Breast cancer fight

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

By The Staff

The tragedy of breast cancer goes far beyond the thousands of lives it affects and ends every year.

What makes the diagnosis of the disease especially heartbreaking is the fact that breast cancer is treatable.

With that in mind, a lot of people are turning to pink to remind everyone that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nearly two decades ago, the Susan G. Komen Foundation began handing out pink ribbons at its Race for the Cure fundraising runs to call attention to the disease. Since then, the link between pink and breast cancer has greatly expanded to include everything from clothing to yogurt container lids. Pro baseball players have taken to swinging pink bats. On Sunday, some NFL receivers and defensive backs wore pink gloves.

Especially during the month of October, pink expresses support for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, recognizes those who survived their fight with the disease, honors those who died, and reminds everyone that steps can be taken -- and more must be done -- to keep breast cancer from striking in the first place.

Women have a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. The disease hits men as well, albeit in significantly smaller numbers.

The victims of breast cancer need support -- not just from loved ones, friends, health care professionals and researchers -- to beat this disease.

So in whatever way you can, back the fight against breast cancer. And don't confine that backing to one month a year. This has to be a continuous effort.