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By The Staff

Can scientists

find a hate gene?

Who is looking for the hate gene? Surely, since we have the DNA double helix available, someone must be looking for the hate gene!

The hateful are becoming bolder and bolder every day, and they are doing so with impunity. This only emboldens them further. No one seems overly alarmed. India and Pakistan are in disarray with no plan of action in sight. The ships off the coast of Somalia are floating around like sitting ducks, totally unarmed. A passenger ship just had to institute evasive maneuvers. How much of these shenanigans is the world going to tolerate? How many more innocent lives lost before a stand is taken?

Why are the leaders of the world so wimpy against the hate mongers of the world? Will they wait until we are all about to be enslaved by these hate mongers? Will they wait until the 23rd hour, then try a last-minute save? All will be futile by then.

What will it take? Al-Qaeda marching down Highway 200, Pennsylvania Ave., 5th Avenue, Main Street USA, before we grasp the seriousness of the situation? 9/11 did not do it. The fear and anger lasted a couple of months, and then it was forgotten by the majority. The majority preoccupied with their own small problems created by our own no-good-niks.

The hateful are always with us, and always busy, and we should not lose sight of that fact, no matter how dire our plight.

What should happen if a hate gene is found?

Most of the travails of mankind have been caused by hate. The man-made problems.

In the animal and plant species there are breeds and phylums (sub categories).

In the human species there are none. We are all one big blob.

The difference between these hateful creatures and ordinary humans is so stark, it demands scrutiny, and, perhaps, phylumization.

I refuse to be placed in the same classification as these creatures. (Calling them animals is insulting to animals. Animals are never this cruel.)

The only recourse left is resignation from the human race, since I have nothing in common with these creatures. Find the hate gene. Find the hate gene. Hurry, please? Put an end to the madness, and perhaps, war itself.

The hateful are putting upon all the decent people in this world. Are we going to continue to allow this? Just say “No!” Stop this madness. Find that darn gene.

In perspective: What is the more pressing issue, our current financial crisis, or worldwide enslavement by the hateful? Both of these issues demand our full attention. We ignore one at great peril to ourselves. They are both pressing issues. If the issue of hate continues to be ignored, I shall have to find a place to hide from the chaos that will be visited by the hateful members of the human race. Does anyone recall the Crusades? The Inquisition? Other Holy Wars?

D. Larson


Respect for flag

has flown away

My wife and I attended the Christmas parade in downtown Ocala this past Saturday night.

This was our first trip to a parade in several years and probably will be our last.

We were taught to and we wish to pay respect for our flag.

It seems we were the only ones watching the festivities that understand what that flag means to all of us.

First of all many units did not even display our flag. When colors did pass in front of us, as far as either of us could see, we were the only ones that stood and placed our hand over our heart.

One woman standing a few feet from us did take the cue and joined us each time honor guards passed.

Our society has come a long way since WW II – and not in the proper direction. Don Pixley