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By The Staff

Buy American cars

to offset auto bailout

I wonder how many engaged in the domestic automobile industry are driving domestic cars. If all who are not now doing so would convert to their own product it would strengthen their job considerably.

If the taxpayers who are about to bail out American car manufacturers bought domestics maybe their contribution to any bailout would be less.

Don Pixley


Who cares about

the little people?

Big business has turned American manufacturing over to foreign countries for the purpose of higher profits for their stockholders. They should be ashamed of what they have done to our country with their greed and lack of accountability to America.

What can we do when the people owning and running these businesses are only concerned about the bottom line for the stockholders and (couldn’t) care less about our country and its workers? Some of these workers may even be stockholders themselves but still have no say in how these companies are run.

The CEOs of the last large manufacturing businesses are a perfect example because they would rather see an end of the automobile industry rather than cut back on their multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses. When part of the automobile industry takes the next month off to save money by not paying the union workers during this period, I must ask, will the salaried workers keep their pay, and will the CEOs and their staff continue to be paid their large salaries and bonuses?

Why aren’t the CEOs being made to be accountable for their actions when making bad decisions and being treated differently from other workers?

Speaking of being treated differently from other workers, while Bank of America is conducting layoffs, are they laying off American workers to save money but keeping overseas foreign workers on the job because of their salary structures are lower, and if they are, then I am also against the bailout of the banking industry. They are receiving billions of dollars of bailout money and yet are not accountable to the American people who are stuck paying for these mistakes.

I cannot believe that Congress has allowed this to happen to us – but I guess we should be more realistic and realize that Congress just doesn’t care about the little people.

Jerry Segovis