And a rich, fat druggie will lead them

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By Wendy Binnie

Rush Limbaugh used to be in conservative pig heaven. Several naysayers had re-turned to the fold and kissed his ring, asking for his pardon.

Among them a congressman and the  head of the RNC, Mr. Steel to be precise, the former Maryland State official who  seemed to be unable to decide whether he was a democrat or a republican on his  first run for public office.

If Mr. Limbaugh is wallowing as he oinks his views of the world, it must certainly provide some kind of affirmation that the notes he is striking resonated with his self-righteous audience who think that charity is something for suckers and that all democrats are liberals and “pinkos.” For Mr. Limbaugh, it is heady to wield such power; yet it is a fleeting power inasmuch as one might be viewed as fiddling as your party crumbles before your eyes.

Michael Steel and “Bobby” Jindal have played the appropriate homage but will that be enough. Will anything be enough? And after eight  years of never saying ‘no’ to Bush, the Republicans are having a field day never  saying yes to rational plans to get our country moving again.  And by so doing, show the country that these are people who you cannot count on to carry your load, much less represent you. 

They are selfish, blind-sided creatures who cannot contribute much beyond toeing the party line, which is a fundamental mistake of republicans, to align themselves with the extreme right wing and eliminate those within Congress who didn’t curry favor. As a result, the Party has become, for all intents and purposes, a party that is far removed from what anyone might have remembered as the Republican Party of the fifties or sixties. Many, in fact, see it as a totally different entity. In floundering around, someone had to reach for the standard – or whatever was left.

And that was Rush, who was more of a true conservative than a run of the mill Republican per se – or at least saw himself in that light. But being Rush Limbaugh is like being King of the Pygmies after the giants have swept in.  It’s like winning the second prize, a weekend in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, the sad remnants of the party offer no new thoughts, no counter-position and apparently, all they can conjure up is “no” to everything proposed by the Democrats who want to at least bring the country back from the precipice. And in the arrogance that puts us there, they still deny it and say, “No.” Will that be how they are remembered in time? One doesn’t know.

The revisionists are hard at work to reinvent the past. Rove is rewriting the scripts and all of a sudden, Dick is visible and vocal. It may turn out that the Rovian revisionism may carry the day  putting the blame on FDR, liberal left wing pinkos and the inhabitants of the White House, even though all of the money being spent to bail out ‘America’ was  necessitated by eight years of failures up and down the line.

But why be picky? In the life of Rove, life is so simple. Will anyone believe his fairy tales? Of course, they will. We as a people have traditionally short memories and people tend not to believe the worst of their presidents or that they were seeking to break the contract between government and the people. We would have to become much smarter to understand where the truth lies. So you can expect a good case to be erected before the next election with plenty of blame being tossed around by the out-of-favor Republicans, anxious to blame anyone for their departure. The American people believe the deliber-ately misleading ‘commercials’ that people in Great Britain and Canada are literally dying in droves because of lack of health care. All they need do is ask a resident of those countries and get it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak; so if Obama fails to live up to his promises, that would be manna from the gods.

Two outrageous things happened in the past two weeks. Dr. Tiller, who performed abortions, was shot and killed in church by a true believer in life. Tiller was  better known to Fox viewers as "Tiller the Baby Killer," as he's long been  described by Bill O'Reilly, who has spent years targeting him.

O'Reilly has long demonized the doctor with allegations of performing illegal late-term abortions, (untrue) characterized as murder. Does Billo accept responsibility for ‘egging’ on this murderer? He most certainly does not.

Then we have the case of James von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist from Maryland who showed up at The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. He proceeded to shoot a guard, described as good and kindly, in the face. The guard is dead and his killer is in hospital – who is this man?

He’s linked to an anti-Jewish Web site. Hates blacks, served six years in prison on federal attempted kidnapping, assault and firearms charges after what he called a “legal, nonviolent citizens arrest” of members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. On his Web site, “Holy Western Empire,” von Brunn said he was “convicted by a Negro jury, Jew/Negro attorneys, and sentenced to prison for 11 years by a Jew judge.”

It appears he has a long history with neo-Nazis and white supremacists and has written extremely incendiary publications, raging about Jews, blacks, pinkos and the like. So what did our boy Rush say about this tragedy? Well, von Brunn obviously was a left-winger. Swallow twice and read it again.

That’s why we wonder if Rush is still in pig heaven. Stay tuned.

as I was saying ...

Wendy England Binnie a novelist and op/ed writer lives in Oak Trace Villas.