Bad government decisions

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

The Republicans have shown their true goal and focus toward the least affluent seniors by concentrating their efforts to reduce Social Security and Medicare by cutting back on these two necessary programs. Their very existence has allowed our retirees to feed and clothe themselves, to lead a fruitful life and contribute to the American society in general.

As you will note, our Congress has given 400 billion dollars in tax cuts to the top 1 percent of our richest Americans so that they can continue their lavish lifestyle of indulgence. Now that the Republicans have convinced our president and the Congress to approve their giveaways to the rich we can now work on the important issue of taking away the dignified lifestyle that our seniors have enjoyed in the past. We can see that all Americans are not equal when we allow the haves to purchase their government of choice when the have nots have to live with the results.

Even though our seniors have paid into Social Security their whole working life for the past 40 or 50 years, they are now being told that there is no lock box securing these funds. The Social Security money has been replaced with IOUs which the government has squandered and used for their pet programs along with these latest two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Regardless of political party, our government of the last 10 years may just be the worst and most corrupt government in our history. They say that money can buy a lot of wonderful things but good government is not one of them.


Jerry Segovis


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