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By Fiona Blair

The Oasis will be a place to take a trip down memory lane, Saturday, April 18.  The Alter Egos present fun, memorable music, good food, 50/50 and a movie ticket drawing all for a donation of $2.  Wow!  Meet your neighbors for a fun-filled evening.

Pancakes at the Oasis

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 18th at the Oasis…. The Oasis is the place to be tomorrow from 7 to 10 a.m.  Share breakfast with family and friends for the humble price of $3.  A feast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, juice and coffee await!  A gift card to Wal-mart will go to a lucky winner.

Republican Club

The Republican Club held their meeting on Thursday, April 9 at the Oasis. The guest speaker for the evening was John Deakins who is a local businessman and has cast his hat into the ring to run for the State Senate seat now held by Larry Cruetel who is timed-out. 

Cruetel is running for the Speaker of the House position. 

Deakins gave out some positive aspects of current events.  The stock market was up 280 points; 90% of Floridians are working; most retail stores are showing an upward trend; Wachovia/Wells Fargo, who joined together, are up.  Florida passed the controversial ‘marriage amendment’ stating marriage is between a man and a woman only. 

An interesting fact he brought out was that the Ford Company did not take the bailout and their sales are up.  Also, he reminded us that last year we were paying about $4 for gas and this year prices are hovering at an average of  $2.

The Citgo billboards along I-75 are being removed and will be replaced by Shell. 

We still have a strong military.  Deakins proudly served in the Navy and if he sees a soldier in uniform, always shakes his/her hand and says, “Thank you for your service.” 

He is also environmentally conscientious and spoke about the various alternative energy sources which would not only be environmentally sound, but would cut costs dramatically. 

He mentioned that in France, 75% of their energy comes from Nuclear Power which is a safe alternative.  The U.S. Navy has been successfully using nuclear power and desalinization for ages, such as in the submarine, ‘US Nautilus’. 

If Florida ratified the 10th Amendment, it would move forward with Nuclear Power and Desalinization, turning salt water into fresh drinking water. 

He has a plan that would effectively put people to work and set Florida up as a successful example. 

He also is concerned about health care and will stand up for senior benefits and the benefits that our veterans and wounded veterans should be receiving upon return to the U.S., having served their country. 

Did you know that claims take eight to 10 months before the benefits are received by the veterans? 

He quoted FDR: “A man who is willing to shed his blood for his country deserves a square deal”. 

We were honored to have guests from Marion Landing who saw the meeting information in the Palm Cay column of the Citizen.’ 

Travel on two wheels

Hello Palm Cay family – from Harry Chambers, chairman, Thrills on Wheels.

I’ve been wondering what to ‘dig’ into lately and have found that there is so much to do near and around our Palm Cay community. 

You have seen our ‘Thrills on Wheels’ articles every so often, with beautiful photos of the places we visit.

Yes… we do much of our travel on two wheels and we find places that normally only the ‘locals’ know about. 

In other words… we know all the fine little spots to stop and eat.

However, here is the good news!  You do not need a bicycle to get out and find all these wonderful places. 

Our group travels to Inverness often for a ride on paved trails that wind along lakes and historical sites. 

You do not need a bicycle on these trails.  People love to walk and sit on one of many available benches that face the lakeshore and palm trees.  The converted railway station is now a restaurant where prices still reflect the 50s for breakfast.

Have you been to Rainbow Springs State Park?  If not… you have not seen Florida!  Amazing spring- fed waterfalls that will demand a picture or two.

For the serious walker there are hiking trails into the wilderness — and all this for a dollar.

For the true adventurer, we have a canoe trip planned for Wednesday, May 13, leaving the Oasis at 9 a.m. 

This trip will include a ranger for our guide as we canoe a mile or more down the beautiful Withlacoochee River near Dunnellon.  This is an RSVP trip so if interested… please call me as soon as possible.

Do you enjoy dining out?  You can meet the nicest people when you do. 

Lorna and I were enjoying dinner at a local restaurant and found that our waitress’s family owns and operates a warm and hospitable horse farm.  I obtained her phone number and after a wonderful talk with the owner, found that we can bring a group over to visit and help to groom the horses.  Even a short ride with training, if desired.  I’ll plan for the event for sometime in June but would need a few residents to take interest and contact me.

So… when you are out and about… if you find that special someone or special place… please let me know.  It does not always require a travel agent to travel and have FUN!


The Palm Cay CERTS group held their first meeting for 2009 recently.  Discussion and exchange of information to further increase and fine-tune the value of CERTS  was most beneficial. 

Palm Cay is fortunate to have a CERTS team.  Hurricanes and disasters are nothing to fool with, and the experience held by the team individually and collectively provides confidence to the residents that we are ready to serve our residents and keep them safe. 

For our snowbird residents and those going on vacation, please contact your CERT  representative or Block Captain that you are leaving and provide a contact name, address and phone number in case of an emergency.  This information is kept confidential. 

Please check the following and make sure the outside of your home in good condition and gutters and downspouts are secure, any lawn furniture, flower pots, hanging ornaments and unsecured items are put safely away and your house number is clearly marked on the lamppost. 

May you have a safe and happy summer season.  If anyone is interested in joining this great team, please contact Team Leader, Louise McAleese.  Her number is in the phone book.

Staying healthy in Palm Cay Have we got stuff for you!  Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Walk Aerobics, soon Water Aerobics, Horseshoes, Table Tennis, Line Dancing, Clogging, Golf for Men and Women, Bocci, Swimming, Walking, Bicycling, not to mention gardening!  … then…  to see how well you are doing, join up with the Weight Loss Support group on Thursdays at 10 a.m. and chat together exchanging ideas, recipes, and supporting each other. 

For dates and times of classes  and  if more information is needed, a calendar is placed on the bulletin board at the Oasis.  We are in pretty good shape for the shape we’re in!! Happy Spring everyone…

Until next time…. There is box in the library at the Oasis for residents to place their newsy tidbits, group activity information, travels, etc. Fiona Blair is listed in the Palm Cay directory or e-mail to fiona-blair@hotmail.com.