Are you frightened for the future

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By Robert E. Beckner

Ask yourself if you are frightened for the future of yourself and your family under this president? American people have legitimate fears about where the country is headed and what it means for the future. The president flits here and there all over America as well as the world, using the American economy as his own piggy bank; giving out money to everyone or any country he wants, such as $900,000 to our enemy, “HAMAS,” so designated as a terrorist group by our own government. The same group that kills our Jewish friends in Israel with rocket attacks daily. He bows down before an Arab Prince; something never done before in our history and each foreign country gets an apology from him as to how bad America has been to them over the years. Never a word is said about all the good we’ve done in rescuing the world through two wars and other dangers. He obviously has no idea of the history of our great country or how small town America lives and he has no pride in our country. All he knows is the way corrupt Chicago politics are run, this is called giving aid and comfort to our enemies. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Reader, you do have a right to be fearful of the direction your president is destroying America in his continued strides to take over the total control of all our American lives.

The president has an incoherent foreign policy designed to strengthen dictators and weaken democracies, the latest being Honduras. He has and will admit America is broke, thanks to his spending, not just our money, but our children’s and our grandchildren’s future. He has seen to it that he has nationalized our banks, insurance companies, auto- mobile companies, lied about global warming so much and made it so unbelievable they changed the name to global climate change, just to confuse the public. He is in the game of changing our country from our reasonable energy costs to his way, called Cap and Trade/tax by increasing our electric costs at least three times (this in view of the world getting cooler each of the last eight years).

This not being enough, he is now trying to pound a bill through Congress in just a few days — the bill being over 1,200-plus pages long, on the subject of Universal Health Care. He expects it to be passed without anyone in Congress reading it. They will admit they never read the bills. Even the president, when asked a very simple question on the Health Bill on TV two nights ago, could not answer the question, said “he didn’t read it!”

We are all somewhat knowledgeable of his now having 32cCzars, people who report only to him, people who do not have to pass investigations through Congress, basically his “yes” men. Well we now hear of another one coming up, it will be a Print Czar, whose job will be to read the labels on drug bottles and others so we will be told what we are getting. He needs one more czar, one who will read the bills that go to Congress, as he could at least tell Congress what they are voting on.

Since the House has already passed one version of the Universal Health Care bill – not the one the president wants – but Kennedy’s, in our weird Congress it could come up any day for vote in the Senate, we had better give you yet some more info on this terrible bill.

The president promises us that he will cut health care spending, then adds $1.6 trillion to health care spending! He says, “health care decisions will not be made by government,” all the while he is setting up a new Federal Health Care Board to tell doctors what treatments they can offer and to whom and under what circumstances. The president has told the media, “I will free doctors to make good health care decisions, by telling the physicians what to do, we’ll get the politics out of health care,” by putting it under government control.

He repeatedly tells us that he’ll cut health care spending. What he means is that he will cut doctors, incomes and will turn down patients – particularly the “elderly” ones when they seek medical care that his bureaucrats disapprove of. Remember, some of his friends have said, “the elderly have a duty to die.” The president, his friends and his administration are dangerous people – they don’t care what anything costs or who may die needing medical care! 

It’s hard to believe that average American unemployment is now more than 9.5 percent and headed higher. Our administration promised us it wouldn’t go over 8 percent if we would pass the $878 billion stimulus package. Now some six months later, only $67.4 billion or 8.5 percent of the funds have been given out to “shovel ready” jobs. They simply don’t know how to handle government. The president is hoarding the money in order to pass it out next year, 2010, when the next election occurs. He intends to use it to buy votes for Democrats. Just more of the same fraud, like in Chicago. Unemployment in Marion County is now 12.5 per cent.

Remember that the health care program the administration wants passed so bad is the same as that in England, Canada and even in the state of Massachusetts. The question is, in view of all these failures, why is the president continuing to push for it when it’s been proven not to work? Plainly he just wants to control our lives!

The president thinks these other countries will love him for pulling back on our country’s industries so these countries can grow stronger than ours. He seems to truly believe he is the Messiah to make the world one big happy place with his position right on top of the globe.

In the meantime, the president can’t stay out of trouble, sticking his nose in police business when a white cop arrests his friend, Robert Gates, and the president quickly has to admit he didn’t know the facts when he said the cop acted “stupidly.” By the time this is printed it will all be smoothed over to quiet the media firestorm.

The president called for his health care reform bill to be approved before the August recess — he can forget that, even his Blue dog Democrats (52) wouldn’t buy such an artificial timetable. Harry Reid finally bowed to political reality and said the Senate vote wouldn’t be until they reconvene from their summer recess.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.