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By The Staff

At approximately 3:45 a.m. on Nov. 25, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home on S.W. 103rd Loop in the Hidden Lake subdivision. At the home, John Brinson, 42, was found dead in a wooded area behind a neighbor’s house.

Witnesses at the scene reported hearing multiple gun shots and said the suspect left in a dark colored vehicle, according to a sheriff’s office press release.

Brinson’s girlfriend was at the home at the time of the shooting and reported she was asleep and woke up to a fight, then heard shots being fired. The suspect, Brinson’s cousin, Adrian Brown, 28, of Ocala, allegedly ordered them into the living room and demanded keys for Brinson’s black Pontiac GTO.

The girlfriend got out of the home through the front door and Brinson is believed to have escaped through a window. Before the suspect left the scene he is accused of firing more shots at Brinson.

After leaving the home, the suspect was believed to be heading toward Miami. At approximately 12:30 p.m., Brown was found and arrested in Miami, according to sheriff’s press release.

He was charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. Brinson’s black Pontiac has not been found.

Sheriff puts STRESS

on holiday thieves

The holiday shopping season is upon us and it gives thieves even more opportunity to make you a victim. Committed to keeping residents safe the Marion County Sheriff’s Office has kicked off its annual robbery program, STRESS (Stop the Robberies and Ensure Safe Shopping).

The program runs until Dec. 24. Department administrators take turns patrolling the parking lots of shopping centers, banks, convenience stores, grocery stores and ATM sites. The administrators are compensated in time off next year instead of paid overtime.

Another tool the Sheriff’s Office is using to watch for crime is the Internet and Web-cams set up in certain convenience stores throughout Marion County. As deputies patrol businesses in one area they can watch a store miles away on a mobile data terminal in the patrol car.

Officers also monitor several Web-cams from area businesses to watch for any suspicious activity at those locations, according to a sheriff’s media release.

Driver drifts off

the road and dies

At 8:45 a.m. on Nov. 24, Marion County Fire Rescue responded to an accident at the 6100 block of U.S. 41 in Dunnellon. Larry E. Peace, 60, of Leesburg, gradually crossed into the southbound lane and went off the road onto the west grass shoulder, according to a FHP media release.

His 2005 Ford van hit a group of trees in a heavily wooded area. Heather Danenhower, MCFR public information officer, said the van was found 50- to 60 feet off the road. There was no braking or evasive action made by Peace prior to the crash, according to FHP.

Marion County Fire Rescue pronounced Peace dead at the scene.

One person injured in

three-vehicle accident

On Nov. 25, the driver of a 1992 Buick was traveling on County Road 25. Roxanne R. Michel, 48, of Ocala, hit the brakes quickly and the driver behind her, Renae M. Jones, 43, of Ocala, failed to realize the car was rapidly stopping, according to a FHP media release.

Jones crashed into the back of Michel’s vehicle, which caused one of her truck’s tires to come off. The tire from the Ford truck hit the left front fender and door of a 1989 Ford SUV driving in the southbound lane.

Jones’ truck rolled and ejected two of its passengers from the truck bed onto the pavement. Michel’s car came to a rest on its driver’s side, while Jones’ truck stopped on the shoulder of C. R. 25.

The driver of the SUV, Bobby J. Moody, 43, of Ocala, came to a controlled stop. Moody’s passenger, James M. Wolfe, 50, of Ocala, was taken to Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, where he was listed in critical condition.

There were no other injuries reported in the accident. Charges may be filed pending blood alcohol/drug results, according to the FHP.

Refrigerators missing

from home business

When she left her home-based business on Nov. 21, the co-owner of Exceptional Builders reported a 2008 Kenmore stainless steel refrigerator and 2005 Frigidaire refrigerator were at the S.W. 98th Place house.

The following day the woman and her husband returned to the house in Meadow Glenn and found both appliances missing and the sliding glass door unlocked, according to a sheriff’s report. The total value of the appliances is $1,629.

Two cases of petty

theft at Wal-Mart

A loss prevention employee for the Wal-Mart Supercenter reported noticing two shoppers acting suspiciously on Nov. 21. Two men were seen taking several items from the electronics department and then going to men’s wear, according to a sheriff’s report.

The employee watched them open the merchandise and then hide it on their persons. After heading out the door, the employee stopped them and brought them back into the store.

One of the shoppers was found with a pair of ar bud headphones and an X-box 360 game, which was valued at $84.. The 21-year-old customer was found with a pair of ear bud headphones and an FM transmitter totaling $79.

Steven J. Hehir, 18, of Summerfield, and Richard Joseph Kwansniewski, of Dunnellon, were arrested and charged with petty retail theft. Both received a notice to appear in court.

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A maintenance worker at the Wal-Mart Supercenter alerted a loss prevention employee of a youth opening items in the restroom on Nov. 23. The employee went into the restroom and then followed the boy to the garden center.

In the garden center the juvenile was seen hidding two packs of Yu-Gi-Ho trading cards, walk to the fire exit, push the cards under the door and leave the store, according to a sheriff’s report.

Once outside, the teen went to the exit door and started picking the cards up. But the employee saw him and he was taken to the loss prevention office.

He was arrested and charged with petty retail theft. The boy’s parents were contacted and the juvenile will participate in the Work in Lieu of Arrest program.