All can 'Master the Possibilities'

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By June Roberta

There is an interesting article in the December issue of Experience Life magazine that I’d like to share with you. True health and happiness are woven together. We need both.

For optimal health, a person needs enough satisfaction, passion and pleasure. We need this for a good quality of life and a sense of well-being. Of course, some pleasurable behaviors have the opposite effect, such as smoking, drinking too much or overeating.

Three types of pleasure were discussed. There is feel-good pleasure such as tasting delicious food, the feel of silk, etc. Value-based pleasure is derived from the sense that our lives have meaning. One of the ways would be accomplishing an important goal. Both types result in benefits to health and happiness.

The third pleasure is called “flow.” That’s when a person is so fully engrossed in a task that they lose all sense of time and self. Usually this occurs during work or when focused on a hobby. The activity is challenging and gives joy while doing it.

Without pleasure in life, stress tends to increase. Find pleasurable pastimes that create a good happiness fit for your personality.

Master the Possibilities

Our winter catalog is the largest ever, with about 200 classes, presentations and events – and is available online where you are free to register electronically. The hard copy was distributed Jan. 1 with your newspaper.

From past experience, winter is our busiest quarter. I’d encourage you to register as early as possible. We expect about 80 percent of all enrollments in the first couple of weeks. It’s particularly important to register for January programs in that these have the greatest chance of cancellation if we don’t meet the minimum number of enrollments.

We are once again offering "Florida Week" in January and hope you’ll find many opportunities to learn, grow and have fun. There will be 18 new classes and presentations beginning next week. There’s bound to be something for everyone ... art classes, new computer courses, exercise, and presentations on Medicare insurance, weight loss, current events, preparing for transitions, CPR, and pharmacology.

Don’t miss out on these outstanding opportunities right in your own back yard. Master the Possibilities is open to all Corridor communities. Go to masterthepossibilities.com to download the catalog and register. These are great classes.

Marion Chamber Music Society Concert

On Sunday, Jan. 11, at 3 p.m., at Queen of Peace Catholic Church on S.R. 200, 13-year old pianist Grabrielle Chou will be performing. The show is free.

“And this too shall pass...”

June Roberta is retired and lives in OTOW. She enjoyed a diverse career, including being a legal secretary to a theatrical attorney on Madison Avenue. Call her at 237-9208, or e-mail OTOW news to her at jroberta@cfl.rr.com. Deadline is a week prior to Friday’s publication.