America spoke, now listen

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

By Wayne Rackley

Over and over again, the masses have expressed concern over our country’s direction, but the Obama administration and the Democrats have failed to listen. Despite a record crowd of over 500,000 law-abiding citizens at the Aug. 28 Washington rally, Obama admitted to not paying any attention to them. Despite 70 percent disapproval of “Obama Care,” he and the liberals pushed it through, not even knowing some of the consequences of doing so. He pushed for energy bills, knowing they would dramatically increase our costs, without any concern for what it would do to the majority of Americans. The list goes on and on as we watched and listened to the media label any who disagree to these changes as “racists” or “tea drinkers.” Well, the God-fearing, America-loving public has made it clear that we are not happy with this move to a socialistic America at the ballot box. We want the Fed to pay attention to our Constitution which limits the power of big government. We will not tolerate an every increasing debt that will sink our economy, destroying America as we know it.

One point that our Senator-Elect Rubio clearly understands is that we were not voicing approval of the Republican Party, but a push toward conservatism with the goal of repealing some or most of the above and getting our country back to living within our budget. We will hold their feet to the fire. RINOs will not be re-elected!

Ending wasteful earmarks, making cuts in basically every area of government is necessary and will take courage to enforce. We need to face the realization that we cannot be the world’s police force and start bringing our military home. We need to extend all tax cuts to encourage business to expand our workforce through private enterprise. We must end class warfare, encourage all business, small and large, they hire people!

Tighten up on illegal immigrants, develop an exit strategy for them and put a time limit on same. Eliminate the benefits they are receiving, punish employers who employ them and many will return on their own. Quit pushing for amnesty and stand by our own citizens.

A look at the U.S. map will show how soundly the Democrats were defeated this election, about 90 percent of America is red, and I am proud of Florida, especially Marion County for making our voices heard around the world. Yes, we are taking our America back! Now let’s get to work solving problems and be thankful we don’t live in California.

Wayne Rackley