Are elections necessary?

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

By Jerry Segovis

The News Media has already determined who will win the next national and state elections this November. Polls are being taken on every issue facing America today and it looks very bad for the incumbent Democrats.

Maybe we should look at what has happened in the past with our economy before we decide to let the Republicans finish flushing the toilet that we find ourselves in today after they held the power of the presidency for eight of the past nine and one half years. We really don't know where they stand on the issues facing us today because they say they have the answers to help Americans but they vote against helping our country every chance they get. Just saying “no” to everything that the Democrats propose seems to be the best position to be in if you want to be re-elected or newly elected to public office this election year.

Most news programs are ripping the Democrats apart for not being able to control Congress and pass legislation that could help our country. This is the same news media that caused President Obama to be elected to office even though there were more experienced candidates available who were more capable and experienced to do the job. The state of Florida seems to be in the same situation as our nation because we don't seem to be able to find honest people to take charge of helping the residents of our state, but they can find ways to enrich themselves with taxpayers’ money.

The voters have not done their homework on which party is trying to help the people and are very willing to vote for the party of “no” to keep our country and state under the control of the news media. The under informed Americans who will be voting in the next election seem to be in the majority, which is unfortunate for the future of America.

Jerry Segovis