Arrests made in vehicle burglaries

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By The Staff

On July 14, two arrests were made in connection with vehicle burglaries along the Corridor.

Livingstone Romadell Jones, 22, of Ocala, was charged with two counts of dealing in stolen property, two counts of conveyance burglary, grand theft and petty theft.

He was linked to a June 13 vehicle burglary on Southwest 108th Street, in which, a Garmin GPS system, two knives and a cell phone were taken, according to a sheriff’s report. Also, he was connected with a June 15 vehicle burglary on Southwest 69th Terrace, involving a 2007 Dodge truck that had a Tom Tom GPS unit stolen from it.

Livingstone’s brother, Wynton D. Jones, 25, of Ocala, was charged with conveyance burglary, petty theft and dealing in stolen property for an incident that occurred on May 15 on Southwest Avenue. A 1999 Ford had a Garmin GPS with charger stolen from it, according to a sheriff’s report.

Owner confronts

suspected robbers

The owner of the Bubble Clean Car Wash acted quickly when he saw a woman apparently attempting to unlock the car wash machine at the State Road 200 business.

On July 21, as he approached the suspect, she pulled her hands out and away from the lock, according to a sheriff’s report. The woman told the owner she was “seeing how much time I get for a quarter” and then she quickly walked over to another bay where a teen was washing his 1996 blue Grand Marquis.

At that time, he told another boy to go stand behind the vehicle. He did and then opened the trunk, removed the license plate from the vehicle and placed it inside the car. The threesome then piled in and sped out of the parking lot.

The car wash owner followed them down S.R. 200 towards C.R. 484. While at an intersection, the driver of the Marquis pulled his vehicle over, got out and into the position in which he was going to punch the owner’s car. He then got back into his vehicle.

A sheriff’s deputy caught up with the car a short time later and conducted a traffic stop. The driver and the woman were arrested.

Stacey Kara Muskus, 24, of Dunnellon was charged with retail petty theft. She was taken to the Marion County Jail. A 17-year-old was also charged with retail petty theft and he was taken to the juvenile assessment center.

Bahia Oaks

shed robbed

Sometime between approximately midnight and 9:30 a.m. on July 21, a shed on Southwest 64 Street Road was burglarized. Through an unlocked window, the suspect climbed in and took a metal case, which had a Microsoft X-Box 360 system, four remote controls, three memory cards, 20 games, and three darts, according to a sheriff’s report.

Though there was a television, stereo, tools and various other items inside the shed, nothing else was taken. The stolen items were valued at $700.

Teen arrested after

seen with “bulging” bag

On July 20, a loss prevention employee at Bealls Department store noticed a 15-year-old girl come into the store with her grandparents.

She was carrying a green cloth bag, which appeared to be empty. The teen walked over to the junior’s department, selected clothes and then headed to the dressing room. When she came out, her empty bag was “bulging.”

The employee and another worker went into the dressing room and found clothing tags and empty hangers all over the floor, according to a sheriff’s report.

The girl reportedly walked past all points of sale and out the front door. She was stopped in the parking lot and brought into the loss prevention office. Inside the cloth bag, six juniors’ shirts, one pair of jeans and a black handbag were reportedly discovered. The items were valued at $215.

Due to the girl being from another state, she did not qualify for the Work In Lieu of Arrest (WILA) program. She was taken to the juvenile assessment center.

Vehicle burglarized

at Hampton Manor

On July 17, a woman left her 1991 blue Honda parked at work. When her boyfriend returned to Hampton Manor on July 19 to pick it up, he discovered the Sony car radio and Jensen amplifier were missing from the unlocked car, according to a sheriff’s report.

Two subwoofers were in the back of the vehicle in plain view, but were not taken.