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By The Staff

The Democrats need

to find some backbone

The Democrats do not know how to handle themselves when they are in the majority in government. When the Republicans were in control of the White House, and both houses of Congress, they passed the bills that they wanted and eliminated oversight in government that controlled our spending.

When the Republicans kept control of the White House and lost Congress to the Democrats, the Republicans were still in charge of the agenda for spending in our government.

Now that the Democrats have control of the White House and both houses of Congress I see that the Republican minority still has control of government policies and its spending. Why can’t the Democrats learn how to manage their majority in Congress to pass legislation that would be good for Americans? The Democrats have lost their voice and are unable to present and sell programs that would help save our country during this economic crisis.

The president has to get the same backbone that he had during his two-year campaign for office and start using his majority to control the massage that the American people elected him to do. You can not show fear to the Republicans the same way you cannot show fear to a rabid dog that is about to attack. Make no mistake about it that we are under attack by the minority Republican base who do not want the president to succeed with his idea’s and thoughts to save and create jobs for American workers.

The deficit spending and out- of-control borrowing of the Republican god, past President Ronald Reagan which continued through Bush No. 1 and has expanded to Bush No. 2, has brought America to its knees financially and militarily.

President Clinton succeeded in controlling spending and also started to pay down the deficit, but after eight years of the good life under Democratic leadership we elected Bush No. 2 and everything changed. His policies of tax cuts for the rich and increasing the size of government have quickly brought us back to deficit spending beyond anything we have known in the past.

Please me. President, just do what you were elected to do to save our country and put Americans back to work.

Jerry Segovis


Save the planet!

Stop junk mail!

Brrrrrrr, brrrrrr, brrrrrr! This global warming is killing me. My teeth are chattering. My knees are knocking. My insides are shivering. I am bundled up like a polar bear. This global warming is something else.

The climate is changing. I have seen it change in the six decades spent living in Florida. It has gotten colder and drier. There are memories of the intense summer thunder storms, and gorgeous spring and fall weather. Much different from the current weather.

This past week, Deroy Murdock, of the Scripps Howard News Service, had an article published locally. It dealt with this very topic, the fallacy of the global warming theory. He presented statistics refuting the theory. This presented a puzzlement to me.

If someone is given a Nobel Prize for a purported theory that proves to be bogus, does the Nobel committee get to reclaim the prize, and give it to the party purporting the correct theory? Just wondering?

Why are we so quick to latch onto every story that comes down the pike? Common sense might tell us humans are too puny to affect the climate of the universe.

We are part of the universe. If, one day, the Sun took a wobble, we would be toast in a nano-second. It is not like the earth has never had ice ages, or hot ages before. Ask the dinosaurs.

We may be causing a change in the balance of resources on earth through over utilization. There is just so much, and no more. When the resource is gone, it is gone. That is a different problem that is worthy of our time and energy.

My first choice in saving a resource: trees. If we cut out all that useless advertising (junk mail), how many trees could we save?

The people preaching to us are the biggest wasters, and polluters on the planet. How do we stop them?

D.I. Larson


Let’s let Wall Street

run the government

Here we go again. Go back to 1992: Clinton was elected president, inheriting an economy in recession from the Reagan and Bush catastrophes. Unbelievable deficits. Clinton came up with a program to get the country moving again. What happened? Every Republican in the House and Senate voted against his legislation. We all know how well Clinton’s ideas worked out.

Our fearless leader, Georgie, got elected and immediately started to squander the huge surplus he inherited. Remember, George W. has a M.B.A. (master bull artist) from Yale.

Fast forward to 2009: President Obama submitted his recovery program to Congress. Guess what? Every Republican in the House voted against it. Only three Republicans in the Senate supported it – amazing.

History seems to be repeating itself.

All the Republicans keep on talking about the huge deficits we now have and how our grandchildren will have to pay for it. Wow! Where were these guys during the last eight years, when all of this took place?

They say elephants don’t forget. Tell it to these guys. Maybe it’s about time the Republicans traded in their elephant symbol for one that really represents them – an ostrich. All they seem to do is bury their heads in the sand.

What kind of a political party is this? They just about got wiped out in the last election and come roaring back wanting to do Bush again. Talk about wearing blinders. For eight years they never worried about deficits but now all the Charley McCarthy Republicans speak in one voice.

Worst unemployment numbers since 1982 (who was president then?) and now the highest deficit in history, highest unemployment numbers and this all took place between 2000 and 2006. The presidency and both houses of Congress up to 2006 were under complete Republican control. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

I guess we need more of these Republican businessmen from Wall Street, the banking industry and insurance companies to come into government and show us how to run things. We should be so lucky.

William Yakush