America in total gridlock

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Letter to the editor by Bill Ford

By Bill Ford

America In total gridlock

By the time this article comes out, the mid-term elections will be over and maybe we will be way over the hill. If, as predicted, the Republican Party wins as many seats in the House and Senate as projected, this country will slide farther down the world of nations reliability standard.

It's been reported that the United States alone, spends more money on the military and less on health care, jobs, and being more concerned with war than with what's going on within our own borders. In other words we are a warring nation. It's our policy to inflict our form of government and religion on other countries, rather than take care of our own.

If the election does turn out that the Republicans control the congress while the democrats control the White House, we are down the river, kaput. This country will not recover as we will implode within 27 years and become a third world country. The last time the Congress and president were represented by different parties, we were in "gridlock."

Any politician who says he/she is going to Washington to make a change is selling snake oil. They will do what the party dictates and if they don't, no committees for them. Freshmen in Congress will stumble and get in the way of real progress.

Unknown to the public, there are professional congressional staff members in Washington who jump from one congressman to the other as they are elected. I know because I did work for the 92nd Congress. Sure, a few Florida people will go to Washington with the candidate but if they want to be effective early, hire one or two of the Washington professionals. You see those representing Florida may not be from Florida but another Washington insider. These people help in making the government's policy, because that's what they are paid to do.

We are in for the worst two to six years you will ever experience. and you heard it here first. We're In deep trouble, and no way out!