Against public education

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Letter to the editor by Dr. Robert Dreyfus

By The Staff

The educational bureaucracy, looking for answers to youth violence, should look in the mirror.

• Who destroyed moral standards and substituted a non-judgmental relativistic ethic?

• Who helped destroy the authority of parents and substituted secular government regulation?

• Who dumbed down the curriculum to the point whereby SAT scores have been on a steady downturn for 35 years. Many graduates are so unprepared that the only job they can get is in the fast food industry?

• Who spends more money per student, and yet is nearly dead last in academic achievement of any industrialized nation?

• Who is responsible for drugging 6 million children with Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs?

• Who discontinued teaching reading by systematic intensive phonics so that nearly half of those reaching eighteen years of age are functionally illiterate?

• Who perpetuated the fraud of bilingual education thereby delaying immigrant children learning English?

• Who pushed for mainstreaming retarded and psychologically impaired children?

• Who eliminated classroom discipline?

• Who brought condoms into the classroom and drove God out?

• Who undermined the Judeo-Christian ethic, Western culture and values, and eliminated virtues?

• Who eliminated the teaching of English grammar?

• Who revised history courses and substituted a watered down Social(ist) Studies—and are now pushing social justice, environmentalism, and forced volunteerism into the curriculum.

• Who substituted the concept of social engineering and political correctness for academic achievement?

• Who raised the mantra of self-esteem substituting it for true character building and ethics?

• Who eliminated the profession of teaching as a ministry/vocation and made it a unionized job?

• Who has fought against every meaningful reform, and perpetuated the continuation of tenure—one of the worst evils in the system?

There is only one answer: it is the government education system!

Those who have worked for decades trying to honestly reform state schools have largely despaired of ever bringing about truthful, meaningful change. Those who have worked for decades to undermine our nation have wreaked havoc in our nation, and have been very successful in their goals. Government schools have become a moral, emotional and academic wasteland to the point of ruining generations of our children’s lives, families and nation. The only hope to bring about improvement in state schools is to encourage competition in education.

Parents: Remove your children from government schools and educate them at home or in explicitly Christian schools.

Business: Stop subsidizing government schools. Instead give aid to Christian schools that are providing a safe, stimulating, caring environment, and educating children to be productive citizens.

Pastors: Warn your congregation about the devastation of children by government schools, and instruct them regarding God’s COMMAND to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Dr. Robert Dreyfus