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Letter to the editor by Joe O'Hara

By The Staff

Republicans realized a major victory on Nov. 2. Far-left Liberals - rather than admitting their past errors and expressing a desire to work with the Republicans too correct them - opted to justify their loss with statements like these (these are actual far-left quotes): “American voters are fickle and dumb.” This sentiment once applied only to Republicans. Then too Republicans and Tea Partyers. Now it apparently pertains to virtually all American voters, including: Independents, centrist-Democrats, right-leaning Liberals; any American voter who is unhappy with the direction in which our country is going - except, of course, far-left Liberals. Another statement is: “They should have given Obama more time to turn the country around. 22 months isn’t nearly enough.”

22 months isn’t enough time? Here’s the way I see it: When Obama was elected to office in 2008, I gave him three years to get our country back on its feet and headed in the right direction - economically and as a world leader. Ideally, we should have had some evidence of economic and leadership growth during his first six months. We didn’t! In 12 to 18 months, the plans to achieve a vibrant economy and world leadership should have been well under way. They weren’t! At the end of three years, America would have been mostly restored to its intended splendor; economically viable and the envy of the rest of the World. It won’t be . . . unless the unpopular policies that were enacted during the past 22 months are reversed . . . quickly!

Let’s pretend that the president of The United States is a newly appointed CEO of a publicly-held corporation. Granted the United States and the corporation are structured differently, but the desired result is the same. The time intervals stated above would be considerably lessened in a corporate environment: about two months instead of six months, etc. If the CEO doesn’t achieve positive results within the allotted times, the share holders (voters) would unhesitatingly replace he or she.

Unfortunately, that can’t be done in a political environment. Obama still has 26 months remaining in his term. Hopefully, he will realize that he must work across party lines to achieve what the Republican-controlled House needs to accomplish to get the country back on track. But, Obama is a committed Liberal - further left than many liberal presidents. This coupled with the facts that, beginning in January, 2011, this will be a lame-duck Congress, and, the distractions that will intentionally be caused by the far-left Liberals . . . well, the future doesn’t look very easy for the new Republican House. We must realize too that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are still lurking about. The triumvirate of Obama/Reid/Pelosi in the past rammed through a lot of unpopular legislation. They’ll attempt to do the same before Pelosi losses her speaker of the house designation in January, 2011.

The Republican-controlled House will need all the help, input and backing we can give them. In the past, we trusted our government to do pretty much whatever it wanted. Look where that got us! We can’t allow that to be the case in the future. This is our country! We must control our destiny . . . not our government.

Joe O’Hara

On Top of the World