Back to work

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Letter to the editor by Beverly Baird

By The Staff

We all know that half the people on unemployment aren't looking, because there are no check and balances. Suggestion: each state set up a website for local business to advertise job openings.

Meanwhile, all unemployed people must establish a resume with the state. Job matches with in this search select best suited candidates. State workers then set up interviews for these corporations. All corporations hiring from this website would be offered half what unemployment pays to the unemployed. (at $350. a week = $19,600 then take 1/2 apprx $9800.00 for the year).

This fund would be sent every month with proof of employment. This breaks down to about $1633.00 a month. What company wouldn't try this concept? The catch is that if the employers fire or lay off the candidate then that is divided by the number of months the employee worked. Basically this helps the business employee since the state would be paying the salary for some of their expenses. This creates jobs! The state is paying the full amount!

Why not get people back to work?

Beverly Baird