Are high schools necessary?

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

There are many opportunities for those in high school to be trained and prepare for a future in the new America that our children face after graduation.

When I went to high school there were vocational schools that taught a trade to those students who were not going on to higher education. You could go to a trade school where you could walk through the hallways and smell lumber being cut and prepared for building useful products such as furniture and housing, You could hear printing presses rolling out the school newspaper and other papers that the administration and local community had requested from the school. There was also an auto shop where a student could tear down an engine, diagnose and repair what might be wrong, do body work on cars and repaint them to perfection.

Compare this to today’s schools where the students are allowed to leave before graduation and learn a trade directly with the industry that is most important in today’s world. This training allows them to learn first hand just by watching when it is time to flip the burger before it burns and watch the fries before they become to well done. They can also learn to be a toxicologist and know when the shake is done before it becomes to milky and without a good thick body.

The kids have so many more opportunities with fast food restaurants on almost every corner. We must make the tough choice and decide, do we really want to over tax the job creating rich in our country or do we want full employment.

Jerry Segovis