The American Dream?

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

By Jerry Segovis

I lived the American Dream where, after leaving school, jobs were available for anyone who wanted to work. Regardless of your educational background you could find a job to fit your taste and needs.

Back in the 1950s there were high schools that taught auto mechanics, wood working or carpentry, type setting and printing, machine shop and sports for the guys. The girls had bookkeeping, typing, cooking, music and cheerleading for their interests. I don’t mean to sound sexist but that was the educational system back in the 1950s.

Life was good, World War II was over and our boys were home and the future was there for everyone to see and obtain. Businesses were more than happy with a modest profit to share with their employees and their families.

There were company picnics and Christmas parties for all employees and we were all treated like family and we returned these feelings by working hard to make sure our company made a good profit.

What happened to the American dream?

Jerry Segovis