Appreciate your teachers

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

They are among the most dedicated workers anywhere. They are extremely important to the community and the families within.
They take your children, some at a young age, and try to mold them into productive citizens, making sure they learn the basics.
They are, of course, the teachers in our schools.
Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week in the Marion County Schools.
Most teachers are hard-working people. Some of the problems they have to endure are not of their own making.
If you’re one of those who made sure your children knew their ABCs, could count a little, and could read limited words by the time they reached kindergarten age, congratulations. You did your job as a parent.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are not like you. They have children, plop them in front of a television for five years, and claim that they are “raising” their children.
In many cases, these “parents” are young, too young to have children. The cycle started with the way they were treated as youngsters at home and continues with the way they treat their children.
Then, when these children are dropped off at a school, the parents soon want to know why their children appear to be lagging behind others.
In the older grades, the problems that were evident in learning in the formative years are really taking their toll.
The older students, many of whom don’t really want to be there, are disruptive. The teachers have to deal with these problems while trying to educate the good students who may be doing advanced work and just want to learn.
Consider also that teachers get to work generally an hour before the students get there and leave, probably an hour after the children go home. Even then, there are lessons plans, papers to grade, and extra school activities to attend.
Many use their own money to get needed supplies, because school officials across the state fail to provide adequate materials for education.
All the while, many of these teachers are also trying to raise their own families.
A teacher raise was recently approved statewide, but implementation was delayed for over a year. Pressure on the Legislature, however, forced reconsideration of that delay.
So we salute the teachers, and next week, we hope you will too. Forget the proverbial apple for the teacher, or even a mug (of which many get dozens). Just thank them for the time they put in trying to make our society, and your children and grandchildren, better.