Agendas 06-03-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

Everyone has an agenda.

The small, the tall, the rich, the poor, the old, the young, the obese, the skinny, the liberal, the conservative, the gay, the straight, the religious, the atheist. Each of us had better decide if our particular agenda is worth the risk of losing our freedom, and our entire way of life, forever.

What does this mean?

Familiar example: SS and Medicare are the agenda for the elderly, and these programs are in big trouble. Mention the word “reform,” and seniors go ballistic, even when they will not be affected by the reform. Seniors are that paranoid about their agenda. Without reform both of these programs are going to eventually die. This seems short-sighted, and foolhardy. If it needs to be fixed, and it can be fixed, why not fix it?

Everyone else is just as short-sighted about their agenda. How, can we survive so much discord? What about the big picture? Does anyone care about the big picture?  If we go down in flames, what do these puny agendas matter? There is a world out there that is bigger than “me,” and there are people with global agendas.

These globalists are waiting for the collapse of America. They have big plans for all of us. Plans none of us are going to like. They relish using these small agendas like SS and Medicare as scare tactics to scare small agenda groups, and the small groups buy into it. When the globalists take over, small group agendas are out the door.

What lies ahead? Now: I have a hangnail, and demand Medicare pay for this procedure. Or, I have a choice between taking the hangnail off myself, or, becoming a New World Order Slave? Think I will take the dratted hangnail off myself, thank you very much.

What is your choice: Your agenda, or their agenda?

What good is your agenda when America collapses, and the slave masters take over?

It cannot, never will, happen here in America, you say. We have survivors of the last two holocausts living in our midst; ask them. It happens in a blink, when the time is ripe. Globalists are patient, persistent, and committed to winning.

What to do: Stick with my puny agenda, or, live free. Free, free. free, I choose free. What’s your choice?

D.I. Larson