Bloodmobiles coming to the Oasis

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By Fiona Blair

Hello readers: My grateful thanks to Harry Chambers for his kind words of introduction. Thank you to Cora Frontin as well for her timeless dedication in writing this column. Theirs is some act to follow and I am humbled at the prospect.

Harry put it so well, Palm Cay has a “friendly, welcome home feeling, like family,” and I like to think we all feel that way.

Blood Drive

Palm Cay residents, we need you. For those who can, won’t you step up and join your neighbors in giving blood at our Blood Drive on Wednesday, May 21. From 8 a.m. to noon the big red bus will be in the Oasis parking lot. Chairpersons Jim and Marilyn Flynn will gladly assist you through the process.

Blood is desperately needed. It only takes a moment and lives will be saved through your generous gift. A reminder from Marilyn; please eat breakfast, but no tea or coffee because the caffeine affects the result.

Water Aerobics

Palm Cay has lots to offer. We have shows, breakfasts, potluck suppers, tennis, golf, bicycling, inside games, outside games, crafts, art classes and more. Palm Cay has something for everyone. Come on out and participate.

With summer just around the corner, have your thoughts turned to swimming? Will my swim suit fit?

Mary Halderman and Louise McAleese started a ladies Water Aerobics class Monday, May 12 at the Oasis pool. Classes run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. It won’t be long before the “wondering” will turn to wow.

Bail Joyce Out

Help! Joyce is going to jail – for Jerry’s Kids. On May 21 Joyce Edgerton will be locked up at the Ocala Golf Club, but before she is locked away she needs to raise her bail of $3,200 so they will “go easy on her.”

Palm Cay residents to the rescue. Please drop off your bail contributions to Joyce. Her phone number is in the Palm Cay phone book.

Picnic Tickets

Ginnie Chipman, chairperson of the Memorial Day Picnic, will have tickets for sale at the Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, May 17.

Gabby Hatters

We had a short meeting in March. Lois read a poem about Friendship and Red Hats. Pia suggested going to Orlando sometime to see a shrine dedicated to meditation and quiet.

Joan Burke suggested going to see “Maize in Ocala.” We will also check tea rooms near The Villages, also the Lakeridge Winery near Clermont.

Lu Fisher was a guest. Cathy Hardy is our newest member. We left for Nancy Lopez’s Restaurant. The service and food is excellent. Arnetta McKeever was the hostess this month.

There was a meeting at the clubhouse in April. We had a wonderful luncheon at Red’s. The food is great and the waitress was very attentive. Try it, you will definitely enjoy it. Pia was the hostess.

Submitted by Pia Pellicano.


The Bocce banquet was Wednesday, May 7, at Logan’s Roadhouse where officers for the next season were presented: President Dan Connors, Vice President Don Connors, Secretary Fran Garcia, Treasurer Jane Grames. Dottie Gardiner will be in charge of the substitute list.

The new season will start in September. A sign-up sheet will be placed on the bulletin board at the Oasis for those wishing to join as members or substitutes. We need you.

Palm Tees

A great moment occurred for one team member of the Palm Tees Golf League which was organized in 1991. At the last outing of the season, May 8, the league was playing at the Oak Run Executive course when Rita Fox scored her first hole in one on the 83-yd. 4th hole using a 7-wood.

Rita is one of the original league members. To add more history to this wonderful event, the ball Rita used belonged to Bert Maybaum, who was the first president of the Palm Tees, but she sadly died about two years ago.

Rita’s witnesses were Lou Fisher and Gladys Beatty. Congratulations, Rita.

Red, White and Blue Memory

On a personal note from this new American citizen, thank you so much for all your good wishes and welcome. The ceremony was at the Linda Chapin Theater auditorium in Orlando.

We gathered in a waiting room and after what seemed an eternity, were escorted into the auditorium where we took our seats as patriotic music was played. We rose for presentation of the colors and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, after which a video welcome from the President of the United States started the proceedings.

With more than 1,000 of us representing 91 countries, we stood with our right hands raised, and recited the Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America which was administered by a federal judge who had immigrated with his parents many years ago from Puerto Rico.

At the conclusion, Lee Greenwood’s song, I’m Proud to be an American, was played. The auditorium erupted in song and we, the newest Americans, sang and waved the small American flags given to us upon arrival.

Emotions were high, and the feeling that overcame me was a wonderful sense of belonging, finally, even though I have lived here as a permanent resident for a long time. It was an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience. God bless America.

There is box in the library at the Oasis for residents to place their newsy tidbits, group activity information, travels, etc. I am listed in the Palm Cay directory or e-mail to fiona-blair@hotmail.com.

Fiona Blair lives quietly with her feline friends, Sir Thomas, Sir Gerold, and adopted mom to Lady Lucinda. Her interests include walking, swimming, calligraphy, old movies ee