Assault on capitalism continues in Congress

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By Robert E. Beckner

An international Monetary Fund report said that America was headed in the direction of joining the underclass, leftist governments and inflation-plagued counties in the next year or two.

We should ask ourselves; do we have sound governance or poor governance?  Sadly, examples of the latter seem to be proliferating.

Some reason for this thinking is that the U.S. has the second highest corporate profits tax of 35% in the world. In eight years, U.S. federal spending has ballooned from $2 trillion to $3 trillion and headed even much higher. Central and Eastern Europe have adopted a flat-rate personal income tax of less than 20 percent, while we cling to an outdated Marxian growth-retarded class warfare, graduated income tax, that the current administration wants to raise rates on.  There are numerous other ways our government is seeking to expand its own reach, all the while making Americans poorer.

America is in an identity crisis, according to the Bradley Project on America’s National Identity report that contends that America’s identity is being weakened by the spread of multi-culturalism and globalization.

American society is increasingly polarized and divided and that our nation’s common heritage and ideals are eroding. The results are disturbing and point to a growing problem that requires attention. The study reveals that 84 percent of Americans maintain that there is a unique American national identity. This includes free speech, freedom of religion, opportunity and political freedom.

We are a nation that upholds the rule of law and has a formidable constitution. We have to resist current trends if we are to reclaim our American heritage.

There is still no sign of “transparency” that was a presidential promise. Instead we see an all-out assault on capitalism and our form of government and as usual, the people are kept in the dark. All is secret until after it has occurred. We see every day more government control of our banks, health care, jobs, housing and on and on. This just shows the dive towards socialism and it appears to be gaining speed.

Some elected officials are considering another anti-capitalist move: price controls. If you own property, the government will tell you how much you can charge to rent it. 

New York State and California are considering this rental control and Vermont is trying to limit the cost of milk. Alaska has a bill to cap oil prices. The people need to be reminded just how bad price controls are, as such controls often lead to shortages. However, the advice of economists is falling on deaf ears. It’s just another reason to fear for our Country and the American way of life. Can I mention our loss of control, always to the U.S. government?

Another item that falls in line in our slide to socialism involves our administration wanting to eliminate our personal donations to charity. Let’s look at what’s behind this ruling to come.

The government says it will replace the funds lost by the charities; however, the government will be the one deciding who will get the funds, not you, so the funds will go to the government’s pet social agencies. Again, loss of another control to socialism.

Then we find they also want to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction on our tax forms. This is just another way to put a huge tax on all legitimate homeowners. Ask any tax preparer what it will cost you in new taxes if this goes through.

Here is a sly one they are trying to pull over on the American worker. Sounds simple, the Employee Free Choice Act, aka “card check”.

It’s being debated right now in Congress and it is a payback to the unions from our President for all the union votes he received.

But this is not the only reason for this deceptive bill. It is a big threat and assault on your voting freedom and it will force you to fund the radical far-left President and the Pelosi-Reid agenda.

American workers for more than 60 years have decided whether to form a union with a private vote, with neither management nor union knowing how each worker voted. The secret ballot lets workers vote their conscience without risking job loss or physical assault for making the “wrong choice”.

The EFCA would make it much easier for union officials to pressure workers, as union organizers would know exactly who signed a union card and who did not. In the past, workers have been harassed, threatened and lied to about jobs and have experienced peer pressure on “holdouts” to change their minds.

Under this new EFCA form, only 50% plus one wins. In this coerced unionization it would be an unaccountable form of forced taxation. The union dues would be spent as the union bosses see fit, including political donations to parties and candidates that the workers may not support. It’s just another loss of freedom and control and more socialism. You either join the union or face job loss; you can’t opt out.

There are several other reasons EFCA is just plain Fascism. Do what you can to defeat this bill.

It’s a genuine fear that if we don’t put the brakes on the President’s agenda to remake American in his image, we’ll end up both enslaving and bankrupting America by the end of his term.

In view of the President’s rapid race into socialism, he is creating and escalating tax revolt with a never-ending stream of stimulus packages and new entitlement programs.

The Americans who will be stuck with the bills are beginning to shout a clear message of “enough”. This is evidenced by the recent 150 to 200 large gatherings of Americans in cities across America under the banner of “Tea Parties”.

These protest gatherings are drawing crowds of 5,000 plus so far and it’s all new and just beginning to bloom.

No “tea parties” in Ocala yet, but they have been held in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and other big Florida cities.

Look for large groups to all come out on April 15.

America is in clear and present danger. Amid all of the mixed messages on the strength of the economy coming from the White House, one theme has emerged loudly, clearly and unvaryingly:

The American economic system is about to undergo a profound shift.

Look at some of the things going on: a swimming pool in California that costs $500,000 that our taxes are paying for; trout genome mapping for $450,000; potato storage $270,000; $4,840,875 for wood utilization research — this on top of more than $90 million since 1985 for the same reason. (They still don’t know how to use wood?)

Then there’s $3 million for shrimp aquaculture research. Again, since 1985 taxpayers have dished out almost $70 million for this same research.

These pork projects are in addition to the fraud, abuse and inefficiency that plague our federal budget. It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

When is the American public going to wake up and take steps to stop these crimes. Any ideas?

 Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.