wish all our “up North” people a truly safe winter.

New Year’s Party

Still trying to figure out what to do or where to celebrate the New Year? Here’s the answer …  and you do not have to go far in the car to get there.

Impressionist Sally Langwah will host and entertain with “An Evening with the Stars” at the Oasis on Dec. 31, from 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. for the cost of $15.

It’s a BYOB party. Bring your dancing shoes and favorite sweetie, and dance the night away as Sally dishes out the music for your dancing pleasure.

Ada Murowski will gladly give you more information. Her number is in the Palm Cay directory.

Pancake Breakfast

We had another super Pancake Breakfast at the Oasis. The winners of the $25 cift card were Janice Neal and Ruth Mataro.

Wedding anniversaries celebrated were Ruth and Ray Savoie, and Laura and Tony Burgio. A number of December birthdays were celebrated as well; Ray Savoie, Tony Burgio, Ken Halderman, Lorna Chambers, Lucille Seefeldt, Tom Weeks, Ann Weeks, Ruth Kelley and Don Stief, all of whom received their birthday cupcake.

Congratulations to those with wedding anniversaries and happy birthday to all those with birthdays.

Christmas Parade

Christmas Lights – Christmas Bright! was the theme of this year’s Christmas parade. Thanks go to the many residents who participated in the greatest Christmas parade yet.

More than 20 golf carts led by members of the Sheriff’s Office and Palm Cay’s own Thrills on Wheels bicycle group, chaired by Harry Chambers, made it all happen. The parade started at dusk and the streets lit up as the parade passed by the beautifully decorated homes.

More Christmas Parade

On this beautifully warm evening, this writer was privileged to ride on a golf cart for the first time in her life. Board president-elect Carl Edgerton and his wife, Joyce, made room for me. As an added bonus, she sat next to parade chairman Harry Chamber’s wife, Lorna. We had a ball!

There were wonderfully decorated homes to the right of us, wonderfully decorated homes to the left of us, and midst the twisting and turning to see it all, pictures were taken. What was equally wonderful was the reception that greeted us as we drove by. “Merry Christmas” rang out to us and we responded with “merry Christmas” in return. One doggie even barked his “merry Christmas.”

Some residents gave out candy, and one piece made its way to the road, which was run over by our cart. With great laughter from Lorna, this writer jumped off and picked up this squishy chocolate kiss and carried it to the end of the parade.

No, it was not eaten, but we can’t have chocolate kisses stuck in the road, now can we?

It was a magical evening. The residents of Palm Cay proved again how involved they are in the Christmas spirit. Thank you to Carl, Joyce and Lorna for making the evening so joyous.

Beyond Christmas

As you read this, notice the date is Dec 26. In the United Kingdom and Canada, this day is known as Boxing Day and is a holiday. Remembering back in childhood, my father assembled all the employees of our hotel in the lounge, and duly handed out “boxes” of gifts in appreciation. Refreshments were then served.

Perhaps you have stories to tell of varying holiday traditions … would you like to share them with our readers? Let this writer know… the box in the Library is waiting for your notes, ring me up, or e-mail me.

Blood Drives

Marilyn and Jim Flynn have just received the dates for our 2009 blood drives. Jan. 21, March 18, May 20, July 15, Sept. 16, and Nov. 15, all on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to noon at the Oasis.

Blood supplies are usually low at Florida’s Blood Center, so if you possibly can donate a pint or two, it will be gratefully received.

There is box in the library at the Oasis for residents to place their newsy tidbits, group activity information, travels, etc. Fiona Blair is listed in the Palm Cay directory or e-mail to fiona-blair@hotmail.com.