The big day (yawn!) is finally here

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Column by Jim Clark

Today’s the day (if you’re reading this on Friday). Kate and William are getting married. Some coverage is starting at 4 a.m. on some networks (because of the time difference).

My point is this: Why should I care? For that matter, why should anyone care?

Isn’t British royalty over the hill, so to speak. Sure, members of the royal family have lots of money and probably a great deal of influence, but we have people over here that fit that description, too (Obama and Trump, for example).

Parliament is the real power in British government. The royal family is, frankly, a bunch of figureheads.

You’ve got to admire Queen Elizabeth II. She had another birthday recently, she’s been queen since 1952, I believe, and Prince Charles, her son, has been next in line for the throne for all those years. After him comes William, who is getting married today to Kate Middleton. There hasn’t been a public hint of scandal all those years with Elizabeth, except maybe in the treatment of Diana.

Most of Britain seems to be enthralled with her. And that’s fine.

But a quick message to our local networks: This isn’t Britain. In fact, many of our ancestors fought a couple of wars to get away from the British.

So I hope Kate and William have a wonderful, long life together. Just don’t make me live it with them.

CLERK RESPONDS: A couple of weeks ago in this space there were comments about the Ocala city clerk failing to have the ability to e-mail certain documents that were clogging our fax machine every day.

I had gone to the clerk’s office, and the front office personnel took me off the fax list, but said they could not e-mail the documents.

Turns out that was wrong.

City Clerk Angel Jacobs called, and I admit I was steeled, ready to defend myself no matter what she said.

But then she shocked me. She apologized.

The lady in the office confirmed that she had talked with me and I had reported accurately what she said, but that lady was wrong. There is a space on the city’s website where you can be “e-notified” of a lot of things going on in the city. The lady in the office, who was relatively new to city government, either didn’t know that or failed to convey the information. Since just a small portion of our circulation area is in the city, I wasn’t familiar with covering the city, either.

So all of us, including the readers, can be notified about various city activities by e-mail. You can sign up on the website www.ocalafl.org.

And kudos to Angel Jacobs, who didn’t try to hide behind excuses. Other government office personnel would do well to follow her example.


Jim Clark is the editor of the South Marion Citizen. He can be reached at 352-854-3986 or at editor@smcitizen.com.