Agenda for cutting spending

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

By D.I. Larson

Dear Congressmen:

This is a citizens’ agenda for cutting spending.

Social Security, and Medicare are last on the list.

Our cut and eliminate list:

1. IRS: gone. Replaced with Fair Tax.

2. U.N.: Revoke our membership, and eliminate all agencies that implement U.N. regulations in the U.S. This will rid us of sustainable development, Agenda 21, and a lot of other globalization schemes.

3. Education Department: Gone. Education: Back to the states where it belongs.

4. Hedge Funds and derivatives made illegal. They are the world’s biggest Ponzi schemes.

5. Public sector unions are unconstitutional. They must be decertified.

6. Lobbyists are a menace to citizens. Color them gone.

7. Earmarks gone. Legitimate programs do not need to be piggy-backed. They can stand alone.

8. All government elected officials, and bureaucrats shall be compensated, in wages, and benefits, on a par with private sector jobs. This includes Congress.

9. This should rid us of a great many useless bureaucrats, and bureaucratic waste fraud, and corruption, and save trillions.

10. Federal Reserve System scrutinized.

11. Now, Social Security, and Medicare can be considered.

What else needs to be included on this list? Is it ready for faxing, and e-mailing to congress?

"We the people" have found our voice. Let us use it. Save our freedom, now.

D.I. Larson