95th Street safety

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Letter to the editor by Bob Knobelman

95th Street safety

As a former driving instructor, I am deeply concerned about the safety of young school children at Hammett Bowen Jr. Elementary School and Liberty Middle School if the proposed I-75 interchange is approved at 95th Street.

An additional 16,000 cars per day will pass those schools, which are in the direct path of the interchange. That translates to 80,000 cars per week and 320,000 cars per month.

Even safe drivers make mistakes when entering and exiting highways. It’s very easy to fall into a 70 mile-per-hour funk and to continue speeding even as the speed limit falls.

Consider how many of those 320,000 drivers will be unskilled and unsafe, how many will have a few drinks, how many will be on illegal or even prescribed drugs, and how many will have a fight with their spouse and simply be angry at the world. That makes for big trouble!

This interchange will benefit developers and only developers. And make no mistake --- the developers and cohorts have never talked about the safety of our youngest school kids. They are only interested in the millions they stand to make.

I would consider myself remiss if I didn’t speak out on this. We must protect our children.


Bob Knobelman

Oak Run