The bailout is socialism in disguise

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By Robert E. Beckner

I recently gave a description of “socialism” that I obtained from a dictionary. Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to several individuals on the subject and the thing that frightened me was the fact that so many of these people stated they did not know anything about socialism or that it was going on right here in the U.S. Some politicians on all levels are trying their best to subvert our form of government, taking away our sovereignty.

This is what they are teaching beginning in the early years of schools, but particularly in our colleges. They want everyone to believe that what’s wrong with America is “our fault,” not other foreign governments.

Norman Mattoro Thomas, a leading American socialist, in fact the Socialist Party candidate for president in 1944, said the following in a speech: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of liberalism they will accept every fragment of socialism until one day Americans will, without knowing it, become socialists.”

Americans aren’t used to having enemies inside our country. Now you can’t trust anyone it seems. They lie to protect their position of power, glory and high salaries and will do anything to keep it.

With this said, let’s get down to the current mess and get more into an actual description for our government spending so much money, trillions of it.

The $850 billion bailout is just a figure, since these figures change daily and sometimes by the hour. It’s projected to reach several trillion before its over, so take your pick of whatever figure excites you.

This government bailout plan props up every useless social project to redistribute America’s wealth.

The President brags about doing this: “From those that have, to those that don’t,” meaning for the most part, low lives, dead beats, bums and minorities, illegals and all else who feel the government owes them housing, food, medical care, a college education and you can name your other choices.

The bailout will do little or nothing for capitalism and free markets or create permanent jobs. It gives billions to states, like California, the worst offender, in order to extricate them from the financial mess they’ve made for themselves. These billions they will receive lets politicians in Sacramento and elsewhere off the hook for their runaway spending, on those that use legalized pot and on literally many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants living high off welfare and remember California is a sanctuary state. Thousands of youthful gang members such as MS-15 control areas of Los Angeles that even the police won’t go into. This is where our tax money is going.

Is this right that we should let these types of people off the hook? They should suck it up and even suffer like the rest of us. The bailout subsidizes wasteful green projects, dubious transit schemes such as Harry Reid’s $9 billion train he wants built from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. He got our president’s personal approval to put this earmark into the bill. You see he’s coming up for election and needed a perk for his supporters.

A mish-mash of social engineering is included and let’s not forget the billions for education (Pell grants $15.6 billion) for who else, just those too lazy to get a job and work and pay their own way through college like millions of us did. Where does it say in the constitution that everyone is guaranteed a free college education? I must have missed that paragraph.

We see billions being spent on energy or at least it’s supposed to, only the government won’t even discuss drilling for oil offshore on the 19 million acres we have set aside for that purpose in Alaska, or for that matter the tons of oil shale in our western mountains. They really don’t want us to get out from under the thumbs of our enemies such as various oil countries or OPEC. It’s all just talk, not about nuclear, just about wind and natural gas.

We have health care to think about, the administration wants to lower health care costs, just by limiting how much medical care we can have, by our going to their doctors and old people look out, because you are on the way out, period. They wouldn’t think of taking on the drug industry and forcing them to reduce their huge profits, why, because the drug industry has a big lobby and pay their politicians off to not vote against them.

The stimulus package is financed by mainly tax dollars, or foreign loans or the printing of more money that reduces our dollar value each time a new bill is printed. If the administration would only think to leave our taxes with the people, they would save and invest in worthwhile projects. It could also finance entrepreneurs and new businesses that create products, services and jobs.

Instead we get capitol destruction and economic slippage. This bailout is a joke and a disaster rolled into one. Once spent, nothing will be left behind to pay for the borrowing except you, me and our children’s future income. It’s even estimated that up to 50 percent of the bailout will be lost to waste, fraud, abuse and lack of proper oversight.

Finally, we have tax rebates that will go to people that pay no taxes, (the government calls it a tax refund) and is nothing more than a disguised welfare. In fact, most of the stimulus is welfare – they just play word games and hope you won’t realize what is really going on. All this spending is just for socialist control of our lives. Next year you will have to pay taxes on your tax refunds.

Here is a question for Ben Bernanke – does he really believe that foreigners will continue to be willing to accept two percent interest for 10 years on bonds while we are printing trillions of new dollars? But that is tomorrow’s worry.

The biggest loser from this credit and money creation by the U.S. will be the dollar and 95 percent of the population who will be devastated by the coming inflation that will surely follow this monetary binge. It is expected that the end to our crisis will not end quickly, the depression of 2008 and beyond is here, no matter what we choose to call it.

So while you are dwelling on all this information about what is happening in America,  as we slowly slide into socialism. Just remember the $200,000 in this bailout that is set aside to “remove tattoos from prisoners” or if you prefer $10 million for study of urban canals or the saltwater harvest mouse. There’s $500,000 to study foot odor, $143,000 addition on a National History Museum in Las Vegas, an all terrain trail park, a Frisbee golf park, a study of a small fish, “smelt” that swims up river to spawn.

These are only several of more than 9,000 earmarks, or $200,000 for the study of astrology, $200,000 for study of blueberry improvements. Doesn’t look like a job-producing bailout bill to me.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.