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By The Staff

Can Obama clean up

the conservative mess?

It took President Clinton eight years to clean up the Reagan-Bush mess that he inherited. He left office leaving the new Bush with a fantastic surplus. So what happens?

These “new” business-oriented conservative Republicans came in and practically destroyed our country. They lied us into a no-win, no way out war.

They keep on telling us (lies) that there is no money for Social Security or Medicare, yet strangely enough they have billions to spend in Iraq. Next they privatize the war by sending civilian contractors to rebuild (joke) the country we destroyed. At the same time, all of our infrastructure is falling apart.

Again, these business-oriented Republicans tell us that there is no money available. They come in and systematically weaken all of our regulatory systems. How, by cutting the budgets of these different departments and making them impotent and unable to do their job of regulating.

When the banking and insurance companies started to fall apart, what did they do? They came up with billions of dollars to bail them out.

When questions are raised why we are not doing anything to help out homeowners, guess what, we are told by our conservative Republicans that we are not going to reward people for making mistakes on their home purchases. But it’s okay to reward all the Wall Street and insurance companies for the same mistakes. Amazing, but so Republican.

This party of “small government” has created the biggest boondoggle of a system since Herbert Hoover. When the Supreme Court appointed Bush to the presidency, it gave us Hoover’s disciple.

And are we paying for it. Check your mutual funds and 401Ks. After all Bush did say, “bring it on” and “mission accomplished.” He certainly did.

The auto companies are looking for a $15 billion loan. Bush and our compassionate conservative Republicans are against it. They keep on telling us that these autoworkers are making $60 or $70 an hour. How come they don’t tell us how much the CEOs of the Wall Street and banking companies are making? Break it down and tell us what their hourly rate is. Then we really will see who is overpaid.

In 1992, Clinton came into office and did a fantastic job (over constant Republican opposition) of getting our country straightened out. Let’s hope and pray that Obama can get started and do the same thing.

It’ll be interesting to see how our conservatives will try to sabotage Obama. They can’t yell “socialism,” they have already done that to the bank, insurance and mortgage companies.

William Yakush


Disappointed and

ashamed of Congress

Are you tired of having your intelligence and understanding of the issues of today being totally ignored by our elected representatives in Congress? How do these people get away with ignoring the will of voting Americans?

Is it so they can feel the power of the office and receive more money from lobbyists than they do in their unearned salaries? It bothers me how unconcerned they are about what Americans want or need to make their lives a little better in these trying times.

The United States Senate knows that the American people are in favor of saving our 100-year-old automobile industry and associated businesses to keep us supplied with jobs and a way of life. The Republican senators from several of our southern states have convinced the other Republican senators in Congress that it is more cost effective to support the major foreign automobile manufacturers in their states and vote against the bailout for America and its workers.

Who does Congress work for when they vote in favor of shipping our jobs overseas? The American people want to save what’s left of the remaining jobs in our industrial states, but Congress is not interested. The American people are against the blank checks that we have given to the banking industry to reward them for their bad investments and financial gifts for themselves.

The American people are against large CEO salaries and bonuses for being in charge of failing businesses, but our Congress just wrings its hands and looks the other way. The American people want to see some value for the money spent on these bailouts but Congress is too busy investigating on how to have this bailout money direct deposited into their personal accounts rather than being used for the country.

I know that I am disappointed and ashamed of our Congress, especially when I feel that I have been used as a doormat for the past seven years by the Republicans and Democrats alike.

Jerry Segovis

OTOW Practice religious freedom,

not religious fascism

James Dobson’s group Focus on the Family is at it again. He wrote 33 leading companies demanding to know if they would use the term “Christmas” in their 2008 catalogues. Eight retailers will use “Christmas” but the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy did not convey a commitment. Target, K-Mart, JC Penney, Home Depot, Borders and Neiman Marcus are among 22 that did not respond. Good for them.

Dobson is urging its supporters to monitor local stores and report to his headquarters on what they find. So does Falwell’s “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign.”

The Rev. Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association announced it is taking aim at retailers who wish customers “happy holidays” and fail to use the expression “merry Christmas.” He has made a lucrative business selling buttons and stickers that proclaim, “It’s OK To Say Merry Christmas.” A pack of 10 buttons goes for a “suggested donation” of $9, and the “semi-permanent adhesive, glossy finish stickers” can be had at 10 for $24. No wonder.

These same people are silent on the Iraq war. A war based on lies. They facilitate Jews from all over the world to immigrate into Israel, then build settlements on Palestinian land to remake Israel as it was in Biblical times.

In Washington state, government officials have allowed atheists to display a sign promoting non-belief near a Nativity scene in the legislative building in Olympia. Local religious right leaders and media allies have attacked the governor on the issue.

The governor is merely following the law. Courts have ruled repeatedly that if religious groups are given access to government facilities to erect private displays, non-religious groups must have the same right. So it should be.

Faith is not a problem unless and until it becomes an engine which powers policy. This is why we have the war in Iraq, and why we never settle the differences in the Middle East.

If we are in bed with religious fascism at home how can we fight them, fundamentalist Muslims abroad?

Edmond de Bie