BP cutting corners

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

By Jerry Segovis

There are many similarities between independent fishermen who work on the Gulf of Mexico to provide a way of life for their families and American factory workers who provided goods and services to the world.

The American worker who labored in the factory for the past 90 years made a good living for his family and profits for the corporations and businesses that he worked for. All of these years America’s economy grew at a tremendous rate to where we were the financial leaders of the world. This rate of growth was not enough for the corporations who wanted to increase the dividends for their shareholders at the expense of the American worker. The decision was made to cut costs which meant that the production of these goods would be done by foreign workers in foreign countries to save money and increase profits.

I can see that the greed of the corporations in the Gulf of Mexico by using short cuts in shutting down oil wells rather than using the proven more expensive methods. Thousands of oil wells have been shut down properly in the Gulf to the degree that these capped wells have been secure and safe for the Gulf and its residents.

I believe that the corporation of BP has ignored the safest way to shut down this well which has caused many human deaths at the time of the explosion, marine life for the foreseeable future and the livelihood of the Gulf fishermen for generations to come.

How can independent workers and fishermen co-exist with corporations and stock holders who’s only thought is the bottom line of the product and not the health and welfare of America and its citizens.

Jerry Segovis